How To Pair Alexa With Iphone

If you’re an avid iPhone user, you may be wondering if you tin can too option up Amazon Alexa. Fortunately, the two devices are very compatible, and their related smart platforms are getting fifty-fifty closer thanks to developments like the Matter protocol, which both Apple tree and Amazon (among others) teamed up for.

In other words, there’s no better time to employ Alexa with your iPhone, and the setup isn’t difficult. Your iPhone can besides work with uniform Alexa devices similar Amazon Echos. Here’s what you should know.

How do I connect Amazon Alexa to my iPhone?

The good news is that you don’t need a concrete Alexa device to use Alexa every bit a voice assistant and smart platform — there’south a separate app for that, which is available just about everywhere. Here’due south how to go it on your iPhone.

Step 1:
Open the
App Store
on your iPhone abode screen. Apply the
button on the lesser left to search for “Alexa app” or a like phrase.

Pace 2:
Scroll through the results to find
Amazon Alexa. Select the
Blue cloud
download button side by side to the app to download it.

Download Alexa on iPhone.

Step 3:
When the app is downloaded, select

Step 4:
Since this is your beginning time using the app, yous’ll be asked to log in with your Amazon account email and countersign. Input this data and select

Sign Into Alexa on iPhone.

Step five:
Confirm your name and proceed. You have the pick to prepare a vox ID at this time, simply you can e’er skip it and render to information technology later. When finished, cull
Set upwards my features
to implement some of import Alexa settings, like your contacts for making calls, notifications, and so on. Choose
when you’re prepare.

Alexa Set Up Voice ID iPhone.

Step six:
Yous’ll now find yourself at the Alexa home screen, where you’ll see a number of options to link music accounts, add together news or sports teams, make shopping lists, so on. It’due south a good idea to wait around and get familiar with what Alexa can do.

For example, yous may desire to use the
Add a device
pick to link all your compatible smart devices and the
section to create commands that can operate multiple devices at one time.

Alexa App Home Screen on an iPhone.

How do I pair my iPhone with an Alexa device?

If you accept an Alexa device similar an Amazon Repeat, you lot can also link it to your iPhone via Bluetooth. That’s an selection if you’d like to play music or other audio through an Echo merely don’t desire to connect any of your music accounts to Alexa (or if you keep all your music every bit downloads in your iPhone library).

Fortunately, connecting via Bluetooth is simple. Finish setting upward your Alexa device — if yous’ve already set up the Alexa app, this should also be piece of cake. When y’all’re set, unlock your iPhone and ensure Bluetooth is activated. Concur the iPhone near the device and say, “Alexa, pair with Bluetooth.”

Your iPhone should quickly choice up the Alexa device in pairing mode and ask if you want to have action. Choose to
Pair, and the two devices will link. Now you will be able to connect again by telling Alexa, “Alexa, connect to my iPhone,” or give the name you take called your iPhone.

With the Bluetooth connection, whatsoever music yous play from your iTunes library, Apple Music, etc., will play from your Alexa device. You can say, “Alexa, disconnect my iPhone,” whenever y’all are finished.

Amazon Echo Spot on a table.

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

Why is an Alexa device not pairing with my iPhone?

If you tin can’t go your iPhone to connect to an Repeat or like device, there are a few fixes to try:

Brand sure your device and your iPhone are updated to the latest software versions.

  • Force shut the Alexa app on your iPhone, then try connecting again.

  • Unplug your Alexa device, look for several seconds, and plug it dorsum over again before trying again.

  • Bluetooth range is proficient, but sometimes it can be disrupted. Make sure your phone is close to the Alexa device.

  • If your device is showing equally paired in the Bluetooth department of your iPhone settings, cull it and instruct your iPhone to forget the device. Now effort pairing it again.

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