How To Overlay Pictures On Iphone

By | 09/10/2022

Applying a photo overlay effect used to exist a complicated and time-consuming process. Information technology was a luxury afforded only to professional photographers and required an expensive camera or editing software.

Luckily, these days you tin add together cool special furnishings to photos in a matter of seconds without spending a dime using only your telephone. Still, well-nigh people don’t realize this is possible and still leave furnishings like epitome overlay to the professionals.

This article will explicate epitome overlay and show you five excellent photograph overlay apps that require no prior knowledge of photography or photograph editing.

  • What is an Image Overlay?
  • 5 All-time Free Image Overlay Apps
    1. PhotoDirector – The Best Selection Overall
    2. Photo Blender – The Best Selection for Blending Photos
    3. Superimpose X – The Best Choice for Masking
    4. Blend Me Photograph Editor – The Best Choice for Backgrounds
    5. Pixlr – The All-time Choice for Stylized Image Overlay
  • How to Overlay Images
  • Best Photo Overlay App for Free
  • Prototype Overlay FAQs

What is an Prototype Overlay?

Epitome overlay is a photo editing technique where an epitome or texture is added equally a layer on top of the original image.

PhotoDirector App - Overlay Weather

Imagine you accept a flat, boring photo of someone continuing on a sidewalk. With epitome overlay, you can add snowfall, fog, rain, or lord’s day flare to make the photo more than exciting and give it more depth.

PhotoDirector App - Overlay People

Photo by Charles Parker from Pexels

You can as well add together other images on top of your picture show, mayhap of a crowd of people in the background, to make the sidewalk look busy. You can and so blend the photos together to brand them wait natural and apply blur furnishings to give the illusion of movement to the added people.

PhotoDirector App - Overlay Glitch

A third way to add photograph overlay is to add together texture to your photograph. This used to be done by exposing or scratching the picture before developing. At present you can add together scratches, glitches, VHS effects, etc., every bit a layer on your photo without harming the original.

5 Best Gratuitous Image Overlay Apps

1. PhotoDirector – The Best Choice Overall

Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating:

Image Overlay Tools:

Fundamental Features:

  • Easy object cutout and background removal
  • Animated overlays and stickers
  • AI tools, including sky replacement
  • Library of background art and effects

If you want professional-looking photo overlay effects in a quick and piece of cake parcel, PhotoDirector is for y’all. It has a wide variety of prototype overlay tools to blend several images together. It also can add together texture like scratches and low-cal rays or overlay objects similar snowfall and flowers onto your photo canvas.

In addition, over a million royalty-gratis images are bachelor to blend with your photos in the stock library. Each photograph overlay tool comes with a slider, then yous can tweak the strength of the overlay and make precise edits. PhotoDirector even comes with animated overlays to make your photos come to life.

This 1-finish-shop photo app can also stylize, edit, or animate your images. PhotoDirector has everything you need to make stunning works of art, ready to post or share. You can make lighting and color adjustments with precision, utilise AI-powered tools to remove objects and backgrounds, and utilize beautification tools to remove under-eye puffiness and slim facial features. Y’all tin can also add personality to your pics with thousands of stickers, filters, frames, and effects.

Use the best photo editor app, PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is packed with unique editing tools and furnishings and is incredibly straightforward to employ. A user-friendly interface, creative tutorials, and cypher learning curve brand this an fantabulous choice for new photography hobbyists and professionals.

Dazzle your followers with photograph masterpieces that look time-consuming to make with expensive, complicated software but were made for complimentary in mere seconds.

Download the PhotoDirector mobile app and get-go creating.

Need the desktop version for Windows and macOS? Go your Free Download hither.

2. Photo Blender – The All-time Selection for Blending Photos

Photo Blender

Compatibility: Android

Overall Rating:

Prototype Overlay Tools:

Fundamental Features:

  • Blends 2 photos with a tap of a button
  • Advanced photo effects
  • Updated weekly

Photograph Blender is a scrapbooking, collage-making, and photo overlay app. Y’all tin can use it to create stunning double-exposure effects. Blend two photos easily with ane tap of a button. The blending tool offers plenty of layout options.

Photo Blender includes special effects like filters, blur, splash, mirror, and shadow effects. You can add stickers, frames, and text for a scrapbook-like feel. Modify images to the right aspect ratio for your favorite social media site without cropping precious chunks off your pictures, or create a collage from over 300 templates.

Photo Blender comes with some absurd filters, but there are no options to add texture or overlays like snowfall, leaves, rain, etc. And while you can make a collage of up to nine photos, it volition only blend two photos at a time.

three. Superimpose 10 – The All-time Pick for Masking

Google Photos

Prototype from iPhone Photography School

Compatibility: iOS

Overall Rating:

Image Overlay Tools:

Key Features:

  • Multiple masking tools
  • Advanced photograph editing
  • Lots of brush tools

Superimpose X is a tool for masking, layering, and editing photos. The app is fantabulous for its prototype overlay tools. Remove objects and people with numerous masking tools, including Magic Wand, Magic Lasso, and predefined shapes, or employ AI to mask out people automatically.

At that place’s even a masking library and so you tin can save your masked images. Superimpose 10 has 24 multiple layers, 16 adjustment layers, and eighteen blending modes.

It has various brush tools like smudge, clone stamp, paint, and effect brushes, and a brush for darkening and desaturating. In add-on, there are 63 photo effects, like vignette, frame, slope, blur, and photographic camera make full.

Superimpose X is a pace up from the original Superimpose, simply in that location is a learning curve, even for original users.

4. Blend Me Photo Editor – The All-time Selection for Backgrounds

BlendMe App

Image from Photo Blender / Mixer – Blend Me Photo Editor

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating:

Prototype Overlay Tools:

Primal Features:

  • Backgrounds in portrait and landscape
  • Shape alloy tool
  • Constantly updated backgrounds

Blend Me Photograph Editor is an app that mixes two images with a blend effect or shape overlay. It has an AI photograph cutout to easily remove a person from a photo and replace the groundwork with one of the many unique choices available in the app.

The backgrounds come up in both portrait and landscape. The blend upshot allows you to adjust opacity and fade to your preference. At that place’s too a shape blend tool to make unique and exciting blend furnishings. The app offers editing tools like ingather, rotate, flip, text, and filters.

Blend Me Photo Editor is an first-class photo overlay app for pairing one or more photos with a new background. The range of backgrounds is truly impressive, but it doesn’t offer other quality overlay tools.

5. Pixlr – The Best Choice for Stylized Image Overlay

Pixlr Interface

Image from

Compatibility: iOS, Android

Overall Rating:

Epitome Overlay Tools:

Key Features:

  • Tons of stylized filters and overlays
  • Beautification tools
  • Blur and splash effects

Pixlr has 2 million combinations of gratis effects, overlays, and filters to help you create something unique. Create cool effects, remove blemishes and reddish-eye with various beautification tools, focus on a unmarried colour with Colour Splash, or focus on a person with Focal Mistiness.

Pixlr’south Double Exposure tool can blend various effects using layers and adaptable transparency. In addition, in that location are many stylized and textured overlays to aid adjust the tone of your images.

Pixlr is a simple-to-employ photograph overlay app and has some practiced options for filter-similar overlays. You can blend two photos together, merely no cutout or background removal tools exist. Removing backgrounds requires a separate app, Remove BG past Pixlr. There are also no stock images or backgrounds to incorporate into your designs.

How to Overlay Images

If you would like to create an image overlay effect, download PhotoDirector for free and follow these piece of cake steps:

  1. Tap
    and choose an image from your
    Photo Library
    Stock Images.
  2. Scroll through the bottom carte du jour and tap on
  3. PhotoDirector App - Select Overlay
  4. Choose the type of overlay you want to utilize from
    Blender, Light Leak, Grunge, Scratch,
    Lens Flare.
  5. PhotoDirector App - Select an Overlay
  6. Tap on overlays in your called category until you discover the one you lot like.
  7. With the
    tool, you can also cull another photo from your library or stock images.

    PhotoDirector App - Adjust Overlay
  8. Use the
    Adjustment Slider
    to change the intensity of the overlay.
  9. Tap the
    Cheque Marking
    in the upper right corner to salve your edit.

PhotoDirector offers many other types of image overlay. You can find more nether
Cutting Out, and
Add Prototype.

After adding a photo overlay, you can continue editing your photo, save information technology to your camera ringlet, and share or upload it to social media.

For more information on creating photo overlay effects with PhotoDirector, go to 3 Creative Projects You Can Exercise With Photo Overlays [iOS & Android]

Best Photo Overlay App for Gratis

There are many image overlay furnishings, and it’s hard to find a single photo editor that carries them all. Especially a free editor that doesn’t require hours to figure out.

PhotoDirector App - Cute Overlay

PhotoDirector offers every kind of overlay – from groundwork and object removal to photo blending and textured overlays. It even has blithe overlay effects. And the overlay furnishings provide many options in each category and are adjustable.

PhotoDirector offers and so much more than just paradigm overlay. It is an all-in-1 photo editor with millions of backgrounds and stock images for your photo creations.

PhotoDirector is available on both iOS and Android devices. Download information technology for complimentary today.

Need the desktop version for Windows and macOS? Get your Costless Download here.

Image Overlay FAQs

i. What Is the Best Image Overlay Software?

two. What Features Should I Look For in a Photo Overlay App?

The top ten features yous should look for are:

  1. Image cut out
  2. Adjustable transparency
  3. Multiple layers
  4. Backgrounds/stock photos
  5. Blend ii or more images
  6. Background removal
  7. Textured overlay
  8. Superimpose objects/weather condition
  9. Lens flare
  10. Blithe overlay

If you’re looking for an app that checks all of these boxes, we recommend PhotoDirector.

iii. How Does Overlay Work?

Overlays use multiple layers to superimpose one image onto another.

Some overlay furnishings use AI tools to pull out a unmarried foreground paradigm or person and place them on a different background.

Blending modes allow the images to merge with stylized transparencies, so one picture doesn’t completely block out the other.