How To Open Sim Card Iphone

More roads atomic number 82 to Rome, and and then are more ways to open your iPhone sim carte du jour tray without using an ejector tool. Fifty-fifty though well-nigh methods are pretty straightforward, there are others that you haven’t heard of. So let’south dive straight in.

Opening an iPhone sim card tray doesn’t have to be washed with the official ejector tool. You can open your sim card tray with just a paperclip. Just accept any paperclip that y’all have by mitt, bend it open, and stick it in the tray’s pigsty. Your sim card tray will now slide out.

Multiple Items To Open Your Sim Menu Tray

Before I first writing virtually how to use all the methods to open upward your sim card tray, let me requite y’all an overview of the items you can employ as an alternative. Just a side notation, this list is not exhaustive.

And so here are some tools you can use as an alternative to open up your SIM card tray.

Newspaper Clips

Allow’s first start with the best culling you can use to open up your SIM card tray, the paper clip. A newspaper clip is the most convenient, most available tool on this list. I mean, we all take paper clips in-house, and they might not all be used to bind papers together.

Mechanical pencils

A regular pencil volition non work, though, since the diameter of its finish is not very narrow. A mechanical pencil, on the other hand, has a very narrow atomic number 82. It makes information technology possible to stick it into the hole of your phone’s tray. However, make certain to press gently since the tip of your mechanical pencil may break within your phone. It’s tough to remove the lead once it’s broken within the telephone.


This tool can be on you even if you lot’re not domicile. If you wearable earrings and you’re in the heart of nowhere, use your earrings, and that card slot will slide out.


Staples tin exist user-friendly if you lot desire to demark a staple of paper together. But you can also use a staple to open your SIM card slot. Just make sure not to get pierced in your thumb since both ends can be sharp particularly when y’all press firmly on the staple to make the tray slide out.

Sewing Thread

Aye, you’ve read information technology right. With a thin sewing thread, you tin open up your SIM card tray. I’ve fabricated a video that shows you exactly how to open your phone’s SIM menu tray with but a thread. Make sure to check it out (the video is at the end of this commodity).


The first matter that you may think of when you read the discussion “toothpicks” is cleaning the narrow places between your teeth. But toothpicks can besides be very handy when information technology comes to opening SIM carte trays. If your toothpick is too wide for the tray’s hole, break some of its wood to go far fit.

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If your keychain is a scrap loose and sparse, then utilize information technology as an alternative for theejector. The idea is the same equally with the paperclip. Attempt to bend your keychain a bit open up until information technology’due south sticking out. Stick it right into the hole of your SIM carte tray until the tray slides out. Check the video at the stop of this article to learn more than.

Safe Pins

Last merely very to the lowest degree is the safe pin. Information technology might not be a good thought considering nigh safe pins have a big diameter. But if you discover one that is merely small plenty to fit in the hole, then you should definitely get for it.

How to Open your iPhone SIM card Tray with whatever of these tools

Now that you have an idea of what tool to utilize to open up your SIM card tray, allow me show you lot the steps y’all need to know to open the SIM card tray. Spoiler alert, it’southward no rocket science.

For this example, I will take a safety pivot. Aye, my least favorite way to open the SIM bill of fare tray.

  1. The very outset thing yous need to exercise is open the prophylactic pin. In example y’all use a paper clip, merely bend it open until it sticks out.
  2. Then you need to stick it into your SIM bill of fare tray pigsty. Press whatever tool you use until information technology slides out.
  3. Make sure to press gently since some tools tin have a sharp end, and that may harm your telephone.

Attach The Ejector Tool To Your Key Chain

We’ve merely talked most all these alternatives, and they might save yous if you don’t have the official ejector tool lying effectually. Simply what if you practise take an ejector tool? How to brand sure it’s always on you for these unknown situations?

Well, just attach that ejector tool to your keychain. That fashion, you will not run into the problem if y’all’re outdoors. Just exist conscientious since the end of that ejector tool can exist sharp, and information technology may pierce into your flesh if y’all have your fundamental in your pocket.


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