How To Move Music From Files To Music On Iphone

By | 09/10/2022

How to transfer music to iPhone without iTunes – five Means

Apple has its own tool named iTunes to help you sync music with iPhone. Simply you have several other options to get your music on iPhone without using iTunes.

Alex Griffith
Updated on May xviii, 2022 4:41 PM

  • Apple’s iTunes typically works when transferring music from computer to iPhone, but information technology’southward standard policy for the app to sync the music from iTunes library, no more choices.
  • To transfer music to iPhone without iTunes, you can endeavour something like iPhone Data Transfer, which gives yous more flexibility for media transfer and direction.
  • You can too transfer music to iPhone through Apple Music, YouTube Music and other streaming services. Some cloud storage websites and apps also aid upload the songs to deject so download them onto your iPhone without iTunes.

You can use Apple Music, cloud services, and third party file transfer apps to add music to iPhone without iTunes.

Apple provides its users with iTunes to download, organize, import and play digital media files on their computers, as well as sync them to iPhone, iPad and iPod. That includes your music library. With it, y’all can sync your music from reckoner with iPhone quickly.

While iTunes generally works, sometimes you lot may feel with iTunes not syncing effect, you may suffer from running slowly or various lags. You may not want to make a music sync procedure of your iPhone — the music on your iPhone that doesn’t prevarication in the iTunes library locally will be overwrote — you want to hold onto all existing tracks on the device.

So, tin you transfer music to iPhone without iTunes? Well, yes. there’re a few ways, which will cover streaming services, cloud storage sites and music transfer apps from third party developers, to transfer songs to iPhone without using iTunes. Here’s how.

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Add music to iPhone with Apple Music app

Undoubtedly, Apple tree’s music streaming service — Apple tree Music, allows transferring music to your iPhone without iTunes for offline listening if yous subscribe to the service. It offers a massive catalog of more than than 75 one thousand thousand songs, making it easy to listen to what you want. Recently, the app has even added support of lossless sound and Dolby Atmos.

Hither’s how to add songs to iPhone without iTunes using Apple Music.

1. First of all, open
app, scroll through the page until you encounter
Music, tap it, then plow on
Sync Library. If you desire music that is added to your library to be downloaded automatically for offline listening, turn on
Automatical Download
every bit well.

2. Open

3. Browse for the song, anthology or playlist you’d similar to put onto your iPhone, tap 3 dots in the upper right corner, and so select
Add together to Library
from the menu.

iv. Go to
tab in the lesser, select the song, album or playlist you but added.

5. Tap 3 dots at the correct side of the song, then tap
from the popular-up menu.

You can just tap the download button in the bill of fare to download music to iPhone without iTunes.

6. Wait for your songs, album or playlist to complete downloading to iPhone. Once it done, y’all should get a greyness circle with a down arrow in information technology.

At present, you’re able to heed to the music on your iPhone without Wi-Fi or Cellular data. You can also add the songs to your playlist or build a new playlist with new name.

Transfer music from computer to iPhone without iTunes

So, what about your music that stores on computer hard drive? Is it possible to transfer these music files to an iPhone without iTunes syncing? 3rd-party apps tin can exist useful.

1. iPhone Data Transfer

In this department, we’re going to use a program called iPhone Data Transfer. Information technology is very user-friendly and powerful, capable of transferring your songs to and from iPhone without touching the current music library, also as managing your library: add together, edit, motility, delete, export, create and manage playlist, and more. Not just that, the app also works pretty well in transferring photos, videos, audiobooks, TV shows, contacts, PDF, podcasts and more than.

More than features included:

  • Phone to telephone migration
  • Contacts backup and restore
  • iTunes library rebuild
  • Ringtone making
  • HEIC pictures conversion

The awarding brings versions for both Windows and Mac users. You tin get it by clicking the links beneath:

To put music on iPhone without iTunes from reckoner, have the following steps:

ane. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable. If a message prompts you lot to Trust This Computer, practice it.

2. Open iPhone Data Transfer. Your phone should appear in the program interface.

three. Choose Music in the left column. This gets yous into your music library, like the epitome shown in the following screenshot.

iv. To transfer songs over to iPhone (without iTunes), you lot tin can just open the computer folder where your media collection are and drag and drop your songs into the window.

Alternatively, click the “Add together” icon in the summit of the screen, from the opening Windows Explorer, navigate to your music collection and import your songs.

The awarding comes with a handy converter that automatically converts track on-the-fly to a playable format if it isn’t compatible with your iPhone media histrion app.

five. Done! You have successfully added your music from computer to iPhone with the help of iTunes. They should appear in your Apple Music app.

You lot tin can now do more things about your songs:

  • Play songs
  • Edit music info: name, artist, album, genre.
  • Movement to a playlist, or create a new playlist
  • Transfer music from iPhone to iTunes, computer, or another iDevice
  • Delete tracks
  • Brand personal ringtone

Video Guide: How to Add Music to iPhone without iTunes

ii. CopyTrans

Another pop music transfer tool available for you to copy music to iPhone that doesn’t require y’all to run iTunes at all. It claims to be the best iTunes alternative for your media synchronization including songs, videos, ringtones, podcasts or books. The steps are pretty piece of cake:

i. Run CopyTrans on your PC and connect your iPhone. The tool only works for Windows operating system. If you accept a Mac saving your music library, you may try iPhone Data Transfer mentioned above or other music transfer utilities out at that place.

2. Click “+Add together” push located in the top center of the interface, navigate through your local folder to select the songs you want to put onto iPhone, and then click “Open.” The software also supports drag-n-drop to import files.

3. Click the green “Update” button at the upper left corner. The music moves to your iPhone automatically and appear in the Music app.

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How to import music to iPhone without iTunes using Dropbox

Dissimilar 3rd-party file transfer applications, cloud storage service doesn’t requite you ability to transfer music to iPhone directly. Instead, yous’ll accept to upload your favorites to the cloud, and and then download it to your telephone.

The whole process involves Wi-Fi or Cellular network, so make certain y’all have a stable and stiff internet connection in case any intermission.

Follow these steps to learn how to upload music to iPhone without iTunes through a cloud service:

i. Download and install a cloud app on your estimator, here nosotros’ll utilize Dropbox. There are many of other popular apps available to choose from: Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud Drive…

2. Sign up for a Dropbox account if you oasis’t.

3. Add the music files to Dropbox folder, which should be located in your system tray on Windows, or in your menu bar on Mac. It supports MP3, AIFF, M4A and WAV audio formats.

4. Look for your music to upload to your Dropbox account.

five. Install Dropbox app on your iPhone, and sign in with your credentials.

6. Open Dropbox, and select the vocal to play on your iPhone (network connection is required).

Dropbox also offers offline listening for your music. To do this, select a vocal in the list, tap the three dots next to it and and so
Make Available Offline.

The but caveat about the app is that it merely comes with ii GB of free space, which can be filled with quickly when you lot have a large number of songs to upload. If y’all really like the service Dropbox offers, it would be ameliorate to upgrade your account to Plus or Family (two TB), or Professional person (three TB) for getting a lot more than infinite. [Also see: How to fix iPad not charging]

How to re-create music to iPhone without iTunes through YouTube Music app

Not all iPhone devices have YouTube Music app installed — after all, Apple Music works well. But if yours does, it can help y’all stream, heed to and download music from YouTube to your iPhone without a hitch, every bit long every bit you lot subscribe to its premium programme ($9.99/month). You accept 2 ways to add music from YouTube to iPhone and bask it offline.

Turn on your offline mixtape

1. Open up the YouTube Music app on your iPhone.

2. Tap your profile moving picture.

3. Tap Downloads.

4. Tap Settings.

5. Toggle on the switch to Download an offline mixtape.

Download playlists, albums, songs

one. Open the YouTube Music app on your iPhone.

ii. Select the playlist, album, or song you want to download for enjoying on the get, and so tap three dots at that place

3. Tap Download. Yous tin can as well tap the download arrow on the cover art of the song or on the album or playlist details page.