How To Make A Video Loop On Iphone

How to Loop A Video on iPhone?

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Nowadays, we can meet a trend of people posting looping videos on their social media. These looping videos are fascinating and fun to sentinel. A loop is a popular chemical element in photography and specially music videos, the thought being that the camera appears to magically repeat itself as many times every bit at that place are photos or frames showing the activity. They can also simply recur a sequence a sure number of times, then stop.

Now some people don’t know how to make looping videos, so in this article, we are going to discuss
how to loop a video on iPhone videos
and likewise how to loop YouTube videos on iPhone. Let’s get started.

  • Part 1: Convert iPhone Live Photos to a Loop Video
  • Function two: Repeat Slideshow Video to Loop on iPhone
  • Part 3: Loop YouTube Videos On iPhone
  • Part four: All-time Apps to Loop Videos on iPhone and iPad
  • Function 5: Improve Style to Loop and Create Boomerang Videos in Filmora Video Editor
  • Part 6: Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing Best Costless Video Editor for Windows

Part 1: How to Catechumen iPhone Alive Photos to a Loop Video

A loop video is a short video that plays in repeat/ indefinitely. Loop videos can be created with features on social media apps and third-party apps.

iPhone has a setting that allows y’all to edit the photos to loop or bounce videos, and it only works with a photo characteristic called ‘live photo’. The live photo characteristic records one.5 seconds moving picture when you click on the shutter button.

The alive photo feature can exist edited to create a loop video, and you tin can do that by post-obit these steps:

  1. Before creating the video, you lot need to accept the alive picture saved on your phone.

To do this, capture a live photo past opening your camera app. Then click on the alive photograph icon, which is located in the upper right corner. And tap on the shutter button.

  1. Afterward, you locate the live photo y’all want to convert to a loop video by going to the Photos apps. Then click on
    Albums > Media Types> Alive photos.

iPhone Media types

  1. After locating and clicking on the live movie, you will come across the
    tab in the upper left corner. Click on the arrow down to view other options, including Loop, Bounce, and long exposure.

iPhone live photos options

  1. Select the result you want to create (loop) and salvage the file. The loop characteristic plays the video in a one-style order. So, to make it more interesting, you can select the bounce upshot, which makes it play back and along.
  2. You can share the created loop video with the share icon at the lower-left corner.

iPhone save live photos to loop

Part 2: Repeat Slideshow to Loop Video on iPhone for Complimentary

Slideshow videos are a very fun way to encounter your content. People assemble around a screen to enjoy these beautiful memories of their life. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to loop a slideshow video on iPhone.

  1. Get-go, go to your gallery and select a video that y’all want to brand a slideshow of.
  2. Add that video to an album in your gallery nether any name.
  3. Pause the slideshow video, and you will see Options push at the lesser. Click it and so enable the Repeat pick.

iphone loop slideshow video

At present open that video from the album and kickoff playing the video. That video will start playing in a loop until you lot make it stop.

Part 3: How to Loop YouTube Videos On iPhone?

Now coming to the part that we discussed in the intro, how to loop YouTube videos on iPhone. So here, nosotros volition you a step-by-step guide on how to loop the videos on iPhone.

  1. Launch YouTube on your iPhone and log in to your account if yous are not already logged in.
  2. Now get to the “Search” choice and lookup for the desired video that you want to loop, and add together it to the playlist. There are 2 ways you tin can do that. Click and hold on to the video; a small carte du jour will announced, then click on “Add together to” to make a playlist. Start the video and and so scroll down a bit and on the farthermost right side, click on the “Add to” option, so proper noun the playlist.
  3. After that, go dorsum to the principal menu and on the lower lesser right side of the screen, click on “Library,” and then select the new playlist.
  4. Start playing the video, and nether the video, click on the driblet-down push, and on the left side of the drib-down screen, in that location is a loop button, click on that, and it will offset to play the loop infinitely.

Bank check this ultimate guide to looping YouTube videos to become more ways.

Role iv: Best Apps to Loop Videos on iPhone and iPad

Loopideo – Loop Videos

Loopideo - Loop Videos

Loopideo is the app on our listing that is an answer to
how to loop a video on iPhone. It lets you import any video from your play that you want to play in a loop. This is a bang-up tool when it comes to individual and organizational presentations. This powerful app tin be very useful for you in many cases.

Loop Video – GIF Maker

Loop Video – GIF Maker

The second app on our list is Loop Video GIF Maker. Information technology is very fun and easy to use the tool. Information technology allows you lot to brand the videos loop by turning them into GIFs. Loop Video GIF Maker allows y’all to import whatsoever video from your gallery into your app. Y’all can then catechumen into a looping GIF. You can also choose the playback speed of the GIF after yous can export it to the gallery or upload it to your social media direct from the app.

Loopideo Pro

Loopideo Pro

Loopideo Pro is a more than characteristic-filled app on the App Store. Loopideo allows you lot to make the videos loop an unlimited amount of times. Y’all tin can also cull the formats that you desire to convert the looping video into. This app also gives y’all the selection to choose the playback speed then can besides catechumen it into GIF speed so that yous tin save it in your gallery.


iMovie is a more than professional app that is available on the list. This app allows you to loop non just the video simply also edit the video. This allows you to play the video in a loop for an unlimited amount of time in the built-in actor, simply when information technology comes to saving the looping video, information technology is not possible because you would demand an unlimited amount of space to save that video.


Looper video iphone

The concluding app on our list is a looper, and it is a very fun and like shooting fish in a barrel-to-apply app available on this list. Choose a video from your gallery, Local Videos, or iCloud Drive. Select the times you want the video to repeat and play. Yous can also export your video in opposite or in GIF format.

Bonus: Record a Looping Video with Boomerang app on iPhone

To make a looping video on your iPhone, yous can either download the boomerang app or use the boomerang video on Instagram.

If you are using the Boomerang app, have these steps to make a looping video:

  • Launch the Boomerang from Instagram app on your iPhone, if y’all oasis’t installed it already, click on the search bar and type in
    in the App Store.
  • The welcome screen volition appear, swipe left and tap on
    Get started.
    Allow it to access to your camera, location, and photos. Afterward you are done setting upwards, you can make the videos.
  • To brand a boomerang video, click and hold the shutter push. Concord the shutter for a few seconds and move the phone beyond the image or scene.
  • A preview of the looping video will appear; tap on Done to save the video. Or click on the X symbol to make a new video.
  • You tin can change the settings to record a selfie video by clicking on the curved arrows symbol. And you can also tap the lightning sign to put the flash on and off.

To make the video with the Instagram Boomerang feature:

  • Open the Instagram app, and then swipe left as if to add together a story.
  • Click on the boomerang icon (infinity symbol). Press and hold the shutter to make the video.
  • Preview the video, and you can add together texts, songs, markups, and stickers to the video.
  • And then click on the arrow-downwards symbol to salve/ download the video. You lot can share the video to shut friends or your story.

Part v: What If You’d Like to Loop Videos on Reckoner?

Filmora video editor is 1 of the nigh popular video editors amongst video creators. It gives you high-quality end production, smooth slowing down & speeding upward movements, voiceovers on top of music tracks and transitions between audio & video clips. But another astonishing benefit of Filmora video editor is that you tin produce a loop video.

Filmora logo
filmora product interface

The Best Video Looper on Windows and Mac

  • Loop and echo videos multiple times
  • Copy and paste clips easily
  • Built-in plentiful templates and effects
  • Consign to MP4, MOV, MKV, GIF and multiple formats

In this part, I’thousand going to testify yous how to create looping video in Filmora video editor with the contrary effect. It’s actually really easy and doesn’t require any complicated steps. You’ll exist able to create a cool, looping video in no time! So, permit’due south get started!

Step one: Import Videos to Filmora video editor

Launch Filmora video editor on your Windows or Mac computer and so make a new project. Import videos as you lot tin can see it has been already imported all the media in the media library from your which you desire to loop issue, and and so drag the video clip to the timeline.

import video to filmora

Pace two: Re-create and Paste the Video

After drag and drop the video to the timeline, make a re-create of it (Ctrl+C). Go to the last frame and paste this video once more.

copy and paste the video

Step three: Enable Reverse Speed effect

Correct click on the pasted video and get to Speed and Duration selection in which custom speed dialog box where you tin can conform the speed.

In the Custom Speed dialog box yous will find the speed, duration, reverse and ripple options. To make a video with loop effects, click the Opposite option to reverse the video play back from end to commencement frames automatically. Click OK to save the settings.

reverse speed in Filmora

At present you have got a video with ane looping count, if y’all want the video to loop several times, you can select these 2 clips and paste it based on your needs to become a continuous looping effect.

again paste the similar video for continuous effect

We hope you found this post helpful in learning how to create looping video with Filmora video editor. This makes them perfect for use every bit GIFs because they are never ending! What’s more, you tin can create a looping video in Filmora video editor by adding a sound that plays continuously. If you’re looking to make an endlessly repeating blithe image or video prune using just one still image, await no further than Filmora video editor. It’s piece of cake and fun to utilise.

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Part 6: Frequently Asked Question Near Looping Videos on iPhone

  1. What is a looping video?

Information technology means a video that repeats for a specific number of times or peradventure an unlimited corporeality of times automatically. For case, a GIF.

  1. Can I loop videos an unlimited number of times?

Yes, information technology is possible to loop a video an unlimited amount of times. You lot can larn
how to loop a video on iPhone
by using the methods that we discussed in a higher place in the whole article. Information technology is not possible to salvage the infinitely looping because it will have an space amount of memory.

  1. Does the view count if I play a YouTube video in a loop?

No, YouTube volition non count repeated views if they all come over and once again from the same sources. This is to maintain the overall quality of YouTube and make it scam-free.

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