How To Lock Facebook Profile Iphone

Despite having to connect face-to-face, Facebook is a wonderful option to meet new people. You try to receive all of the knowledge nigh your honey ones on social media, thus information technology has now become a vital role of anybody’s life. This, even so, indicates that Facebook has become a target for spammers. Yous have even been in situations where strangers were continuously looking at your folio or uninvited people copied your profile images to brand fraudulent accounts. To overcome this situation, learn
How To Lock your Facebook Profile On iPhone.

Facebook is built with so many advanced features
that allow y’all to accept more than control over your Facebook business relationship. The recently introduced new feature to lock your Facebook contour is just amazing. This feature is quite great for people who simply want to protect their Facebook business relationship completely against hackers.

If y’all want to know more about how to lock
Facebook profile on iPhone, go through my entire article and get all the information right hither. Allow’due south get started and go along to enjoy the safe feel on the Facebook platform.

How To Lock Facebook Contour On iPhone | 3 Methods

Contour Lock is a contempo security characteristic that Facebook has launched. Anyone can limit access to their account to anybody that is not a Facebook friend. Those who are not on your friend’s list would not exist allowed to run across your business relationship one time information technology has been locked. Spammers or hackers will exist unable to save your profile and cover images. They simply would not be allowed to see pictures or posts that have been made, either.

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Nobody has access to the stories that you accept added to your profile. As well, the Lock Profile option changes the general to friend status of previous posts. The reviews of the timeline and tags take been enabled. Your
Facebook friends will have to obtain your consent
before tagging you in posts. Farther, just a small portion of your biodata would be available to everybody.

How To Lock Facebook Profile on iPhone?

How To Lock Facebook Profile On iPhone | 3 Methods

Let’due south see how to lock your Facebook profile on iPhone, see the steps beneath-

  1. Click on your profile
    in the Facebook app.
  2. Beside
    +Add Story,
    click the iii dots push button.
  3. Lock the profile by pressing the
    Lock button.
  4. See the brief caption to larn more about this feature. Finally, press the
    Lock Your Profile icon.

How To Lock Facebook Profile on Browser?

How To Lock Facebook Profile On iPhone | The Simplest Method

If yous want to lock your Facebook profile on browser, follow the few steps below-

  1. Open the Facebook business relationship on
    Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.
  2. Change
    WWW with grand
    on the Search bar.
  3. Click
  4. Now, you will
    see the mobile version of Facebook on the browser.
  5. Beside Edit Profile,
    tap on three dots.
  6. Tap
    Lock Profile.
  7. Finally,
    tap Lock your profile

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How To Lock Facebook Contour on iPhone Through Alternative Ways?

How To Lock Facebook Profile On iPhone | 3 Methods

In that location are as well alternative ways to Lock your Facebook profiles on iPhone. For this, follow a few steps.

  1. Review
    Privacy Checkup
    on Facebook.
  2. Cull who you share posts, photos, and other information with.
  3. Modify basic info and choose who tin meet it.
  4. Modify story privacy settings.
  5. Enable contour review.
  6. Enable tag review.
  7. Enable profile picture baby-sit.
  8. Control who can be your friend and follow y’all.
  9. Continue a check on the email address or mobile telephone number.

Thus, the above three steps helped me to know how to lock Facebook profile on iPhone and browser.

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Wrapping Up

To relish a safe feel on the Facebook platform, you can protect your account from hackers or spammers. Feel gratuitous to share the commodity with your friends and tell them how to lock your Facebook profile on iPhone. Share your thoughts in the annotate section if y’all find the article useful. Stay tuned for all the exciting updates.

Oft Asked Questions

Why is the Facebook Lock feature not bachelor on iPhone?

If the Facebook Lock feature is non available on iPhone, make sure yous have updated the Facebook application or run into the availability of this feature in your region. Likewise if you accept no friends on Facebook, the Lock feature will be unavailable.

How to lock Facebook profiles on Android?

To lock Facebook profile on Android, become to Facebook app>Click on profile>Click on the three-dots icon beside the Add to Story option>Click on Lock Profile.

How to unlock Facebook Contour?

To unlock a Facebook contour, go to the Facebook application>Tap on your profile picture>Tap on the iii-dot icon>Tap on Unlock profile icon.

How to lock my Facebook Contour?

i. Click on your profile in the Facebook app.
ii. Likewise+Add Story, click the 3 dots button.
3. Lock the profile by pressing the Lock button.

See the brief caption to learn more than about this characteristic.

iv. Finally, press theLock Your Contour icon.


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