How To Listen To Voicemail On Iphone

By | 03/10/2022

When nosotros call up nearly our smartphones, the phone app isn’t commonly the starting time thing that comes to mind. With so many apps, features, and use cases, information technology’s easy to forget that the about basic purpose of our smartphones is as a device for making and receiving phone calls.

Despite the popularity of messaging apps, people do all the same call each other. When y’all’re not bachelor to answer your phone, voicemail is a pretty handy way of letting people tell you why they called and allowing you lot to get back to them later.

In this commodity, we’ll be covering:

  • How to set up Voicemail & create a personalized greeting.

  • How to view, access, heed to, save and telephone call back voicemails on your iPhone.

  • How to delete quondam voicemails when you no longer need them.

  • How to fix the near common problems with voicemail on the iPhone.

So, if you’re ready to dive into iPhone voicemail mastery, let’s begin!

How to set up voicemail on your iPhone

The instructions in this guide volition (with small exceptions)work beyond all iPhone models from iPhone half dozen,vii,8 through iPhone 10-13. If an exception occurs, we’ll betoken it in the text.

The commencement thing you’ll need to practice when

setting up iPhone voicemail

is to ready your voicemail passcode.

To do this:

  1. Tap


    on your home screen

    to enter the Phone app.

  2. Tap


    in the bottom right-hand corner to enter the Voicemail screen.

  3. This activeness will have you to the


    screen. Tap

    ‘Set Now’

    to keep.

  4. Enter a countersign in the text field.

  5. Printing


Step to set up voicemail on iPhone

Your voicemail is now ready to begin receiving letters. Next, yous’ll demand to record a personal greeting.

How to record your personalized voicemail greeting

There’s goose egg incorrect with being a little creative when recording a voicemail bulletin. Simply make sure your message is appropriate for the kinds of callers you’re probable to receive.

To begin recording your bulletin:

  1. Tap


    in the top left corner of the Voicemail app.

  2. Tap


    to first recording, and


    to end it.

  3. Tap


    in the top correct-manus corner of the screen to make this your new greeting.

Due north.B. Yous can re-record the greeting as many times as y’all like.

Record voice message on iPhone

How to access voicemail on iPhone

Now we’ve set up your iPhone for Voicemail, allow’s expect at how to view your voicemail messages and heed back to them.

  1. Tap


    to enter the Phone app and then tap


  2. Select the bulletin yous want to playback and tap it to reveal the control console—this will announced direct underneath.

  3. Tap


    to begin playback of the message.

    Access voicemail on iPhone

  4. Tapping whatsoever of the three icons on the right side of the menu display will enable the post-obit functions:

Audio playback of voicemail letters

Speaker icon

To playback voicemail messages, tap the blue speaker/headphones icon. Your messages will playback via whatever connected speaker is currently active.

Calling back your voicemail

Call icon

To call dorsum your voicemail, simply tap the bluish phone icon.

Deleting your voicemail

Dustbin icon

To delete a voicemail, tap on the red trash icon. A

‘Deleted Letters’

tab will appear. Inbound this tab and tapping the

‘Crimson trashcan’

icon with a diagonal line will restore the bulletin to the Voicemail screen.

deleted file tab

How to salve a voicemail on iPhone

Occasionally, y’all receive a voicemail message you lot’d like to relieve. Perhaps it contains of import information relevant to your business, or maybe a personal greeting from a friend. Whatsoever the reason, saving is straightforward.

Here’due south how:

  1. Tap


    to enter the phone app.

  2. Tap


    and select the voicemail you lot’d like to save.

  3. Tap


    ’ to admission the options to share an.m4a audio file.

  4. You can choose

    ‘Add together to Notes’


    ‘Save to Files’

    or export the file to a third-party service like Evernote, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

save a voicemail on iphone

Why tin’t I check my voicemail on my iPhone?

In that location are several possible reasons why your voicemail may not be working correctly. Y’all can troubleshoot the problem using the following list of possible causes and simple fixes.

Is your iPhone connected to a cell tower or Wi-Fi network?


The cell signal is weak or inactive.


Move back into a location where your cell signal strength is active.

Seek access to a Wi-Fi network.

Is there a conflict with the system software or carrier settings?


The phone’south organization software or carrier settings may affect your voicemail app.

Solution 1:

Update your iPhone’s software and carrier settings to the latest version.

Go to

Settings -> Full general -> Software Update.

Solution ii:

Update your telephone’southward carrier settings.

Get to:

Settings -> Full general -> About.

Is Voicemail activated?


Voicemail may non be active on your phone.


Go to:

Settings–>Telephone and check to run into if the option ‘Change Voicemail


is available.

Does the Phone app need to exist reset?


Your Phone app does not appear to be working correctly.


Force close the iPhone. Swipe upwards on the ‘


app to close it, then relaunch information technology.

Is there an error in your data plan?


4G and 5G information plans will sometimes feel software glitches or network errors that crusade them to stop functioning.


Shut down and restart your iPhone.

On iPhones with a Home button:

Hold down the ability push until a message appears on the screen.

 On iPhone 10 and newer:

Hold down the side button and one of the volume buttons. The screen volition display a slider bar. Motion this to the off position to power downwardly your device.

Is Call Forwarding active?


Call Forwarding may be interfering with your voicemail.


Turn off Call Forwarding.

Go to

‘Settings’ ->

Ringlet down to

‘Call Forwarding’

-> toggle the switch to


Has nothing worked?


None of the to a higher place solutions has addressed the problem.

Solution 1:

Toggle Plane Mode on/off.

To Access Airplane fashion:

On iPhone 10 or later, swipe downwards from the peak right of the screen.

On before iPhones, swipe up from the bottom.

Tap the icon that looks like a airplane to turn on Airplane Mode.

Tap it again to turn it off.

Solution ii:

Network settings may need a reset.

Go to:

‘Settings’ ->

‘Full general’ -> ‘Reset’ ->

‘Reset Network Settings.

If none of the to a higher place has stock-still the problem, it may exist time to contact your carrier to discuss the issue.


a phone and a cup of coffee

Nosotros hope y’all’re now feeling more confident almost using voicemail and that yous tin can now check your voicemail on your iPhone.

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