How To Increase Iphone Storage Capacity Not Icloud

 Not enough space on your iPhone to save more data? iPhone is giving the storage full error? In this post, nosotros will walk you through how to finerincrease iPhone storage in 2 aspects without bringing any damage to your original data in this MiniTool post.

iPhone Not Enough Space, Help!

iPhone is gaining popularity due to its smooth organization, powerful functions, etc. Yet, the iPhone tin can still get several issues.

Recently, some iPhone users have complained to the states that at that place is not enough space on their iPhone or the storage is full and then they cannot save more data on it. They want to increment the iPhone’s internal memory.

Really, this is no longer a new trouble for whatsoever cell telephone user. Commonly, the internal memory of iPhone six easily gets filled with music, photos, videos, and apps. Fifty-fifty with 128GB, it may eventually run out of memory after a long fourth dimension.

Some of you might choose to directly delete some data from the iPhone in order to free up iPhone retentivity. Nonetheless, this is not a good choice.

Then, here a question asked by you comes: how do I make more space on my iPhone or how to increment storage on iPhone six 16GB/64GB or any other iPhone device? Don’t worry! Here in the article, you tin can detect many reliable ways that help to increase iPhone storage effectively.

How to Increment iPhone Storage

Hither we collect 8 useful methods to expand iPhone storage in 2 aspects. Follow them at present if you are bothered past iPhone storage full.

Case 1: Free upwardly Memory on iPhone

As is well known, all iOS devices don’t take an SD card slot. In other words, unlike Android users, you lot are not allowed to directly expand the storage space of your iPhone by inserting an extra SD card.

Hence, you can only increment iPhone memory in other means. And here, you tin can cull to free up space on iPhone for more iPhone storage.

① Extract iPhone Data to PC

Normally, you may consider transferring some files to your calculator, an external hard drive or a USB flash drive so as to remove some files. How to do this? Actually, information technology is very piece of cake as long as you use a professional person iOS information extractor tool.

Here, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS can exist your skillful helper. Developed by MiniTool Software Ltd., information technology is helpful to transfer existing files to your computer, a USB bulldoze or an external hard bulldoze and recover lost files from iPhone internal memory/iTunes fill-in/iCloud fill-in.

Note that it is available on Windows OS including Windows x/eight/vii and Mac OS Ten.

In club to move files to your PC or a drive, merely get its Free Edition from the post-obit button and install information technology on Windows ten/8/7 or your Mac.

Complimentary Download

Then follow the guide beneath to start to gratis up iPhone memory then every bit to fix the iPhone storage total issue and increase iPhone storage.

Stride i: After running MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS, you lot run into three features. Hither, we apply its
Recover from iOS Device

From the following figure, you will find this tool requires you to download the latest version of iTunes firstly. Or else, this feature is not working. Thus, simply follow the instruction to download iTunes from Apple’s official website and and then click theRetry

The iTunes version must be the latest one.

Step 2: Apple’south devices accept high security so no software can direct access iOS device data without authority. Hence, this step requires you to trust your PC to perform the scanning of your data after connecting iPhone to this PC.


To extract files from iPhone to your computer, please click
push button on your iPhone screen.

trust this computer

Step 3: So, you run across your iPhone detected by MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS. Click the
button and and then this freeware will begin to analyze your device data.


Step four: See the screenshot below! The scanning functioning is performed. Please wait patiently.

You’d better not click theStop
push button. Otherwise, some data cannot be scanned.


Stride five: After the scan, you enter scan result page. Usually, you lot will cull to transfer some videos, music files and precious pictures to your estimator, an external hard bulldoze or a USB drive. Merely click respective file type on the left side and check the items. So, click theRecover
button to proceed.

scan result

Note that MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS Complimentary Edition has some limitations in the feature, for instance, it only allows recovering 2 photos/app photos/videos each time. In order to excerpt more files, we advise using its Full Edition.

Afterwards getting the actuate code, register it in the scan event interface to avoid a browse once more.


Step six: At last, y’all can save selected items to the default path in your computer. You tin can likewise specify another location past hitting the
button and click
to transfer files.

storage path

After finishing all operations, you can disconnect your iPhone from your estimator, open information technology and remove/delete those files you have moved to a target disk to complimentary upwards iPhone retentivity. This way, you lot can increase iPhone storage effectively.

Costless Download

I have iPhone 6 with 16GB and its storage is almost total. I want to aggrandize iPhone storage. Luckily, MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS helps transfer files to PC so every bit to gratis up some space.

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This freeware can be also professional person iOS data recovery software, enabling you to recover lost pictures, messages, contacts, audios, videos, etc.

② Delete One-time iPhone Backups

Usually, you might accept a few backups in iPhone which may take up a fair amount of storage space. In order to costless upwardly memory on iPhone, another solution to increment iPhone storage is deleting some old iPhone backups.

  1. Go to
    and click
  2. Tap onStorage & iCloud Usage.
  3. Tap onManage Storage
    under the iCloud section to choose the old iPhone backup.
  4. Striking
    Delete Backup
    Plow Off & Delete
    to turn off backup and delete all backup data for the device.

Notation: The backup will be deleted but iCloud backup volition be also disabled.

③ Delete Unused Apps

Firstly, you demand to find out which apps are taking up so much space if you lot observe the iPhone storage full issue. You can do this by going to
Full general
iPhone Storage
(Tip: it may be
Storage & iCloud Usage
in older iOS versions) and taping on
Manage Storage.

Then, yous volition run into a list of apps arranged by the storage infinite they take upward from largest to smallest. If you find the app you rarely employ is taking up much memory, cull information technology to view the infinite used by its
Documents & Data.

How to complimentary up space on iPhone documents and data? Merely cull and delete the app by borer the
Delete App
pick. Simultaneously,
Documents & Data
volition be removed.

Y’all can ever download the deleted app for free whenever you’d similar even if it is a paid app. All your purchases are tied to your Apple ID, so Apple knows what apps you own.

④ Uninstall and Reinstall Storage-Hungry Apps

Over time, some apps may take up a lot of iPhone retentivity because they shop data and cache locally for meliorate performance. An instance would be Facebook.

Perhaps you volition find the storage infinite that it alone takes upward is up to gigs on iPhones or iPads. Thus, please check your iPhone storage usage regularly and see which apps are taking upwardly the most memory on your iPhone or iPad.

Then, to uninstall and reinstall those apps to get rid of all buried data.

This is a simple way to help free upwards iPhone memory and increment iPhone storage.

⑤ Use iCloud Photo Library

In iPhone, there is a feature called
iCloud Photo Library, which enables you to keep your photos in the cloud instead of on your iPhone. If you enable it, it will help y’all to free up much-needed space on your iPhone for new data by removing local copies, typically older photos.

How to free up space on iPhone using iCloud? Just do this by going to
Settings > Photos & Photographic camera
to turn on
iCloud Photo Library.


ane. Yous must have enough iCloud storage space.
2. You lot tin only view photos that are streamed offline.
iii. Make sure the option
Optimize iPhone Storage
is selected.

⑥ Turn off Photo Stream

If you accept enabled Photo Stream, you can meet photos yous accept taken on your iPhone/iPad and all pictures you have uploaded. Although those photos are not full-res, they still accept up much space.

You may not need these photos, because they may just exist duplicates of existing photos on your device. How to increment storage on iPhone? Just turn off Photograph Stream.

Go to
Photos & Photographic camera
in older iOS versions) and disable
My Photograph Stream. This will delete your Photo Stream from your iPhone and expand iPhone storage.

Actually, in addition to the above means, you lot tin choose to empty the
Recently Deleted folder, clear Safari cache, only keep HDR photos, etc. to gratis up retention on iPhone to increase iPhone retention when there is not plenty infinite for data storage.


Among these solutions, if you need to delete some files, we suggest transferring them to your PC or hard drive with MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS to avert data loss.

Free Download

Case 2: Use Hardware/WiFi Connected Memory to Increase iPhone Storage

In general, yous may take measures to costless up iPhone memory to extend iPhone storage. Additionally, you tin can practise an iPhone memory upgrade to 64GB or more space on your iPhone six or other models.

This method is based on using hardware connected or WiFi-connected retentiveness to expand the storage of your device. Well then, how to increase storage on iPhone 6? Keep reading.

Utilize Flash Drives with Lightning Connector

A phone-friendly lightning port stick like a USB drive can work with your iPhone or iPad running iOS12 with the lightning connector, giving you a fixed amount of storage.

By connecting this device to your iPhone when the iPhone 6 storage full consequence happens, you lot can transfer data faster without any additional battery to operate, auto-sync photos and videos from the photographic camera roll, and also straight sentinel popular format videos from the drive.

It is not possible to permanently connect this device to your iPhone since yous need to charge your iPhone with a charger cable. As well, it is not convenient to put this device connected to your iPhone in your pocket.

Use Wireless Wink Drives for iOS Devices

Don’t desire anything sticking out of your iPhone or iPad? You can cull to use a wireless wink drive which tin can exist known as a media hub. Wireless flash drives are coming with snap-in Wi-Fi and an internal bombardment, letting you connect to other Wi-Fi devices in order to transfer files, stream HD videos and music, save and share videos/photos to or from your iPhone or iPad.

To add more storage space to your iPhone 6 or other devices, you need to purchase a wireless flash drive. If you need to increase more iPhone storage, many companies offer wireless difficult drives which can work well in the same manner.

Using the to a higher place 2 ways, you tin can effectively increase iPhone external storage. Just choose one based on your bodily needs.

Bottom Line

Is your iPhone storage full? Now it’s your time to try all the above solutions to free up your iPhone memory or add an external device to increase iPhone storage.

If you have some questions when transferring files to your computer, external hard drive or USB drive with our software – MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS, let us know at in one case past leaving your annotate in the following surface area or sending to
[email protected]. As well, any suggestions for iPhone storage extension are welcome.


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