How To Hide Your Location On Iphone

By | 04/10/2022

This article will share with you how to hide the location on your iPhone.

You can choose to do that for privacy reasons or when y’all don’t want a sure app or service on your device locating you. There are several ways to hide your location on iPhone and the one yous cull will depend on how long you would similar to hide your location.

Let’s begin with the solution that will not interfere with other features on the device.

i. Hide Your Location on iPhone with AnyGo

If you don’t desire other people or apps tracking your device, but you lot don’t want to finish using some features of the device, yous should consider faking your location rather than turning off location services completely. This way, if at that place are whatsoever location-based apps on your device, you can go along to use them without sharing your actual location.

The best style to fake your location on your iPhone is iToolab AnyGo iPhone location spoofer. This is a desktop tool that is very easy to use and highly constructive. The following are some features:

  • No jailbreaking required, and no app installation in iPhone
  • 1-click location modify from anywhere in the world.
  • Simulate the movement on the map with customized route and speed
  • Compatible with all major iOS versions.
  • User-friendly uncomplicated interfaces
  • Best suited for location-based service apps and games

Here’southward a step-by-pace guide to help y’all use this tool to hide your location on iphone without anyone knowing:

Step one: Download and install AnyGo on to your computer.

Step 2: Run the plan and connect the iPhone to the computer. Click “Start” and yous should see a map with the current location of the device.

Launch AnyGo

Step three: Click on the “Teleport” icon at the top correct of the side by side screen. Provide the exact location that you would like to change to and click “Search.”

Search Location

Step 4: A popup volition appear with the coordinates to the new location you lot have selected. Cheque to make certain that it is the location y’all would similar to use and and then click “Get” to modify the location.

Hide location on iPhone

Once yous successfully change the location using AnyGo, the virtual location remains the same unless you restart the phone or utilize the software to reset the location back to the original location. Each time you want to change the location, information technology is always recommended to check the map and identifies the current location.

two. Turn on Airplane Fashion to Hide iPhone Location

The quickest way to hide the location on your iPhone is to enable Plane mode. Y’all can practice that past only opening the Control Heart and tapping on the Aeroplane Mode icon.

This volition disable all connections including Wi-Fi, cellular, and your location. Your iPhone will show your terminal know location.

Just the downside of using this method is, you volition not exist able to make a telephone call or fifty-fifty access Wi-Fi to browse the internet.

Turn on Airplane Mode

3. Use Some other Device to Share Location

If you would like to hide your location from the Observe my App and iMessage tracking, you can do that past sharing from another iOS device that is not moving. Using this method might fool someone into thinking that you are not moving at all.

If they check your location using Find my App or iMessage tracking, they volition run into a location, but non your actual location. Here’south how to do it:

  • Footstep one: On the other iOS device open Settings.
  • Footstep two: Tap on your proper name at the elevation.
  • Footstep 3: Select “Find My” then tap on “Employ This iPhone as My Location”.
Use Another Device to Share Location

Yous can then plough on location services on your original device and no ane will be the wiser.

four. Stop Sharing Your iPhone Location from Settings

If you want to hide your location from Discover My Friends and iMessage and y’all don’t have some other device to apply, then yous can simply choose to turn off location sharing completely.

This will make you completely invisible to your friends and family and they will non be notified that you have turned off location sharing.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1: Open the Settings on your iPhone and tap on your proper noun at the top of the window.
  • Step 2: Tap on “Find My”.
  • Stride 3: Turn off “Share My Location”.
Stop Sharing Your iPhone Location from Settings

5. Stop Sharing Your Location from Find My App

Y’all can as well easily hide your location on your iPhone if y’all end sharing your location on the Notice My App. Here’southward how to do it:

  • Step ane: Open the Observe My app on your device. The app is already available on all devices running iOS 14.ane and later on. You may have to download the app on your device if you are running an earlier version.
  • Step ii: Tap on “Me” at the bottom corner and then toggle the “Share My Location” switch to off.
  • Step 3: Yous may likewise demand to do the same for all your friends. To do that, tap on the “People” tab and select a person from the list before tapping on “Don’t Share”.
Stop Sharing Your Location from Find My App


Hiding the location on iPhone is not easier than this. If you lot’re concerned about some apps taking advantage of your location, information technology’southward straightforward to disable them. We accept described 5 easy ways to hide the location, and each method has its pros and cons compared to each user. We highly recommend trying AnyGo software which gives more options to modify and hide your location than the other methods described hither. At iToolab, we care nearly your security and privacy. That is why we draw the methods to hide the location of your mobile on the iPhone to have more command over what we share. If you want more than information almost our products, delight comment and contact us at any time.