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How To Get Bionic Reading On Iphone

By | 12/10/2022

Bionic Reading.

Information technology’s no mystery that some fonts are easier to read than others. “Bionic Reading” is a tool that’s more than just font, and it could meliorate your reading speed and comprehension. Here’s what you demand to know.

What Is Bionic Reading?

Let’south start with the basics. Bionic Reading was created by a Swiss developer named Renato Casuut. His aim was to make reading easier by “guiding the eyes through artificial fixation points.” What the heck does that mean?

In the epitome at the top of this page, you can see the first three letters of the word “Bionic” are in bold. The word “Reading” has the showtime four messages in bold. This is how all words are presented in Bionic Reading. Y’all can see the difference compared to regular text in the paradigm below.

Bionic Reading example.

The thought is your eyes focus on the bolded part of the word and your encephalon completes the remainder. Your brain can read faster than your eyes, so by essentially reducing the number of letters your eye needs to expect at, yous can read faster while still retaining the full context.

It may look like a simple font, but it’due south really quite a bit more than that. A font wouldn’t be able to change certain parts of words. The Bionic Reading API can exist used past developers to make information technology a text pick in apps. They can adjust how many messages are bolded and the contrast with the unhighlighted letters.


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How to Use Bionic Reading

Bionic Reading is iPhone app.
Bionic Reading in Peppery Feeds.

At the fourth dimension of writing in May 2022, Bionic Reading is a very new tool. There are a couple of iPhone apps and a Mac app that take it built-in. You can try it correct now with Reeder 5, Lire, and Fiery Feeds.

Bionic Reading also offers a free converter tool for TXT, RTF, RTFD, EPUB, and DOCX files. That means you tin can convert eBooks and utilise Bionic Reading on your Kindle devices and other eReaders. Simply upload the file to the web converter.

Upload the file.

After it’s washed converting, click the download icon.

Choose “EPUB” as the format, so utilise our guide to transfer it to your Kindle eReader.

Choose "EPUB."

Of form, you don’t only have to use this for eReaders. Y’all can do the aforementioned thing to convert PDFs and other files that you may want to be able to read faster.


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Should You Use It?

All of this sounds very exciting in theory, merely should you use it? Y’all may have already answered that question with the few examples on this folio.
others? If the answer is yes, mayhap y’all should give it a effort.

Some people with conditions such every bit ADHD or dyslexia have found that Bionic Reading improves their reading comprehension. Other people don’t seem to notice a big divergence compared to regular ‘ol text.

At the time of writing, there’s no evidence to propose Bionic Reading is any better than regular text. Yet, if you find it easier to read, there’due south no reason not to give it a shot. More apps and devices will likely implement the feature as it continues to gain steam.

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