How To Fix Iphone Unavailable Screen

By | 04/10/2022

When you see your iPhone says iPhone Unavailable, how to fix the iPhone Unavailable lock screen issue.

iPhone Unavailable or Security Lockout Screen Unlock Solutions
iPhone Unavailable or Security Lockout How to fix It
  • If you entered the wrong passcode likewise many times, you should exist lockout of y’all iPhone, saying iPhone Unavailable since iOS xv.2.
  • When your iPhone is showing iPhone unavailable bulletin, you can’t use your iPhone immediately until y’all input the correct passcode, after the try once again timer is upwardly. Security Lockout messages also appear alternatively When iPhone is unavailable.
  • When you forgot the passcode, there is no fashion to bypass the unvailable iPhone without mill resetting it.
  • In that location is no exception to retaining the existing data from a lockout iPhone. Fixing information technology means you should lose all existing data. Later, you can restore your information from the iPhone backups. If there’south no backups, you should lose all data.
  • Exactly, even if you find iPhone Unavailable with “Printing dwelling house to unlock” button, it won’t work for you to unlock it by pressing the home button.

Note If you run into the iPhone is disabled messages on a fiddling before iOS versions, you can use the same methods below to ready your disabled iPhone.

In this article, we’ll show y’all how to fix the iPhone unavailable lock screen step by pace.

  • If you have “Erase iPhone” on the iPhone Unavailable screen, Erase information technology on the Device.
  • Unlock the iPhone Unavailable black screen using 3rd-party software.
  • Ready the “iPhone Unavailable” message via Finder or iTunes.
  • Set up the Unavailable or Disabled iPhone via iCloud Find My.

Notation that the black lockout screen tin be in dissimilar appearances:

White Messages maxim the disabled fashion alerts on the Black Screen.

Message says either iPhone Unavailable or Security Lockout, with Printing abode to Unlock only,  or Emergency at the lesser of the black screen). Some with Erase iPhone button, while some have no Erase iPhone choice.

Some of the messages appear with the “Printing domicile to unlock” button, while others of the lock screens testify the “Emergency” button.

Why Does Your iPhone Say “iPhone Unavailable”or “Security Lockout” Messages?

What does iPhone Unavailable Mean? iPhone Unavailable error means you can’t access your iPhone at the very moment for security reasons.  It’s locked for inbound likewise many wrong passcode attempts.

If y’all forgot the passcode and entered 5 failed passcode tries in a row, the iPhone’s security measures will exist angry, showing iPhone Unavailable. When you input more wrong pins, the security measure will be escalating. The fifth wrong try, iPhone says “iPhone Unavailable try again in ane infinitesimal”. From at that place, it says “iPhone Unavailable try again in 5 minutes”, “iPhone Unavailable, try over again in xv minutes“, “iPhone unavailable, try over again in 1 hour”,  and “iPhone Unavailable” in atimedsequence for keeping entering wrong passcode.

On newer iOS 16 or later, you even got the iPhone Unavailable attempt again in three hours, 8 hours messages before the consummate iPhone Unavailable lockout. This time, iPhone Unavailable messages ascend from the 4th wrong try to the 10th failed passcode try.

Some people likewise got an iPhone Unavailable or Security Lockout afterwards an action on the iPhone for no reason. They may trigger the iPhone Unavailable after a reset, a recovery mode, a factory reset, a restore or transfer, or fifty-fifty more circumstances.

How to Set an iPhone When it says iPhone Unavailable.

we’ve posted a comprehensive guide with 4 solutions and a video guide hither.

All the below methods reset the iPhone and lose all existing data on it.

Before first, let’s review the key points again.

  • If you don’t want to lose your data, ensure you’ve backed upwardly your iPhone before the “iPhone Unavailable” screen appears.
  • If you lot remember your passcode, await patiently, when the try again time is up, enter your correct pin code advisedly. Immediately, you can access your iPhone.
  • If yous can’t remember your passcode, y’all should factory reset your iPhone and erase all data to fix the “iPhone Unavailable” or “Security Lockout”.

Solution 1. Use Erase iPhone Option on the iPhone Unavailable screen.

Essentialprerequisites for the solution:

  • Your iPhone should run on iOS fifteen.2, iPadOS fifteen.two or later.
  • Your iPhone needs to exist continued to a cellular or Wi-Fi network.
  • Y’all need your Apple tree ID and the password, that yous are currently signing in your iPhone.

Nearly your Data:
You will lose all existing data on the iPhone if you printing the “Erase iPhone” push.  You’ll reset it like a new iPhone.

Some iPhones on iOS 15.2 or later have the “Erase iPhone” option with “Security Lockout, endeavor again in 15 minutes or i hour” screen at the lesser-right of the screen. You lot’ll beginning to accept the option after the seventh failed passcode attempts.

If you have no Erase option on your iPhone Unavailable, Skip to Solution 2 and others.

Steps to Tap Erase iPhone for a factory reset on your unavailable iPhone.

  • You just need to tap Erase iPhone and tap Erase iPhone again to confirm.
  • Enter your Apple ID password to sign out of your Apple ID on your device.
  • Tap Erase iPhone.
  • When the iPhone restarts, set up your iPhone again.
iPhone Unavailable/Security Lockout with Erase iPhone option. You can direct tap Erase iPhone to Bypass it when you forgot the passcode.

About the onscreen descriptions afterward borer “Erase iPhone”.

Distinguish the “y’all can try your passcode over again in (null)” pregnant from “you can try your passcode over again in X minutes”.

When yous see “iPhone Unavailable” or “Security Lockout” with no time, tap “Erase iPhone” if in that location is, you’ll meet the screen shows y’all “this iPhone is Unavailable, y’all can try your passcode again in (nada)” or “this iPhone is in security lockout, you can attempt your passcode once more in (zippo)”.  The screen notifications mean that there is no chance for you lot to endeavour any passcode attempts. You should reset your iPhone to unlock the screen, fifty-fifty if you know your right password. Reset, Reset, and Reset the lockout iPhone.

If the effort again minutes is not nada, yous can notwithstanding try some passcode attempts when the time is up. If at that place is a “try again in any minutes” observe, not “try again in null”, and the correct passcode is entered when time is upward, you can bypass the locked screen immediately.

Why Can’t I Find the Erase iPhone Option?

If you have no Erase iPhone option, the reason is the iOS software different versions. There are dissimilar versions on iOS 15.two or later software.

As you can see from the acme screenshot that in that location is not an Erase iPhone option on this iPhone 12, however, at that place is an “Erase iPhone” on another iPhone 13 or 11.

Actually, there are lots of people who don’t have an “Erase iPhone” option where the iPhone says “iPhone Unavailable”. Thus, you’d meliorate use the software method in Solution 1, Solution 2, or Solution 3.

If you exercise care about your data, keeping a regular backup is important to yous. Unfortunately, many people including me have learned a hard lesson that people can’t salvage all data from the unavailable/security lockout iPhone or disabled iPhone for Apple tree’south security design. In that case, hope you have any backups to restore from after bypassing it.

Solution ii.  Unlock the “iPhone Unavailable” Black Screen using Third-Political party Software.

Nosotros dive into reliable software solutions subsequently many tests for our audition. SD iPhone Unlocker is our pick to bypass the “iPhone Unavailable” screen that has a high success rate in the iPhone unlocking software market place. It’s as well affordable and offers a one-month subscription, one-year subscription, and a lifetime plan.

After using the app to reset your iPhone Unavailable screen, yous should install a clean iOS software. And yous get your iPhone like a new iPhone. It won’t affect any other fuctions on the iPhone, like phone calls. Yous can cheque our video tutorial below. The app is very good at fixing the disabled iPhone proven by k of users and our tests.

Firstly, free download and install the software to your computer. Install and launch the programme.

i. Open the app and Head to “Unlock Screen Passcode”.

Unlock Screen Passcode - Start

two. Read the Notes and Click Get-go.

three. Follow the onscreen directions to put your iPhone in recovery mode or DFU mode.

recovery mode dfu mode directions

4. Confirm your iPhone information and download the firmware.

download firmware package iPhone

5. Click Unlock to bypass the black iPhone Unavailable screen. When the screen shows you Unlock is Consummate, expect for a few moments. Then your iPhone restarts. And yous can set upwards your iPhone afterwards.

Solution three. Set up the “iPhone Unavailable” Message via Finder or iTunes.

When you lot connect your unavailable iPhone or disabled iPhone to your computer, launch Finder or iTunes. You lot’ll run into nothing happens at this moment for an unavailable/disabled iPhone. Because your iPhone is locked, Finder or iTunes can’t detect it.

  • First of all, put your unavailable iPhone into recovery style after connecting it to your calculator with a USB cable. And then the Finder or iTunes will show you a pop-up screen with the Restore option.

If you don’t know how to become to recovery mode, click the link recovery mode to refer to the instructions, after connecting your iPhone to the computer.

  • Secondly, click Restore iPhone.
  • Thirdly, prepare your iPhone after the restoring process.
restore iPhone via iTunes

Also, you can retrieve your data via restoring from iTunes back upwardly or iCloud dorsum up.

Solution four. Fix the Unavailable or Disabled iPhone via iCloud Find My, Without Figurer solution.


  • You lot should know your Apple ID and the password.
  • Find My iPhone is enabled on your iPhone.
  • Your iPhone is continued to the internet either via cellular data or Wi-Fi.
  1. Open on whatsoever of your browsers on a smartphone, tablet or estimator.
  2. Enter your Apple ID credentials.
  3. Tap or click Find My iPhone. Then locate your device later on clicking All Device.
  4. Tap or Click Erase iPhone. Enter your Apple ID password to ostend it.
erase iPhone via find my iPhone
Erase iPhone Unavailable via Find My iPhone on the iCloud website.


Video Tutorial: iPhone Unavailable or Security Lockout How to Fix Information technology.

Supporting iPhone models:

iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro(Max), iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone eleven, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone Xs,iPhone Xs
Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone viii Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st generation), iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPod touch (seventh generation).

Although this video uses an iPhone 12 for a tutorial, all the solutions in this article support iPhone models(supporting iOS 15 compatible devices), from the prior ones to the latest ones.  All of these iPhone models are possible to get into the screen of “iPhone Unavailable” or “Security Lockout”, running iOS 15 or afterwards. Don’t worry, if your iPhone model shows you the lock screen of iPhone Unavailable, yous should settle the problems without going out to the local Apple Store first.

The third-party software solution is a quick and easy way if you lot are in a bind when applying the other options. Restart or a force restart won’t help to go rid of the iPhone Unavailable screen.

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There are as well some people complaining that iPhone showing iPhone unavailable later on an update, restore, factory reset, or recovery mode. It is estimated that in that location are some unknown reasons for triggering those iPhones stuck on “iPhone unavailable”.

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