How To Fix Green Messages On Iphone

Why iPhone Text Letters to Some other iPhone Changed Green

Don’t know why iPhone text green to another iPhone? Hither in this guide, we have described in detail what light-green bulletin ways and why it happens.

“Why iPhone Text Messages to Some other iPhone Changed Green?/why are my messages dark-green?/why did my text messages turn from blue to greenish?”

If you are using Apple’s iMessage engineering, your text messages will exist sent or received in blue. If yous are using Short Messaging Service or SMS (traditional style), your text messages will exist in green.

In the iPhone message app, the outgoing bulletin bubble is either dark-green or blue. The two colors signify that the message is sent through iMessage service or via SMS/MMS service. Several iPhone users have reported the query that what information technology actually means, why it happens, and why are my letters to another iPhone going in green. That’due south why we come up with this guide to provide solutions to all queries of users related to the greenish message bubble in the messaging app.

No affair you are using iMessage or text message service, there must be quite a lot of letters stored on your iPhone. Only in case of any adventitious loss of messages, the guide about
how to retrieve lost iPhone letters
is offered.

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What is Green Bulletin

The light-green message background indicates the traditional SMS text message. It actually means a bulletin that yous have sent to someone else is through SMS message service instead of Apple iMessage. Blue message background means the message is sent via iMessage technology. Wondering why this happen? In that location can be many reasons why text message turned to in Greenish color such equally:

  • If iMessage is switched off either on your iPhone or on the recipient’s iPhone, the message will be sent via SMS and due to this, the message groundwork turned into greenish colour.
  • It might be also the instance that the iMessage server is downward for temporary either on your iPhone or recipient’s iPhone.
  • If the bulletin you sent from your iPhone to another not-iOS device, then in this example as well, the message bubble will exist in green color on your iPhone.

Why My iPhone Text Messages to Another iPhone Inverse Green

About iMessage and SMS Technology

iMessage tin be sent either using the Wi-Fi connection or mobile network. It does not need a text messaging programme every bit it requires traditional SMS. iMessage volition be sent free if y’all sent via Wi-Fi. Moreover, iMessage is sent between iOS devices, but SMS bulletin is sent between iOS and non-iOS or iOS device.

  • If you send an iMessage to a non-iOS device such as Android, then it will be sent in SMS message format so that other device users tin can read.
  • If y’all are sending a message in the group which has also non-iOS users, the message volition be sent in SMS format.

How to Manually Switch from iMessage to SMS or Vice Versa

On your iPhone, you tin can manually plough on or off either iMessage or SMS. You lot can decide how you desire to send a message as SMS or iMessage.

To Send Bulletin as an SMS text bulletin:

Method 1: From Settings:

Step 1: Become to the “Settings” app and so, navigate to the “Messages” department.

Stride 2: Here, toggle off the button which is adjacent to the iMessage.

Enable iMessage on iPhone

Enable iMessage on iPhone

Method 2: Pressing iMessages:

Step i: One time you created a bulletin, long-press the message that y’all want to ship in SMS format.

Step 2: When the dialog box appears, choose to “Send as Text message” option. In this mode, your message bubble volition be inverse from blue to greenish.

Send Message as SMS Text Message - Method 2

Send Message as SMS Text Message – Method 2

To Send Bulletin as iMessage:

It is meliorate to use a Wi-Fi connection for iMessage. Before proceeding farther, enable the Wi-Fi if it is possible.

Step 1: Open the “Settings” app and and then, motility to the “Letters”.

Step 2: Now, enable the “iMessage”.

Send Messages to Another iPhone as iMessage

Ship Messages to Another iPhone as iMessage

The Bottom Line

Hence, the iPhone users who are not enlightened of why iPhone text dark-green to some other iPhone can refer to this guide. Here, we have given detailed information virtually greenish messages. Also, if you got any questions well-nigh the iPhone, you tin leave your letters in the comment role.

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