How To Fix Green Lines On Iphone Screen

Are you experiencing green lines of decease on an iPhone device? Know that this problem affects almost all iPhone users, and then y’all aren’t lonely in this. Many iPhone X users accept taken to Apple forums and social media with the same complaint. Obviously, the problem of “dark-green lines on an iPhone screen” seems near prominent among users of iPhone X and iPhone 7 after updating the iOS software.

This problem has been around for some time at present after releasing iOS ten. Merely, Apple doesn’t seem to take a solution to this issue even so. That is why we are here to resolve this annoying green line issue on your brand-new iPhone. The effect of green lines on iPhone screens can be frustrating. Luckily, we’ve got various fixes that can aid y’all.

Part 1: Why is in that location a green line on my iPhone?
Role 2: How to Fix Green Lines on iPhone Screen?

Part 1: Why is at that place a green line on my iPhone?

Apple has not provided a cogent explanation of the issue yet. There are two possible problems with the green line on iPhone screens. One could exist hardware-related and the other software-related. These explanations are based on insider speculation. The issue may be on iPhones with OLED screens. Below are some reasons for this result:

* The green line happens when at that place is a poor connexion between your iPhone’s digitizer and LCD. Whenever this happens, you will run into green lines that appear on the screen.

* The green line problem may happen because of liquid getting on your device. For example, when y’all put your iPhone in liquid, light-green lines will bear witness on the screen since liquid causes damage to the circuits.

* If you driblet your iPhone, information technology can damage its brandish physically, leading to dark-green line bug.

* Sometimes this problem is a upshot of a manufacturing defect.

* Software glitches in the system might also cause light-green line problems on an iPhone.

* Another cause might be application conflicts or a lack of operating organization programs.

* Malware infection.

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Part two: How to Fix Light-green Lines on iPhone Screen?

It’due south quite abrasive to have greenish lines on the screen of your iPhone. Luckily, nosotros have a few fixes that can help.

2.i Restart your iPhone

It may seem odd, but computers as well have a force restart option, and a simple force starting makes it operate efficiently. This characteristic is crucial for your iPhone and volition requite it a fresh start also. Information technology’south a popular fix for most iTunes and iPhone errors. If the dark-green lines on the iPhone screen are due to an app bug, restarting the device may gear up information technology. Here is how to forcefulness restart an iPhone:

For iPhone 8 or later models, press and release the
Volume Up
push chop-chop and do the same for the
Volume Down
buttons. From at that place, hold the
button till an Apple logo shows.

reboot iphone 8 or later to fix the green line

For iPhone seven & vii Plus, Long press the
Volume Downward
push and
button simultaneously till the Apple logo shows on the screen.

For iPhone 6S and before older models, Long printing the
button and
Button simultaneously till the Apple logo shows on your iPhone’s screen.

restart iphone to fix green lines on the screen

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2.2 Check if the screen is wet

Ensure you cheque moisture or any wetness on your iPhone since wetness tin can pb to green lines on the screen. If your iPhone screen is wet, apply a cloth to wipe information technology and see if the green lines disappear.

ii.3 Reset iPhone Settings

If forcefulness restarting doesn’t help convalesce the issues, try resetting the custom setting to manufactory settings. The issue might be a result of incorrect personal settings. This solution to reset your iPhone just clears personal settings. You don’t have to worry about losing data. To reset iPhone settings, do the following:

Step ane:
On ou iPhone’due south main menu, navigate to

Step 2:
From General, scroll down till you reach the
tab and click
Reset All Settings.

Step 3:
Enter your password to ostend the activity and wait for the procedure to finish.

reset iphone settings to get rid of the green line on the iphone screen

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ii.4 Update iOS to the Latest Version

Apple provides regular updates to set software bugs and ameliorate organization performance. Merely, running an outdated Os on your iPhone volition brand information technology susceptible to security risks, leading to green lines showing on the iPhone’due south screen. Please update it to the latest iOS version using the quick guide below to prepare the problem.

Step 1:
Become to
and choose

Step ii:
Click on the
Software Update
icon to get the updates menu.

Step 3:
Download and Install
to download all the latest software updates. Ensure y’all accept sufficient space.

Step four:
Finally, tap
and and so the password to install all the updates.

update software on iphone to remove the green line

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ii.five Run your iPhone in Recovery Way

Effort running information technology in recovery mode if the greenish line doesn’t go away afterward resetting your iPhone. The procedure is similar to resetting your iPhone, except this time, you will exist updating your iPhone in recovery mode.

It is imperative to pay attention to the fact that this process will not delete data from your iPhone. Nosotros recommend bankroll upwards data before running the iPhone in recovery fashion. Beneath, we provide instructions for how to exercise and then.

Step i:
Connect your iPhone to the PC using a good Apple USB cable. So launch iTunes on the computer. Ensure you lot become the latest version of the iTunes app on the computer.

Step 2:
After connecting the iPhone, strength restarts your iPhone, and long press the ability push till you encounter the recovery mode. And then a popup notification will be displayed on the telephone’s screen that says:
There is an outcome with your iPhone that needs to be updated.

Pace 3:
Click on the
option to continue, and iTunes will then re-install the iOS software automatically on the iPhone. Wait for some time for the procedure to complete before exiting the recovery mode.

get iphone into recovery mode and repair the green line on the iphone screen

two.6 Gear up dark-green line on phone screen via iPhone Repair

If you oasis’t noticed, nigh software recovery solutions are quite aggressive and often lead to data loss. Yous should know a better and more than friendly tool that enables you lot to repair your iPhone without data loss.

This tool guarantees no data loss any. Information technology is much less aggressive and works chop-chop to resolve iOS-related issues. It is high fourth dimension you get to know the
iOS System Repair

It’due south a unique solution and different other methods of fixing the problem. Since its release some years back, many Apple customers accept truly benefited. Here is how to employ the iOS System Recovery program:

Step i:
Launch the program on the computer and connect your iPhone via USB. Then choose
iOS System Recovery
on the interface.

fix the green line on iphone screen by using the ios system recovery software

Step 2:
Click the
Starting time
icon and follow the guide to put your iPhone into DFU mode.

get iphone into dfu mode before the recovery

Step 3:
Ostend the data of your device and download the firmware packet. Then tap on the
icon to download the firmware parcel and fix the green lines on your iPhone.

repair iphone system to remove green lines


We hope you can now resolve the “green lines on the iPhone screen” problem without hassle with all the above solutions. You must try each of them to notice one that works for you. We highly recommend using iOS System Recovery to set up the event. The program has remarkable reviews, and we hope it will work for y’all.

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