How To Extract Audio From Video On Iphone

By | 06/10/2022

Do yous know y’all can now extract sound from videos hands simply inside a few clicks? Yes, with the continuous evolution in technology, extracting audio from videos on iOS devices is now as like shooting fish in a barrel equally plucking a low-hanging fruit from a tree.

Perchance this idea of extracting sound from videos might take struck your heed once or twice, only yous still consider it as a complicated job, this article volition introduce you to the height effective ways to extract sound from video without hassles.

So sit back, catch a chilled juice, and let’south walk you through the process of extracting audio from video files conveniently.

Part 1: Extract audio from video with

Presently, the fastest and most effective way to extract audio from video on iPhone is by employing the powerful FlimoraGo video editor and maker. Aye, this tool is a highly intuitive and fully featured video editing & creation tool that enables iPhone users to extract sound from video files without compromising any aspect of the video or audio file.

supports the easy creation of audition ready video for different social media platforms, and it has a broad variety of tools that helps maintain a perfect balance between video editing and video cosmos. Below are some features of this astonishing app.

  • Availability of 4k resolution editing and GIF support.
  • Supports effective layering of multiple video clips without hassles.
  • Ability to screen record and split up sound from videos efficiently.
  • Advanced text editing feature that enables users to conveniently add text to videos merely inside a few clicks.
  • FilmoraGo also supports a unique divide-screen feature that enables users to create videos containing footage and clips that tin be played at the aforementioned fourth dimension.

Instantly record, edit and share

every beautiful moment in life.

Install FilmoraGo At present!

Stepwise Guide On How To Extract Audio From Videos On iPhone Using FilmoraGo

With FilmoraGo at your fingertips, calculation your favorite audio prune to a video is just like a slice of paper or block. Follow the steps below to excerpt audio from video using FilmoraGo. But firstly, you must download and install the Wondershare FilmoraGo on your iPhone.

Stride ane: Launch the FilmoraGo app, click on ‘New Project’ and select the preferred video to which you desire to add an audio clip. And so click ‘Import’ to proceed.

Step 2: Upwards next, your video will exist imported to a spot where you lot can execute all editing operations. All you’ve got to do is click the ‘Music’ icon located at the bottom section of your iPhone screen.

Step 3: Once you click the Music icon, you’ll be prompted to a new pane on the FilmoraGo app. This fourth dimension, you’ll select ‘Extract’ from the options shown at the bottom side of your screen.

Step four: Select the video file from which you want to excerpt the sound prune and hit the ‘EXTRACT AUDIO’ button. On doing this, FilmoraGo will immediately excerpt an sound prune from the video and add it to an audio track on the timeline.

Afterward, you can easily tap the extracted audio clip to edit it co-ordinate to your requirements.

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Part2.Extract Audio From Video With iMovie

If you’re non looking to apply 3rd-party software, you can easily achieve out to the built-in iMovie app on your iOS device to get the chore done.

iMovie supports easy editing and cosmos of videos and movies, information technology has a clean interface that makes navigation around the app stress-free.

All in all, this tool tin can also come in handy when you’re looking to efficiently create a thriller for videos inside a few clicks.

Follow the steps below to extract sound from video in iPhone with iMovie.

Steps to Extract Sound From Video With iMovie On iPhone

Step i: Launch the iMovie app on your iOS device and click ‘Create project’ to import video to iMovie, or you can hands select a video in your iMovie which you want to extract its audio runway.

Footstep 2: Click the edit button, then hit the Scissors icon at the lesser corner and tap ‘Detach’ from the choice to proceed.

Pace 3: On doing that, the audio will be extracted from the video file, and information technology’ll appear beneath the video clip in the timeline.

Step 4: Up side by side, hit Background from the action button at the bottom spot, and it’ll plough the audio prune from blue to dark-green.

Step five: Once y’all’ve extracted the audio track, you’ll have to tap the video clip in the timeline. And so from the action button, select delete to completely remove the video clip.

Unproblematic every bit A, B, C!

Part3.Extract Audio From Video With Siri Shortcuts

Another effective way to extract audio from video on iPhone is by using the Siri shortcut. Sounds surprising? Yep, Siri shortcut is another built-in software bachelor on all iOS devices that enables the extraction of audio from video without stress.

Also, this amazing tool has a wide range of functionalities, as it has a curated listing of tasks that can exist added to your iOS device. So, if you lot’ve got Siri shortcuts app on your iPhone, don’t hesitate to follow the given steps below to extract audio from video using the Siri shortcuts.

Footstep-by-footstep Pedagogy To Excerpt Audio From Video Using Siri Shortcuts

Step ane: Startup the Siri shortcuts app on your iOS device, so click ‘Create Shortcuts’ to begin the operation.

Step 2: Striking the ‘Add action’  push

Footstep 3: Type ‘Get File’ in the search bar, then cull Get file from the search results to add it equally an Action.

Footstep iv: Once once again, blazon Encode media in the search box and select information technology from the search issue to add together information technology equally an Action. After that, click Show more under the Encode media department and hit the Audio only Toggle to turn it on.

Pace 5: Up next, you’ll accept to search for ‘Save file’, and add it as Action also.

Step 6: Striking the Side by side push button at the acme-right corner of the page. By doing this, y’all’ll be prompted to add together a shortcut proper name to continue.

Footstep 7: Click on the Newly created shortcut action on the home section to search and add the preferred video that y’all desire to extract its audio track.

Step viii: Afterwards selecting the video file, Siri shortcuts will instantly extract the audio rails from the video. All you’ve got to practise adjacent is to hit the ‘Salvage File’ button to finalize the procedure.


There you lot have it! With the continuous development in technology, executing tasks that were considered to be backbreaking, is now as like shooting fish in a barrel every bit taking a walk in the Park. Anyone tin can at present extract audio from video on iPhone sound as long every bit you’ve got admission to the right tool.

Thus, if y’all’re looking to excerpt audio from video on iPhone either by using powerful third-political party software, or a built-in tool, this page has covered every necessary step to help you lot execute the functioning smoothly and conveniently within a few clicks.

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