How To Enlarge Keyboard On Iphone

By | 09/10/2022

Is your iPhone keyboard likewise minor or tiny for typing? Or practise you have large hands and face difficulty while pressing keys on your iPhone? Well, do not worry. One can hands increase the keyboard size on iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and even other models irrespective of the iOS version. Here are different methods to brand the keyboard bigger on iPhone.

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How to Make Keyboard Bigger on iPhone

While the iOS keyboard does not offering a direct pick to increase or subtract the height or button size, there are several workarounds to make the keyboard appear larger. Read on to check all the methods below.

Method 1- Increase iOS Keyboard Height & Button Size

The easiest mode to increase your iPhone keyboard height and button size is to switch to the “Zoomed in” interface. Doing so will make everything appear bigger on your iPhone, including the font and icons, making it comfy to type or navigate.

on your iPhone.

Head to

Here, click on
under Brandish Zoom.

Gear up it to
and tap
at the top right corner.

That’due south it. Your iPhone keyboard volition now appear slightly taller with bigger keys, making it easier for you to type.

Method 2- Using Zoom in Accessibility

The other option is to use the Zoom feature in Accessibility settings. When enabled, you lot can double-tap the screen with three fingers to zoom in or out when typing with the keyboard on your iPhone.

While it’s not very practical, it can brand typing easier on iPhones with very pocket-size screens, such as the iPhone SE, iPhone viii, iPhone vii, and older models.

on your iPhone.

Scroll downwards and tap

Click on
and enable the toggle to turn it on.

Increase iPhone Keyboard Size

At present close the Settings. When typing, double-tap with 3 fingers to zoom in on the keyboard. You can elevate 3 fingers to move around the screen. Double-tap iii fingers and elevate upwardly or down to adjust zoom size to tweak zoom based on your liking.

If you want to render to the standard view, double-tap with three fingers anywhere on the screen.

Method 3- Make Keyboard Buttons Appear Bold

iOS has a built-in option to brand all the text appear bold. The same makes the alphabets in keyboard buttons await bigger, making them easier to read for the elderly. Here’southward how to enable it:

on your iPhone.

Scroll downward and tap

Click on

Enable the toggle for

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Method 4- Third-Party iPhone Keyboard Apps With Large Keys

The last option is to use 3rd-party keyboard apps which offer a larger key size. Some of y’all may prefer something like Gboard or Grammarly, but unfortunately, they’re almost the same size as the default iOS keyboard.

Not to worry, below are some third-party iPhone keyboard apps with large buttons.

TypeWise Custom Keyboard

The TypeWise keyboard offers a unique Hexagon layout for buttons. It increases the overall keyboard size and allows more space between keys. And thus, you can type comfortably without any mistakes, fifty-fifty with larger hands.

The app also features an offline-only mode and options to switch to Tablet Mode, change Font Size, and alter the margin below the keyboard but those are limited to the Pro version.

TuneWise Keyboard on App Shop

TuneKey Keyboard With Custom Size

TuneKey is another keyboard that lets you accommodate the key size on your iPhone. You tin can select the key size ranging from Smaller, Small, Large, and Bigger. It’s a obviously keyboard app fabricated for people who ofttimes type the wrong keys due to large hands.

While there are no fancy options, you can customize the keyboard theme, character popup on affect, and add the red dot to the keyboard. It’s available for gratis and can be downloaded via the link below.

TuneKey Keyboard on App Shop

Bonus Tips to Type Comfortably on iPhone

  • Landscape Mode:Take an iPhone with a pocket-sized screen? Plow your iPhone into landscape mode and blazon freely with a larger keyboard. Revert to normal once you’re done.
  • Undo & Redo Typing:Typed wrong words on your iPhone? Give it a shake and tap the “Undo Typing” to delete the text you just typed. If you accidentally deleted the text, requite it another shake and select “Redo Typing.”
  • I-Hand Mode:With Ane-Hand mode enabled, you tin slide the keyboard to one side for comfortable typing with a single manus.
  • Glide Typing:Like Android, the iOS keyboard features Swipe typing. You tin can slide your finger across the messages to spell the word you desire. Using it, you tin type faster on your iPhone without worrying most pressing the wrong key.

Wrapping Up

These were different ways to make the keyboard size bigger on your iPhone. I hope the above guide helps y’all increase the keyboard size and type comfortably on iOS without borer the wrong keys. Stay tuned for more than such tips, tricks, and how-tos.

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