How To Dry Iphone Charging Port

By | 04/10/2022

How To Dry an iPhone

Y’all’re at the beach or at the pool and don’t know if your iPhone has got wet? Don’t worry, the latest models notice if there are liquids or moisture in the Lightning port. Why there? To avoid problems when charging your iPhone. Beneath are the warnings y’all will see on your screen.

The inflow of summertime and good conditions means being extra careful not to go your iPhone wet. Do yous want to know what to exercise to protect your iPhone from water? In this web log we prove yous which parts are more frail, which iPhones are more than likely to get moisture, and what to practise if your iPhone gets moisture.

What is the iPhone liquid detection alert?

The liquid detection alert is a warning that is displayed on your iPhone screen when in that location is liquid detected in the lightning connector of your iPhone. This alarm appears when you insert the charger.

Which iPhones have the liquid detection alert pop up?

All iPhone models later on 2018 will brandish a pop up if water enters the lightning port. In case you’re looking to accept the liquid detection warning popular up, grab the latest iPhone model.

What are the two types of liquid detection alarm in the Lightning Port

– Charging is not available: what you lot need to practice is to disconnect the charger. It may take several hours for your iPhone’s charge to become available again.
– Liquid inside the Lightning connector: we recommend disconnecting the cable and fifty-fifty turning off the iPhone to dry it out. It may take several hours…So be patient!
Why shouldn’t we accuse our iPhone while in that location is whatever moisture or liquid in the Lightning connector? Well, to avoid causing negative effects on the iPhone once it has dried out, of form. Besides, because it is possible to damage the pins of the Lightning port.

Liquid inside the Lightning connector

What to do if liquid has been detected inside the Lightning connector

Don’t even think near it, unplug the charging cable immediately to avoid damaging your iPhone or your charger. Find the Dos and Don’t on what to when the liquid has been detected on the lightning port of the iPhone.

What to practice when my iPhone gets wet

  • Position the iPhone upright and gently tap it to remove any liquid from the connector.
  • Letitdryoutinadryareaforanhour.
  • Ameliorate to be rubber than sorry – it’s platonic to await a whole twenty-four hours in instance you see the alarm again.

What to avoid when the iPhone gets moisture

  • Never use a pilus dryer or anything similar. Do not insert absorbent cotton or cotton swabs inside your iPhone as they can get out $.25 backside.
  • Soak it in rice? No! Exercise not force your iPhone. Information technology is better to allow it dry out out by itself, without using external agents that could harm it.

No doubt you’ve wondered what to do if you lot have no battery, water has got in and you lot need to use your iPhone. Well, as information technology happens, the warning pops up on those models that have wireless charging. You didn’t know it was going to be such a life saver, did you? The best affair to do is to turn it off and let information technology remainder. Only use it if it’s an emergency.

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