How To Draw On Photo Iphone

Desire to quickly annotate a photo on an iPhone? You tin employ the Photos app to do it. This guide volition show you how to get started.

Take you ever wished you could add a quick sketch to a photo on your iPhone? Sometimes the quickest manner to explain something is with an annotated image.

The practiced news is that it’due south quick and easy to add a drawing to whatsoever image on your iPhone. In just a few taps, y’all tin can add your drawing and save your new paradigm.

Go on reading to larn how to draw on a photo on iPhone.

How to Add Markup to a Photograph on iPhone

Apple has a characteristic called
which allows you to add text or signatures to your photos. It also allows you to describe freehand over them.

Here’south how to add Markup to a photo on iPhone:

  1. Open up thePhotosapp and select the photograph you want to depict on.
  2. Tap onEdit.
    edit a photo on iphone
  3. Tap on theMarkupicon.
    markup a photo on iphone

Y’all volition at present meet the Markup tools at the bottom of the screen. Allow’due south take a expect at the different tools available.

How to Draw on a Photo on iPhone Using The Pen Tool

pen tool
allows you lot to draw solid lines on your photo. You tin admission this via the Photos app.

Hither’s how to use the pen tool on iPhone:

  1. Open a photo inPhotos
    and selectEdit.
  2. Tap on the
    Pen Tool
    if it’southward not already selected.iphone pen tool
  3. Tapping once again allows you to prepare the line thickness and opacity.
    iphone pen tool width
  4. To select a dissimilar colour, tap on theColorsicon.
    pen color iphone
  5. Draw with your finger on the photo. Faster strokes create thicker lines.
    pen drawing on iphone
  6. If you brand a mistake, tap theUndoicon.
    undo edits on iphone
  7. If you want to create perfect shapes, depict the shape in one stroke, but keep your finger on the screen. Once y’all run into the corrected shape, remove your finger.
    draw an arrow on iphone

Using the Highlighter Tool on iPhone

highlighter tool
is useful for marking areas of text in the aforementioned manner you would with a real highlighter pen.

To use the highlighter tool on iPhone:

  1. Open your photograph inPhotos
    and tapEdit.
  2. Tap on the
    Highlighter Tool.
    highlighter tool iphone
  3. Tapping again allows yous to alter the line thickness and opacity. By default, it’south prepare to fourscore% which works well for most text.
    highlighter width iphone
  4. To select a dissimilar color, tap on theColorsicon.
  5. Draw with your finger over the text or image you want to highlight.
    highlighting on iphone
  6. If yous brand a mistake, tap theUndoicon.
  7. For simple shapes, keeping your finger on the screen will catechumen them into perfect lines.
    pentagon on iphone

Using the Pencil Tool on iPhone

pencil tool
is very similar to the pen tool, but instead produces an issue intended to look similar a existent pencil.

To utilise the pencil tool on iPhone:

  1. Open your photo in Photos and tap
  2. Tap on the
    Pencil Tool.
    pencil tool iphone
  3. Tapping again allows you to change the line thickness and opacity.
  4. To select a different color, tap on theColorsicon.
  5. Depict with your finger over the text or epitome y’all want to highlight. Faster strokes are more opaque.
    pencil drawing iphone
  6. If yous make a error, tap theUndoicon.
  7. For elementary shapes, keeping your finger on the screen volition convert them into regular shapes.
    star shape iphone

Using the Eraser Tool on iPhone

eraser tool
is a elementary way to remove parts of your drawing if yous don’t want to undo the whole thing.

To use the eraser tool on iPhone:

  1. Open up your image in Photos and tapEdit.
  2. Tap on the
    Eraser Tool.
    eraser tool iphone
  3. Tapping again allows yous to select the
    Pixel Eraserwhich erases wherever y’all describe or the
    Object Eraserwhich will erase entire objects at once.
    eraser tool options iphone
  4. Draw with your finger over the expanse or object y’all want to erase.
    erasing shapes on iphone

Using the Lasso Tool on iPhone

lasso tool
allows you to select parts of your drawing and then yous can move them effectually.

To employ the lasso tool on iPhone:

  1. Open your image in Photos and tapEdit.
  2. Tap on the
    Lasso Tool.
    lasso tool iphone
  3. To select an object, describe with your finger over whatsoever part of that object. You can draw through multiple objects to add them all to your option. Y’all should see dotted lines indicating the border of your choice.
    lasso selection on iphone
  4. To select an area, draw an enclosed space effectually the area you want to select. This will select everything within your enclosure.
    lasso enclosure iphone
  5. Elevate your selection effectually. When you’re happy, tap anywhere else in your epitome to deselect everything.

Using the Ruler Tool on iPhone

ruler tool
allows y’all to describe straight lines at the exact angle that you desire them.

To use the ruler tool on iPhone:

  1. Open your image and tap
  2. Tap on the
    Ruler Tool.
    ruler tool on iphone
  3. Drag the tool to position it. To change the angle, use 2 fingers to rotate it.
    position ruler on iphone
  4. One time the ruler is in position, select ane of the cartoon tools and run your finger forth the ruler.
    draw a ruled line iphone
  5. When you lot’ve drawn your line, tap the Ruler Tool once again to remove information technology.

How to Salvage an Edited Photograph on iPhone

In one case yous’re happy with the changes you lot’ve fabricated to your prototype, yous’ll need to salvage it.

To save your work:

  1. Tap
    in the top-right of the screen.
    finished editing image iphone
  2. Tap
    Donein the lesser-correct of the screen to salvage your edits.
    save image iphone

Your photo will now be saved with your drawing included.

Restoring an Edited Image

If y’all want to go back to the original image:

  1. Tap
    Edit in
    the top-correct of the screen.
    re-edit iphone photo
  2. Tap
    in the bottom correct of the screen.
    revert to original image iphone

Your photo is restored to its original condition.

Make the Near of Your iPhone

You don’t need a fancy photo editor to edit images or to depict on a photo on an iPhone. You tin utilise the editing tools available to yous in the
app to get the job done.

In that location are plenty of other bones features that tin can make your iPhone experience even better. For example, you may desire to  learn how to utilize Apple Focus on iPhone to take back control of your time. If y’all’re worried about your privacy, you lot may want to end advertisement tracking on iPhone.

Struggling to type? There are some keyboard tips for iPhone you lot tin choice up that could help you modify the way you type forever.


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