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By | 09/09/2022

All-time Halo mods: New VKMT mod showcase reignited my dearest for Halo over again

Some of the best Halo mods go highlighted in a new VKMT customs mod showcase, and they’re so good that I am excited for Halo again.

Published Sep 5, 2022 1:35 PM CDT

Updated Tue, Sep 6 2022 10:47 AM CDT

6 minute read fourth dimension

Back when Halo 3 was on the misty horizon, Bungie put out one of the
about incredible pre-release teasers ever made. It had a simple tagline: Believe. The UNSC was overrun. Everyone was dying, the Covenant was unstoppable. Even Master, the indomitable Demon, was beingness held up like a bays impale. But Main wasn’t dead–he woke upwards, ignited a plasma nade, and that was that. Nosotros believed. Information technology was pure magic.

Best Halo mods: New VKMT mod showcase reignited my love for Halo again 2 |
Best Halo mods: New VKMT mod showcase reignited my love for Halo again 3 |


Best Halo mods: New VKMT mod showcase reignited my love for Halo again 4 |
Best Halo mods: New VKMT mod showcase reignited my love for Halo again 5 |

Mods from left to right (links below): The standalone game Wolves, Halo Reborn, Glassed, Battlefront II 2005 Geonosis in Halo 3,

It’s been a long fourth dimension since I felt that kind of magic with Halo. Similar a lot of things these days, Halo only isn’t the same. It’s bang-up, it’s only…different. It’s harder to get excited well-nigh live services, you lot know? Merely there’s one silvery lining: Halo mods. 343i is merely one team, but there’south a veritable army of talented modders out in that location who are creating such impressive things that I believe in Halo games again. These wizards are sparking that old-school feeling that has been asleep for a long fourth dimension–if you grew upwards with the original Xbox, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the feeling you got when yous booted up Halo CE and tried the campaign for the first fourth dimension, or your start xvi-thespian local LAN party with organisation link multiplayer.

For the by 2 years, VKMT has held a community showcase to highlight some of the best Halo mods that are either set up to play or currently in evolution. Information technology’due south kind of like an E3 for Halo mods. The most recent showcase for 2022 is just amazing. There’southward some really impressive stuff in here that tin can add a new dimension of play to the Halo MCC games, including a fully playable recreation of Star Wars Battlefront II built into Halo MCC, Halo Doom Evolved, which merges Doom and Halo together in pixelated glory, and an incredible restored version of Halo 1 multiplayer with cut weapons besides equally a agglomeration of extra surprises. There’southward even a standalone mech shooter called Wolves that’s presumably a nod to the original Spartan I ORION suits.

The mods range from huge new multiplayer revamps to quality-of-life updates and HUD changes. All bases are covered here. New guns, new enemies, newly upgraded campaign missions…it seems similar everything you’d desire every bit a classic Halo player is here.

On a functional, more engaging and chaotic multiplayer note, I am mostly excited most Bigass V3–it just looks like pure fun.

Best Halo mods: New VKMT mod showcase reignited my love for Halo again 7 |

Best Halo mods: New VKMT mod showcase reignited my love for Halo again 6 |
Best Halo mods: New VKMT mod showcase reignited my love for Halo again 8 |

Pinnacle: Doom Combat Evolved, Left: Silent Cartographer Evolved, Right: CE (links below)

343 Industries is deeply involved in the modding scene and has actually teamed upwards with modders to create Digsite, an initiative that unearths old Halo file data and introduces cut content back into the game. At the end of the showcase we run into a agglomeration of cut vehicles, grapheme models, and weapons that were originally cut from Halo Combat Evolved, including the flyable hornet, a new kind of tank, a minigun, and more.

Bank check below for a list of the mods showcased in the VKMT Showcase 2022 video, complete with download links where bachelor and direct links to creator social media and YouTube channels.

  • The Silent Cartographer Evolved
    (2d link)

  • Battlefront II 2005 Geonosis in Halo 3

  • Halo New Covenant

  • CE+
    (2nd link)

  • Closure/CE+ Closure

  • Bigass V3

  • Combat Revolved

  • Combat Revolved 2

  • Halo Doom Evolved

  • ODST: Inferno

  • YAH3R

  • Halo three Combat Evolved
    (Discord link)
  • Halo CE Reforged (no link)
  • R3ACH (in evolution)

  • Lord Hood Boy’s Goldmine Entrada

  • Odyssey Intermission

  • Wolves
    (2d link)

  • Halo Reborn
  • Aerial (no link)

  • Halo Clout

  • Heretic Hunt
  • Containment (no link)

  • Halo iii Mythic Overhaul

  • Halo 3 Lego Harry Potter

  • Halo ii HUD For Halo 3

  • Delta Halo Materials Pack
    (second link)
  • Halo 2 CAS Attack Carrier (no link)

  • Pepper’s Phant-astic Pelican And Phantom Pack

  • Contingency

  • Glassed
    (2nd link)

  • Halo 2 Uncut

  • Digsite Halo CE

  • Digsite Halo 2 (E3 Demo Restoration)

  • Halo Accomplish Mod Tools Trailer