How To Do Split Screen On Iphone

By | 06/10/2022

iphone 13 split screen

Here’s how you can split-screen on iPhone thirteen/ iPhone 13 pro

With the new IOS that has been launched, it is now possible to split screen on iPhone 13/ iPhone 13 pro and to multitask on your iPhone in a limited way. This functionality brings information technology much closer to an iPad-like experience.

Multitasking or carve up-screen on your iPhone 13/ iPhone xiii pro allows you to open up ii apps simultaneously and work on them. You can utilise 2 apps like WhatsApp in the tiptop window and Chrome or Safari in the bottom window.

However, Apple does not allow you carve up screen natively so we volition have to do some workarounds for that.

How to Split up Screen In iPhone thirteen/ iPhone thirteen Pro Using a Third Party App.

Let’s learn how to enable Split Screen multi-tasking onApple iPhone xiii Pro Max in this tutorial.

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Though IOS itself does not back up split-screen multitasking on any of its iPhone models, dissimilar Android, in that location are some workarounds past installing some tertiary-party apps from the App Store which volition enable you to split-screen multitasking on iPhone thirteen. Nevertheless, you exercise demand to incorporate on some of the features.

  1. Open the Apple App Store on your Apple tree iPhone 13/ iPhone thirteen Pro.
  2. Search for “Split Screen Multitasking” on the App Store. You can install this app also
  3. Open up the App and click on the Divide Screen button to start the multi-window experience.
  4. At present yous can open up 2 windows at the aforementioned time. Do note that currently, these let only web-based multitasking and non apps. And so you lot tin open two websites but not ii apps.
  5. You can resize the screens past dragging the centre line up or downward.
  6. Yous can also enable dark mode.

Different types of Split Screen Multitasking in Iphone

Split View

Split view is when ii apps appear side-by-side. Any one of the apps can be resized by dragging the centre line upwards or downward.

Currently, even with the use of third party apps, yous can only carve up view ii websites and not apps in your Iphone.

Some of the apps supporting Split up View are the settings page, Mail, Notes. Yet, these will merely display Split View in Landscape fashion.

Slide Over/ Motion picture in Picture

Also known as Picture in Film mode, one app volition appear as a smaller floating window that y’all can elevate to whatever part of the screen.

This is currently offered natively by Apple tree in IOS.
For eg, Youtube Videos, Netflix, Prime Videos can all be played over the home screen.

  1. You need to open the video playing app first.
  2. Launch the video that you want to play.
  3. Let the video play and and so shut the app. The Video volition keep playing in Film in Picture mode on the home screen. You can adjust the video size and even it’due south position by dragging it to where ever yous want on the home screen.
  4. You can at present launch a dissimilar app and the video volition keep playing over it.

Center Window

Here in some apps, you can open up a heart window that will make you lot focus on that particular app and at the same fourth dimension access other items like an email or a note.

This feature is non offered past Apple nor can yous access it by using a Third Party App.

This characteristic is though bachelor in Android phones.

Check out a detailed step by footstep video guide here: