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By | 02/10/2022

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Do you need to reach someone by dialing an extension? Extensions permit companies to road callers to diverse departments through a single phone number. Dialing an extension is elementary—just call the phone number, and enter the extension when prompted. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or not sure when to enter the extension, we’re here to assist! This tutorial volition testify you how to dial someone’southward direct extension from your landline or prison cell telephone.

  1. 1

    Punch the number that you want to

    Open up the dialer app and enter the number that you want to call.

  2. 2

    Add a “pause” if you’ll be entering the extension every bit soon as the line picks up.
    If the number yous are calling allows you to enter the extension immediately after picking up, the “break” function will automatically enter the extension after waiting a moment:[one]

    • Press and hold the * button to add a comma (,) to the stop of the number. This symbol indicates a two-2d pause before the extension will exist dialed. If pressing and holding the * button does non work, tap the (⋮) push next to the number and select “Add pause.” If that doesn’t work either, tap the number field to open your on-screen keyboard, then type a comma.
    • Yous tin add multiple commas to wait longer. This may be useful for telephone systems that have a delay before you tin enter the extension.
    • On Windows phones, you’ll demand to type the comma in another app, copy it, then paste it to the end of the number.


  3. three

    Add a “wait” if the extension can just be dialed after the whole menu plays.
    Some extensions cannot be entered until the entire automated menu service plays, or until a certain option is selected. The “await” function will display the extension on your screen and you lot’ll indicate when it should be entered.

    • Printing and concord the # button to add a semicolon (;) to the end of the number. This symbol indicates a “wait,” and the subsequent extension will non be dialed until you say so.
    • If yous’re using a Windows phone, you lot’ll need to add a “due west” instead of a “;”. This will need to be copied and pasted from some other app that allows you to type.
  4. 4

    Blazon the extension number after your symbol.
    After adding the await or pause symbol, type the extension that you want your phone to automatically punch.

  5. five

    Call the number
    Your phone will dial the number. Afterward dialing the number, depending on the symbol yous used, information technology volition then either dial the extension y’all entered (,) or you’ll be prompted to betoken when the extension should be dialed (;).

    • If you chose the wait (;) option, you’ll exist able to navigate to the portion of the bill of fare that allows you to enter the extension kickoff. Once you’re in the right function of the menu, tap “Send” in the window to dial the extension.
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    Add together numbers with extensions to your contacts.
    If you dial this extension a lot, you can add together the number to your phone’s contacts. All of the extension symbols and numbers will be saved along with it.

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    Dial the number as you lot normally would.
    Yous don’t accept any punch pausing options with a landline, and so yous’ll just have to dial the number as yous ordinarily would.

  2. 2

    Try entering the extension as soon as the line picks upward.
    For many menu systems, you can start entering the extension as soon every bit the phone call is picked up. Endeavor entering your extension now to meet if information technology dials.

  3. 3

    Mind to the menu options if your extension doesn’t piece of work.
    If you can’t immediately punch the extension, listen to the menu options. You may have to selection an option to be allowed to enter an extension.

  4. iv

    Add a pause and the extension to your
    speed dial
    (if possible).

    Some phones that accept a speed dial function will also take a Pause key that yous tin can use when programming a speed punch number. The being and location of this button varies from model to model. If you can add together pauses, enter the base number, two pauses, and and then the extension number. Save the entire matter to your speed dial entry. If the number yous are calling supports entering the extension immediately, you’ll be able to utilise this speed dial entry to call the extension directly.

  5. five

    Endeavor replacing the last digits of the base number with the extension.
    If the extension is a 4-digit number, y’all may exist able to dial information technology directly by replacing the last four digits of the base number with it. For example, if the company number is 1-800-555-2222, and the extension is 1234, try dialing 1-800-555-1234.

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    How can I dial a number with an extension from an Android phone?

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    You’d do this in the same way as you would do with an iPhone — just instead of adding a (,) it will add together a (p), indicating a intermission and for the Wait (;), it volition add a (w).

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  • You tin also dial extensions when using online call providers, similar Skype. Call the company number. Click the dial pad icon, which is a square full of dots. Enter your extension number on the dial pad when prompted.

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For tips on how to call an extension using a landline, read on!

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