How To Delete A Hidden App On Iphone

By | 05/10/2022

Often we terminate up installing apps on iPhone that we rarely use later or don’t open up at all. These apps unnecessary occupy pregnant storage on your iOS device. Hence, during the cleaning spree of the iOS  device you may want to delete unused apps on iPhone permanently. This will not only free storage space but also boost the iPhone operations. You also get to store more of important photos, videos, and other data on iPhone.

Methods to delete apps on iPhone permanently

Its easy to remove app from Home Screen or uninstall it from iPhone. However, you are not yet washed, if want to delete apps permanently from iPhone. The app may still be present in Apps Library, in the App Store purchased list, iTunes, or its purchase history etc.

So here, we will guide you to the diverse methods to delete apps on iPhone permanently from all locations. These methods can work on iOS 15, iOS 14, and beneath versions. You can utilise them on any iPhone model including on iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone xi, iPhone X and others.

Method 1: Remove app from Home Screen on iPhone

In iOS 14 and iOS 15 onwards Apple provides ‘Remove App’ selection to uninstall the app from Home Screen. In this method, by removing the apps from Home Screen, y’all are actually uninstalling the app from your device. Nevertheless, the apps will go along to appear in the App Library.

In Steps: How to delete apps in iOS 14 and above on iPhone Dwelling Screen:

  • On the iPhone Home Screen, impact and concur the app till it jiggles.
remove app on iphone
  • From the options, click on Remove App.
remove app from home screen on iphone
  • Y’all can choose to click on Remove from Dwelling house Screen (this keeps the app in App Library) or Delete App option (this completely remove app from iPhone.)

Follow the below the steps to remove iPhone apps on iOS 13 and beneath:

  • Touch and hold the app on iPhone lightly until the icon jiggles.
  • Click on the Close button followed by Delete.
  • Select Done in iPhone Ten and above models. If yous are using the below model, press the Dwelling push button.

Method two: Delete app from App Library on iPhone

Deleting the iPhone app from App Library, volition too remove it from Home Screen on iPhone.

  • Swipe left your Home Screen pages to reach App Library on iPhone.
App library n iphone
  • In the search box type the app’s proper name that you desire to delete or gyre to notice the app from the list.
  • Touch and hold the app that you lot want to delete.
  • Click Delete App followed by Delete to confirm.

Method 3: Delete app on iPhone from your App Shop account

For permanently deleting an app on iPhone, remove it from your Apple tree account in App Shop also. For this, first uninstall the unwanted app on iPhone and then follow the beneath steps:

  • Open up the App Store and click on your profile photo.
  • Tap on Purchased to come across the list of installed apps.
hide purchased app on iphone
  • Roll to the app that you wish to remove.
  • Swipe left and click on Hibernate option. This volition hibernate the tape of the installed app, likewise removing it from your Apple tree account.

Hidden apps on iPhone won’t announced in the purchased list in App Store. If you employ ‘Family unit Sharing’ feature, the hidden app is removed from the family members purchase list. However, the deleted app will exist notwithstanding visible in your buy history on iPhone. If you don’t want the app to appear in the purchase history also, then inquire Apple tree Back up to remove it.

Method four: Delete iPhone apps from Settings

You can delete iPhone app be it by Apple or from third-party from the settings of your iPhone. This methods can delete apps on iPhone 12, iPhone 11 and others using iOS 15, iOS 14 and below.

  • On iPhone navigate to Settings > General.
  • Click on iPhone Storage. A list of installed apps appears.
delete app from iphone storage
  • Click on the app that you lot don’t crave. Select Delete App over again followed by Delete App option to confirm the action.

Method 5: Delete app on iPhone from iTunes

In case yous don’t have your iOS device with you just demand to remove unwanted app, do information technology by using iTunes on figurer. Withal, information technology is a long-winded method to delete iPhone app.

  • On PC or Mac, open iTunes.
  • Get to Library > Apps.
delete app in itunes
  • Correct-click on the unwanted app. In the message box, select Delete and confirm to Motion to Trash.
  • Side by side open Trash and empty it.
  • Now connect the iPhone to iTunes to sync. The app and its data will deleted permanently from iPhone.

Method half dozen: Delete iPhone apps from iCloud

Anything on your iPhone is on iCloud including the apps and its information. Although the downloaded app from App Store don’t become stored in iCloud but its traces similar documents, data, and backup may exist nowadays.

And so to remove apps completely, delete its traces from iCloud as well.

  • Become to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage.
delete app from icloud on iphone
  • Click on iCloud Backup.
  • Click on your iOS device name. A listing of apps appear. Select Evidence All Apps.
turn off and delete app on iphone
  • To delete the app, swipe-left the button and select Turn Off & Delete in the dialog box.

This will delete apps on iPhone permanently.

Method 7: Remove iPhone apps permanently by using iOS data erasure software

In case you want to erase all apps data and documents earlier selling or altruistic your quondam iPhone, employ a professional iPhone eraser software – Stellar Toolkit for iPhone. It removes all your personal data including that of apps and their login ID and passwords from the device.

Read how to permanently erase iPhone apps with Stellar iPhone eraser tool.

Wrapping & FAQ

There are various ways to remove apps from iPhone, be it preinstalled apps or downloaded ones. You lot have the pick to remove the app simply from Abode Screen and continue to keep it in App Library.

Further, for completely removing app and its information from iPhone to avoid anyone else to view it, delete the app from the App Store ‘purchased’ section. Removing iPhone apps from iTunes or iCloud fill-in further deletes them from the backup files too.


1. Tin can you delete preinstalled apps on an iPhone?

You can remove but some of the preinstalled apps on iPhone. To bank check which ones can be removed, printing and hold on the preinstalled app icon. If a cross appears on the tiptop left, you tin delete it. If not, the app cannot exist deleted from iPhone.

2. What to exercise if I cannot delete apps on iPhone?

If y’all cannot delete apps on iPhone that are not past Apple, first, disable the parental controls and and then try the higher up methods. To disable parental controls, become to iPhone Settings > General > Restrictions. Enter the restriction passcode and follow the prompts. Click on Disable Restrictions to plow off parental controls on the iOS device.

iii. Does deleting an app, cancels app subscription from Apple tree?

No, deleting an app from iPhone doesn’t cancel the app subscription. You will have to cancel it from the Settings of your iPhone under the Subscriptions selection.

4. Does manufacturing plant reset deletes app from iPhone?

Factory reset by using ‘Erase All Content and Settings’ will not remove preinstalled apps on iPhone. All the same, it will merely delete the apps installed by you from the App Store on the device. Farther, all the app data will still exist present in iTunes and iCloud backup of your iPhone afterward manufactory reset.