How To Connect Jbl Speaker To Iphone

By | 09/10/2022

Nosotros all honey to listen to music on our iPhones. Information technology’due south the perfect manner to kill time when we’re waiting for a meeting, stuck in traffic, or just desire to savor some quality fourth dimension with our favorite tunes. But as great as iPhones are at making music sound incredible, they don’t take any speakers. you may accept thought most how to connect JBL speakers to iPhone?

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem. Yous tin connect your iPhone to your JBL Speakers and listen to astonishing sounds. This style, you lot tin bask your favorite songs and podcasts without having to conduct around a beefy speaker arrangement. JBL speaker is a perfect selection for your iPhone in this information we provide a step-by-pace guide on how to connect JBL speakers to iPhone. Keep Reading More!

What Are JBL Speakers?

How to Connect JBL Speakers to iPhone?

JBL Speakers have been i of the peak-selling portable speaker systems for years. Today, you can connect your iPhone to i of these and listen to music, podcasts, and even games. With the help of these JBL Speakers, you tin can enjoy listening to your favorite music and podcast on your iPhone without having to bring your ain speaker with yous.

JBL Speakers are small speakers that have two 3.75-inch high-definition woofers and ane-inch tweeters. It has a born rechargeable bombardment that allows you lot to mind to your favorite music or sound for up to 10 hours without needing to charge.

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What Do Yous Know About How to Connect a Pair of Jbl Speakers to Your iPhone?

You might be surprised to detect out that it’s actually like shooting fish in a barrel. The best affair is that this setup is uniform with all devices that are running iOS 5.0 or afterward.

When you connect your iPhone to a pair of JBL Speakers, the sound will go through the speakers. Then, the sound from your iPhone volition be transmitted to your home theater system. You can sentinel a movie, listen to music, or play video games, all while connected to your iPhone via the JBL Speakers

What Kind of Speakers Are These?

These JBL speakers come in three different types:

  1. The JBL Pulse Series,
  2. JBL Link Series,
  3. JBL Flip Series

How to Connect JBL Speakers to iPhone

How to Connect JBL Speakers to iPhone?

These are Step-by-Step Instructions on how to connect JBL speakers to iPhone:

Plow on your JBL Speakers

If you’re using JBL Speakers for the starting time time, you will have to plow them on first. To plough on your JBL Speakers, hold down the power button until the blue light begins to wink and your speakers begin to brand racket.

Now that your JBL Speakers are turned on, information technology’s time to connect them to your iPhone. Follow the steps beneath to connect your JBL Speakers to your iPhone.

Connect JBL Speakers to iPhone

How to Connect JBL Speakers to iPhone?

Follow these steps to know how to connect JBL Speakers to iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to General > Bluetooth.
  • Detect your JBL Speakers in the list of devices that are connected to your iPhone.
  • Select your JBL Speakers from the listing of connected devices.
  • Afterward your JBL Speakers are paired with your iPhone, they volition be fix to play music or apply other features.

When you’re done pairing JBL Speakers with your iPhone, open the Settings app again, navigate to Full general > Bluetooth and select Disconnect from your JBL Speakers.


In this determination, nosotros covered everything well-nigh how to pair JBL Speakers with your iPhone. You learned how to fix a Bluetooth connection, how to connect JBL Speakers to your iPhone, and how to disconnect JBL Speakers from your iPhone.

If you have any questions, please feel gratuitous to inquire in the comments below. Thank you For Reading!

JBL Speakers FAQs:

Q. Why do I demand to pair my JBL Speakers with my iPhone?

If your JBL Speakers aren’t paired with your iPhone, you lot can’t use many of the great features that come up with a Bluetooth connexion. For case, if you’re using a JBL Connect app for Android and want to listen to a song while on the go, you won’t be able to heed to your JBL Speakers until they’ve been paired with your iPhone.

Q. Is information technology possible to connect two or more JBL Speakers at the same time?

Yep, y’all can connect multiple JBL Speakers at the aforementioned time if they all vest to the same user account. However, once ane is continued, it will automatically disconnect any other JBL Speakers belonging to that account. Y’all cannot connect ii JBL Speakers belonging to the aforementioned user account to a single device at the aforementioned time.

Q. How tin I control my JBL Speakers from my iPhone?

In order to control your JBL Speakers from your iPhone, yous must first pair your speakers with your iPhone.

Q. How long does it take to pair my JBL Speakers with my iPhone?

The beginning fourth dimension you connect your JBL Speakers to your iPhone, it takes about 30 seconds. Subsequently that, information technology takes less than 15 seconds to connect to your iPhone every time you lot want to use the speakers.

Q. Can I pair my JBL Speakers with other Bluetooth devices?

Aye. You tin pair your JBL Speakers with other Bluetooth-enabled devices such as an iPod touch, Android phone, laptop, or PC. You lot’ll be able to listen to music or use other features of the speakers while the other devices are connected to your JBL Speakers.

Q. How do I put my JBL in pairing mode?

To pair your JBL Speakers with your device, open the JBL Speakers app on your iOS or Android device and select “pairing.” One time paired, y’all can play music from the JBL Speakers to your other Bluetooth-enabled device

Q. How do I reset my JBL speaker?

To reset the JBL speaker, press and hold the power button on the dorsum of the speaker for 5 seconds. This will turn off the speaker. When you lot restart the speaker, you lot will be prompted to enter the PIN code that was created when y’all kickoff paired the speaker

Q. How do I get the all-time audio experience from my JBL Speakers?

To get the best audio quality, identify the JBL Speakers at their optimal listening location. The optimal listening location for a JBL Speaker is virtually two to 3 feet away from you. This distance is ideal because it balances your personal preference for where you prefer to place your speakers and the speakers’ optimum sound functioning.