How To Connect Iphone To Alexa

How to connect your Android phone or an iPhone to an Amazon Repeat smart speaker

In addition to playing music and managing a bunch of smart home devices, your Repeat speaker can human action as an audio output device for your smartphone. That’south correct, you tin can connect your Android phone or an iPhone to your Echo speaker via Bluetooth to use it every bit a speaker. Y’all tin can then utilise the Repeat speaker to play media files that are stored on your telephone or while watching a movie or a TV show. In instance you wondering how to set that up, then here’southward a step-by-step guide explaining how to connect your Android phone or an iPhone to
Amazon Echo:

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How to set up your Amazon Echo speaker

Before you can connect your Repeat speaker to your Android telephone or an iPhone, you’ll kickoff have to make sure the speaker is fix upwardly and gear up to go, pregnant it’s registered to your account and is online. If you are new to the world of Echo speakers, so here’s how you can practise it:

  • Open up the Amazon Alexa app on your phone and log in to your account. You can download the Alexa app for free on both Android and iOS using the links below:

  • After that, plug in your Repeat speaker and open up the app to see a popular-up telling you that your new speaker is ready for setup. Select
    go along
    to proceed with the setup.

  • If you don’t run across the pop-upward, then open the app and select
    from the menu at the lesser.
  • Choose the
    icon on the superlative right corner of the screen.
  • After that, select
    Add Device
    choice and choose
    Amazon Echo
    from the list.
  • Now, just follow the on-screen pedagogy to select the network and cosign information technology to let Alexa to register your device to your network.

How to set up echo speaker

The setup process for your Echo speaker is the aforementioned for both Android phones and iPhones, and so you lot can follow the steps and screenshots shown above regardless of the phone you accept. Once your Echo speaker is ready and fix to get, you can now follow the steps mentioned in the sections below to connect your Android phone or an iPhone to an Echo speaker.

How to connect your Android phone to Amazon Echo

Before you lot can connect your Android telephone to an Amazon Echo speaker, you need to make sure the speaker itself is registered to your network and is ready for a connection. If you navigated direct to this particular step without setting your Echo speaker so follow the steps mentioned in
How to set up your Amazon Repeat speaker
section above, before connecting your Android phone.

  • At present that your new Echo speaker is prepare upwardly and ready to get, you tin can become back to the
    section in the app and select
    Echo & Alexa
    pick on the top.
  • On this folio, select your Echo speaker to open its settings page.
  • Inside, you’ll run into a condition tab that’ll show you the Wi-Fi network and the Bluetooth devices to which the speaker is connected.
  • Tap on the
    Status tab
    and select the
    Bluetooth Devices
    option on the next page.

How to echo speaker to android via bluetooth

  • Select
    Pair a new device
    choice to brand Alexa search for new Bluetooth devices.
  • Equally Alexa is searching for new devices, get to the Bluetooth settings on your telephone and look for new Bluetooth devices.
  • Select your Echo speaker and have the pairing asking to pair your Echo speaker.

Connect Echo speaker to phone via bluetooth

You can at present use your Repeat device as a Bluetooth speaker for your Android phone. Too, the next fourth dimension yous want to connect your phone to the speakers via Bluetooth, you tin can simply ask Alexa to connect to your phone. In this case, we tin can just, “Alexa, connect to Karthik’southward S22 via Bluetooth” to connect instead of going through a manual procedure.

How to connect your iPhone to Amazon Repeat

To connect your iPhone to an Amazon Echo speaker, you outset have to make sure your speaker is fix up and ready to go. If it’due south not, and then follow the steps mentioned in the
How to gear up your Amazon Echo speaker
department above to register your speaker to the network.

In one case the speaker is online, follow these unproblematic steps to connect your iPhone to the Echo speaker via Bluetooth:

  • Select your Echo speaker from the
    section and choose the
    connect a device
    pick to get-go pairing with your iPhone.
  • Now, select the
    Pair a new device
    option to make Alexa search for devices.

How to connect iphone to echo speaker via bluetooth

  • While the banana is searching for new Bluetooth devices, go to the Bluetooth settings in your iPhone and select your Echo speaker to connect.
  • Once connected, yous’ll run across your iPhone in the list of paired devices in the Alexa app.

How to connect your iphone to echo speaker via bluetooth

And that’s it, you’ve now successfully connected your iPhone to your Echo speaker, meaning it’due south now fix to output audio from your iPhone.

We used an
Echo Dot fourth gen speaker
in this tutorial, only the process is essentially the aforementioned for all the Repeat speakers. Alternatively, you can also connect your Android phone or iPhone to your Echo speaker using a 3.5mm cable. A lot of the new Android and iOS devices, yet, don’t have a headphone jack, so you may not exist able to utilize this method without a dongle.


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