How To Connect Apple Watch To Android Without Iphone

By | 04/10/2022

We love Android, but if we’re being honest with ourselves, Apple really has them beat at the smartwatch game. Though early Apple Watches had mixed reviews, the newest generation of Apple’s technological accessories has really come into its own.

How To Pair an Apple Watch with an Android Phone

Whereas Wear OS and the Milky way Watch accept some cracking features—and some watches we really beloved— Apple’s watches mostly have better battery life and more advanced features than what we’ve seen on Google’s side of things.

Despite not existence advertised, youcan
pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone, merely equally you might expect, there are many limitations. Apple tree states on its website that you can simply sync with an Apple Watch with the iPhone, and that’due south generally true since the pairing app only exists on iOS.

Here’s the thing, though: if yous have an LTE Apple Watch, there are a couple of corners you can cut on your telephone and your watch to make information technology work with Android. This isn’t something you lot should go out and buy an Apple tree Sentinel for, but if yous’ve made the move to Android and you’re still looking to get your Apple Watch to work, you might desire to give this a shot. Permit’s dive in.

Pairing an Apple Spotter with an Android Device

Essentially what we are doing in this scenario is pair the Apple Scout with your iPhone and prepare everything upwards and then that it’s working, then put the iPhone in airplane fashion and swap the SIM card into an Android telephone. While information technology’s certainly non guaranteed to work, we got ours to work in the function.

Y’all demand to have 2 unlocked phones, i Android and one iPhone, because you lot’re swapping SIM cards around. Unless you have two SIM cards for the aforementioned carrier, this volition merely work on unlocked phones.

  1. Fix your Apple Watch up with the
  2. Make a exam call or two to ensure everything is working.
  3. Put the iPhone into
    aeroplane manner
    so it cannot reach out.
  4. Turn off
    the Apple tree Spotter.
  5. Swap the SIM from the

    to your
    Android phone
    and boot information technology up.
  6. Turn on
    the Apple Watch.
  7. Wait for the
    notification to disappear from the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch-Android Experience

I tried this in the office with a new Apple Watch, an iPhone, and my Samsung Milky way S7. The Apple Watch initially took quite a while to connect, and the signal was a piffling fuzzy. However, a quick walk outside to a stronger signal had the watch connecting faster and had a much better telephone call quality.

I could ask Siri to phone call contacts on my phone as long every bit I used the proper name saved on the SIM, not on the phone. The telephone call quality was adept, with a strong signal; although, I couldn’t go Siri to practice much else bated from sending a bulletin and checking the weather.

Limitations and Setbacks

Once connected, you should exist able to make and receive calls and use Siri to perform some basic functions. The ii devices are not straight communicating, as far as I can tell. They are instead using the network to communicate, which is why only the very basic functions are possible with this method.

You volition not be able to use any of the more advanced functions of the Apple tree Watch. You lot will obviously have no access to the SmartWatch app on your Android telephone and will only really be able to make and receive calls and ask Siri some basic questions.

Voice commands can be used to make calls equally long as you use the proper noun the contacts are saved as on your SIM and not your Android phone. The other limitation will be battery life. The Apple Picket doesn’t have an amazing battery to begin with, just by using LTE constantly, that battery isn’t going to final very long at all.

I am guessing that bated from trying it because y’all tin can, the but time you lot would always want to use this hack is if something happened to your iPhone and you actually wanted to go along using your Apple Picket. Otherwise, it is largely pointless. You cannot use nearly of the smart functions on the watch, and Android has a lot of smartwatches that piece of work within its own ecosystem. Many offer more than features than this hack would permit.

Still, nosotros have proved that you tin can pair an Apple tree Watch with an Android phone and get information technology working later some serious infiltration of the devices. Exercise you lot see any utilise for this? Want to try it? Were you able to get information technology working? Tell us almost your experiences below!