How To Connect Apple Pencil To Iphone

By | 02/10/2022

If you’re the owner of an iPad and an Apple Pencil, you lot may withal be wondering how the pencil can exist charged.

In some cases, y’all may not want to plug information technology directly into your iPad. For example, maybe you’re trying to conserve as much of the iPad’south bombardment as possible, and you lot don’t want to drain it any farther.

Therefore, you may be wondering – can you plug it into your iPhone instead? Can you accuse an Apple Pencil with an iPhone, and is there whatever risk in doing so?

In this article, nosotros’ll cover everything that you need to know.

Tin An iPhone Exist Used To Accuse An Apple Pencil?

Yes. You lot can charge an Apple Pencil using an iPhone, but similar you would with an iPad. However, simply showtime-generation Apple Pencils are able to exist charged this way.

Charging your Apple Pencil using your iPhone does come with a few downsides.

For one, you can’t tell how much the pencil has charged like you would be able to on an iPad.

Secondly, the iPhone has a smaller battery than the iPad, significant that charging the Apple tree Pencil is going to drain a higher percentage of the battery.

For example, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro has a 9720 mAh battery, while the iPhone thirteen Pro only has a 3095 mAh battery. As you can see, this is a pregnant difference!

Therefore, while charging your Apple tree Pencil with your iPhone can work in a pinch (and can be convenient if you’re doing other things on your iPad), information technology is a less than ideal solution.

What Nigh A Second Generation Apple tree Pencil?

Apple Pencil With iPad And iPhone In Background

Unfortunately, you are unable to charge a second generation Apple tree Pencil using an iPhone.

This is considering it charges much differently than the 1st generation Apple Pencil.

The 1st gen pencil charges by plugging directly into the lighting port of your iPad or iPhone.

Withal, the 2nd generation uses wireless charging, magnetically connecting itself to the side of your iPad.

Considering iPhones do non accept this engineering science built-in to them the same style, they unfortunately can’t be used to charge 2nd generation Apple Pencils.

While Apple’s blueprint selection for the new Apple tree Pencil is certainly more than aesthetically pleasing, this is an unfortunate downside.

How Practice I Know When My Apple tree Pencil Is Charged On My iPhone?

Unfortunately, there is no way for the iPhone to brandish the bombardment percentage of your Apple Pencil. This is because the Apple tree Pencil was designed specifically to be used with iPads.

Therefore, the best fashion to know how much of a charge it has is to unplug it from your iPhone, and plug it into your iPad. This will only take a moment, and then yous tin safely remove it from your iPad and go on charging it with your phone.

Continue in listen that the iPhone seems to charge the Apple Pencil at shut to the same speed that the iPad does – and it’southward already known for charging relatively quick.

A gen 1 Apple tree Pencil can fully charge in merely 15 to 30 minutes. Even leaving information technology plugged in simply a few minutes tin requite you hours of utilise.

Therefore, you don’t accept to worry besides much well-nigh the Apple tree Pencil dying on y’all!

Can You lot Apply An Apple Pencil With An iPhone?

Hither’s a fun one to think most. Since you can charge the 1st gen pencil with your phone, yous may be wondering – tin can you actually apply it to describe on your iPhone?

Unfortunately, the Apple Pencil isn’t compatible with iPhones, and was designed specifically to be used on Apple iPads.

To be off-white, the small screen size of iPhones exercise not really lend themselves well to drawing anyway. Although it would be easier with the Apple tree Pencil, the screen is still also small to really have a pleasant drawing feel.

However, some people believe that Apple should begin supporting the Apple tree Pencil with their line of iPhones anyway.

I mean if y’all already ain i, why not, right?

What Other Devices Can Charge An Apple Pencil?

Any device that has a lightning charger port tin be used to charge your 1st generation Apple Pencil – hence why the iPhone also works!

Nevertheless, the iPhone isn’t the just solution.

Using a lightning adapter, you tin can accuse the Apple Pencil using your computer or even a wall outlet.

Nevertheless, using the iPad provides the easiest feel. Afterward all, this is how the Apple Pencil was designed, and how we recommend charging it besides.


You are able to charge your Apple Pencil using your iPhone, provided that your Apple Pencil is 1st generation.

Unfortunately, the 2nd generation Apple Pencils cannot be charged this way.

However, Apple Pencils are known for charging extremely chop-chop. Therefore, regardless of what method you lot utilize to charge it, you tin can be sure that hours of use look you lot.

I hope that yous’ve found this article helpful. If you have whatsoever other questions about the Apple tree Pencil, feel gratuitous to ask them using the annotate grade beneath.

Thank you for reading,

– James McAllister