How To Compress Photos On Iphone

How to Compress Photos on iPhone with High Quality

Sometimes you may find your iPhone is running slow. The reason is that the space of your iPhone is non enough. The large size photos on your iPhone can have lots of space and you might want to shrink them. This commodity volition show you lot how to shrink photos on your iPhone without losing quality.

Part one. How to Compress Photos and Redundancy on Computer

To compress large-size photos and consign them equally fill-in on your figurer, yous should use professional iPhone cleaning tools.
iPhone Cleaner
is one of the best choices. Information technology tin can not just articulate unnecessary information on your iPhone simply also manage and erase apps and files selectively. Compressing and
bankroll upwards photos
are ane of its features.

iPhone Cleaner


Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner

  • Information technology can salve well-nigh 75% space on your iPhone with lossless quality technology later on compressing photos.
  • Finishing back up and compress photos only in ane click.
  • Choose specific photos you desire to compress.
  • Export and clean photos to relieve more space.

Step i.

Download, install and launch iPhone Cleaner. Connect your iPhone with your calculator. In the interface of the iPhone Cleaner, click the
Clean up Photos
button. Yous can see ii buttons in it – the
Backup & Shrink
and the
Export & Delete.

Connect iPhone

Step two.

Click the
Backup & Compress
button. You can see all the photos on your iPhone. Also, the number of photos and the space they take is showed up on this interface. Select photos y’all want to compress by click the foursquare on each of them. You lot can select all of your photos at one time.

Manage Photo

Pace iii.

After selecting all the photos you want to shrink, you lot can choose to back up original photos or non at the bottom of the interface. You lot can see how much space will be freed upward afterwards the compressing too. Click the
button to start the compression.

Compress Photo

Part 2. How to Compress Photo with iPhone

At that place are several ways y’all can larn to compress your photos without any desktop tools. You can stop the compressing straight with your iPhone.

Method 1. Compress Photos on iPhone through Mail service

You can compress photos through Mail on your iPhone. When y’all try to send a photo through Postal service, you tin can cull the size of the photograph. There are 4 kinds of the size yous can cull—modest, medium, large and actual size.

Step ane.

Click the Photos app on your iPhone and choose the photos you want to shrink. Yous can select one photograph or multiple photos as much every bit you lot similar.

Step two.

Click the
icon and choose the
Postal service.

Step 3.

Enter the email address. You can cull your accost to receive the compressed photos. Then you can cull the size of the photos. Y’all tin can see the infinite they take in each of iv sizes.

Step 4.

Click the Transport button. You tin can receive and download the compressed photos from the email address.

Compress Photo from iPhone

Method ii. Retake and Compress Photos by Screenshots on iPhone

If the number of photos you want to shrink is non large, you lot may apply the screenshots function on your iPhone to shrink the photos. Information technology’s an easy and verified method to realize your demand. It won’t lose too much quality of the photos only it can salvage some storage space of your iPhone.

Footstep 1.

Open the Photos app and select Photos you want to shrink.

Step two.

If your iPhone is iPhone 6s and earlier type, to take a screenshot you lot should press the
push button and the
button at the same time. If your iPhone generation is iPhone7 and later, you lot can have a screenshot by pressing the
push button and
Volume Up
button simultaneously.

Step three.

The screenshot will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can find information technology in the Photos app. You lot can delete the original photos to salve the space of your iPhone.

Method 3. Shrink Photos on iPhone with Adjusting Quality of Photos

To compress photos and adapt them on your iPhone, you demand to download a tertiary-party compress app from the App Store. Compress Photos & Pictures is a free and well-designed tool that meets your demand.

Step one.

Download and launch the app. Permit the app to access your photo. So select the photos you want to compress.

Stride 2.

You tin adjust the settings of pinch similar photograph quality and dimension. Click the
to encounter if you are satisfied with the image.

Stride iii.

Click the
button to start the process. After that, y’all tin choose to salve the compressed photo in the photo library.

Part iii. FAQs nigh Shrink Photos on iPhone

How to resize and crop my photos on my iPhone?

You can adjust the settings of your photo in the Photos app with its default features. Select a photograph and click the
button on the meridian of the screen. There are several functions including resize, crop, rotate and add together filters and texts on your photos.

What is the format of photos on my iPhone?

There are two kinds of formats using on the iPhone – HEIF and JPG. If you have iPhone 7 or later generation with iOS eleven or later version, you can accept photos on iPhone with HEIF format. It offers you better pinch than a JPG file so you can salve space for your iPhone. Yous tin
shrink JPEG

What are the best photo compress tool?

There are a lot of photo compression tools on desktop and mobile devices. They accept different features to meet different demands. iPhone Cleaner mentioned in a higher place is a versatile tool and you can try it to see if it is helpful.


If you lot want to know how to shrink photos on your iPhone, you can learn how to shrink them without losing quality with desktop and mobile devices. Yous tin besides employ the default functions of the iPhone to realize the compressing. If you want to know anything near compressed photos on iPhone, delight leave your comment here.

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