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If you’ve e’er wondered where you were last week, you can use your iPhone or iPad to view your location history. And if you use Google Maps, you tin discover very detailed data almost your whereabouts.

Location History and Privacy

All major tech companies and apps have some course of location tracking characteristic. Anybody from Apple, Google, Facebook, to Twitter does information technology. Each company uses the data in dissimilar ways.

Apple, for example, merely collects a puddle of significant locations that you have visited in the past and claims it doesn’t share this information with anyone. Google, on the other hand, keeps a detailed track of all your action, particularly if you utilise Google Maps.

If you open Google Maps’ Timeline view, you’ll be able to come across exactly where yous traveled on a given day—even if you didn’t utilize Google Maps for navigation—thanks to background location tracking.

Both these services opt yous in by default, merely you tin disable location tracking if needed.

Find Your Location History of Your iPhone or iPad

First, let’southward talk about finding the location history on your iPhone or iPad. Open the Settings app and tap on “Privacy.”

Tap on Privacy from Settings app

From here, select “Location Services.”

Tap on Location Services from Privacy app

Ringlet downward on this screen and tap on “Arrangement Services.”

Tap on System Services from Privacy section

From the next screen, select “Pregnant Locations.”

Tap on Significant Location to see location tracking details

Hither, locate the “History” section, which collects and groups places based on how often you’ve visited them.

If you lot wish to clear the history, you can scroll down and tap on “Clear History.” If you lot want to terminate location tracking on your iPhone or iPad, get to the top of the screen and tap on the toggle next to “Meaning Locations.”

When you tap on a location drove from the “History” department, information technology will show you a visual breakdown on the side by side screen. You’ll see the map of all locations at the top of the display.

Tap on a location collection to view details

Select one of the visits to see a detailed view of the area yous visited. The detailed view will also show the time of your visit and the mode of transport along with the date.

Find Your Location History in Google Maps

Apple stores a limited amount of location history information and doesn’t let you scan through the data in a timeline view. Google, on the other manus, has a detailed Timeline view that lets you browse through the roads y’all traveled through and the places you lot visited on a given mean solar day.

If you apply the Google Maps app on your iPhone or iPad for navigation, y’all can employ Google Maps’ Timeline feature to admission your location history.

Google Maps’ ability to track your location depends on your privacy settings. You can choose to permit Google to rail your location simply when you’re using the app or to always rail your location in the background. You tin can change this setting on your iPhone or iPad by going to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Google Maps.

If you desire, y’all tin also disable the Location History feature from your Google account settings (we’ve outlined the steps below).

The Google Maps Timeline folio can exist accessed on the spider web on your iPhone, iPad, or computer. For the all-time viewing experience, effort to use a laptop or a desktop estimator. You lot’ll see the map of the world with some places highlighted. Here, you lot can pan around and click on a location to come across the available information points.

Google Maps Timeline view for your account showing the map of your country

In the height-left corner, yous’ll see the timeline interface. From here, you can pick any date to see the detailed breakup of your travel data. On the right, you’ll run into the route you took in the map view.

On the left, yous’ll see the timeline view with details of the places y’all visited, the time of the visit, and how long y’all stayed at a location. If you apply Google Photos, you’ll too see all your images from your trip hither.

Take a look at your location history data from a given day in Google Maps Timeline view

If you don’t want Google to collect and shop this data (it helps to improve Google’s suggestions and search results in Maps), you lot tin can disable the Location History feature birthday.

On the Google Maps Timeline page, you’ll come across a location history section in the bottom row. It will say “Location History Is On.” From this section, click on the “Manage Location History” button.

From the next screen, click the toggle side by side to “Location History” to turn off location tracking.

Turn off Location History for Google Maps

While this stops the Google Maps app on your devices from tracking your location, some Google apps volition all the same store fourth dimension-stamped location data. Y’all can disable this activity by turning off Spider web & App Activity in settings.

Now that yous know how to look up location history on your iPhone and iPad, remember to bring it upwards next fourth dimension you’re wondering where you went and what y’all did on your terminal vacation. While Apple might not accept precise data, residuum assured, Google Maps will.


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