How To Change Video Playback Settings On Iphone

By | 12/10/2022

iPhone users tin can conform their video playback settings pretty hands for each app they use, or for the native Videos app if they use it. Adjusting your video settings for watching videos on your iPhone can help brand the quality meliorate, and the video to run smoother depending on the service you have.

In this quick guide we want to bear witness you how to adjust the video playback settings on the Videos app and on several other pop apps similar YouTube and more.

How to change video playback settings on iPhone

To alter the video settings on your iPhone practice this:

  • Open the
  • Curlicue down and find the
    option and tap it
  • Cull the
    video playback settings
    that fits your connectedness.
How to Change Video Playback Settings on iPhone


Gear up your playback quality to ” Good ” when
using mobile information, this will salve you information on your mobile plan, and also load videos faster because of the ” less then perfect quality “

When watching videos on a
WiFi connection, apparently gear up the quality to ” Best Available ” to enjoy the highest quality

*This pro tip and quick guide relates to the native Videos app your iPhone comes with.

What are the video playback settings

The video playback settings on your iPhone are a way for yous to adjust the quality of the videos y’all sentinel on certain apps like YouTube, the Photos apps or the native Videos app from apple.

By adjusting the settings, yous tin can device when to employ more than of your data based on your connexion and when to salve.

Basically, if you know you have a skillful solid WiFi connection, you would desire to sentry your videos in the best possible quality right? Even so, if you lot are outside and using your data programme, perchance the highest quality is non needed.

If you lot simply needed to know how to suit the video playback settings on your native Video app, you tin can stop here. But if you want to learn how to modify the playback settings for video viewing on other apps, read beneath.

How to change video playback settings on YouTube

If you’re watching a video on YouTube and want to change the video playback settings, y’all can practise this very easily from the app itself. Hither’s how to adjust the video playback settings on iPhone from the YouTube app.

Control the YouTube video player settings from the app

  • While a video is playing on YouTube, tap the
    and tap the
    more options
    located at the top correct corner ( the three dots )
  • Tap the
    Playback Speed
  • Cull the video playback speed or simply cancel if you change your mind.
How to Change Video Playback Settings on iPhone

Hither’s how to modify the video quality on YouTube on iPhone

  • Tap the
    while a video is playing
  • Tap the
    three dots
    ( the more options )
  • Tap the
    Quality option
  • Tap
    to see the video quality options

A few actress video playback tips on YouTube

Here’s how to picket a video in full screen on YouTube:

  • While watching a video on YouTube, locate the
    Full Screen icon
    on the bottom right corner of the screen

If you want to enable the Closed Captions option:

  • Tap the
    icon cc
    on the video playback screen
  • Or, tap the
    More options
    icon and tap
How to Change Video Playback Settings on iPhone

Alter the video playback settings of the Photos app

If you play a video using the Photos app on your iPhone, the playback settings are very express but most people actually lookout using that app because it’s where nigh of our videos are saved at automatically. For the few options they practise accept, here’s how to modify the video setting on Photos app.

Control the Photos app video role player settings

  • Open the
  • Select a video from the
    and click on it to play
  • You have limited options, you can tap on the
    icon to conform volume level
  • Motion the video forward or backwards by
    your finger on the video timeline

Frequently Asked Questions virtually Irresolute Video Playback Settings

Here are some of the most popular questions people asked about adjusting the video settings.

Is changing the video settings from Best to Skillful effect quality?

When you change the video setting in the setting app yous basically lower the quality of the video. When you choose Good in the settings the video quality volition basically be an SD quality. When yous choose all-time available you volition watch HD or more video quality.

If I sentinel a video with lower video settings will information technology save space on my phone storage?

The brusque answer is NO. Because when you lookout a video, information technology is already been saved to your device or most likely you are streaming it on YouTune or other app. It will save space on your data programme though. So if you have a limited mobile information program, changing the video settings will assist you.


Whether you only want to salvage on your data plan, or want to better optimize your video watching experience, you should know how to change the playback video settings in sure apps. Hopefully nosotros helped y’all a little bit and you learned a affair or two.