How To Change Text Bubble Color On Iphone

By | 12/10/2022

Apple tree’s iMessage is the envy of many other mobile device users. This is because it lets you easily add camera photos, Animojis, emojis, voice notes, and more to your messages. What’south more, iMessage offers cross-device support and cloud syncing. Yet, given how much time yous spend inside the app, you may want to customize it, like irresolute the bubble colors.

Here nosotros show you lot how you tin change your iMessage bubble colors in iOS xiv.

Why You’d Want to Alter Your iMessage Bubble Color

The traditional colors on Apple’s iMessages app evidence a greenish bubble for a sent SMS message, and a bluish chimera to show a message relayed over iMessage.

Showing the bubble color in iMessage.

However, you may desire to change the colors for any number of reasons, for example:

  • Accessibility reasons
  • A specific need for a different color
  • A new color scheme fits with your ain personal sense of taste

Regardless of your reason, there is a way to make the change.

How to Alter Your iMessage Bubble Color in iOS 14

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t provided a native way to alter the iMessage bubble colour. However, in that location are workarounds that don’t feel fully integrated but practice give you lot the functionality you need.

1. Cull a Suitable App

To change the colour of the iMessage bubble in iOS 14, you’ll demand to download a third-party app. While there are a few options available, the reviews for most are mixed. Withal, there is i app that has good reviews and is costless to download – FancyBubble.

Bubbles Ios Fancybubble

This lets y’all choose from a number of different bubble styles and besides lets you customize the color and font you utilize. The most straightforward style to download information technology is to open iMessage, and tap the App Shop icon from the keyboard bar.

Bubbles Ios Keyboard Bar

Side by side, search for FancyBubble. When it shows up, you can click the Go push. You may demand to enter your Apple ID and password or verify through FaceID if prompted. From there, the app should download and install on your device.

2. Open the FancyBubble App inside iMessage

Once the app has successfully installed, go back to iMessage and compose a new message. When the fresh draft pops up, ringlet forth the keyboard bar for the FancyBubble icon.

Bubbles Ios Fancybubble Icon

Once yous click through, it volition show you a list of different bubble styles. You’re able to click on any of them, at which point it will open in a larger edit window.

The FancyBubble edit window.

Next, y’all’ll desire to customize the message and send it to its recipient.

3. Type Your Message and Customize Its Color

From the edit screen, you tin modify a number of elements of your new chimera. First, you’ll desire to choose a font for your message.

Choosing a font in FancyBubble.

Next, you lot can opt for a custom font size.

Choosing a font size in FancyBubble.

And finally, you can alter the text color.

Choosing a color in FancyBubble to change iMessage bubble color.

Once you’re gear up, click the blue Send button, and your bubble will brandish as a sticker, ready to send to your recipient.

Sending your message with new iMessage  bubble color.

While it isn’t a native manner to alter the iMessage bubble colour in iOS 14, it could serve y’all well if you wish to add a bit of diverseness to your messages.

In Summary

You lot’d wait Apple to offering a native way to change the iMessage bubble color, although as of iOS fourteen that hasn’t happened. Yet, with an app such as FancyBubble, you’ll still be able to customize your messages to your liking.

If you’re on a customization kick, you lot may likewise want to create custom ringtones for your Apple tree device. Are you going to use different iMessage bubble colors? Let u.s. know in the comments section beneath!

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