How To Change Number Of Rings On Iphone

How do I alter the number of rings on my iPhones before voicemail?

Yes! You can at present change the number of times that your iPhone rings before a telephone call is sent to voicemail. This is a feature that is controlled by your carrier and you can call them and ask them to alter it for you, or yous can change it yourself. The process of changing the number of times that your iPhone rings are quite straightforward, although a bit lengthy. Below is a guide on how to change the duration, without having to call your carrier for assistance. Now let’s learn how to
change number of rings on iPhone.

  • Part i. How to Modify Number of Rings Before Voicemail on iPhone
  • Part 2. Best Tool to Recover Voicemail on iPhone

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Part 1. How to Change Number of Rings Before Voicemail on iPhone

You can always call your carrier and enquire them to set up the duration in which your iPhone volition ring before going to voicemail, or y’all can follow these elementary steps to
change number of rings on iphone
by yourself.

Step one

Go your voicemail number.

Go to the phone app and dial *#61# then that you get your voicemail number. Take a slice of paper and a pen and write it downwards. End the phone call one time y’all have the number written down.

Step 2

Input your voicemail number.

Go back to the phone app, and this fourth dimension type *61*. Exercise Not PRESS CALL. Follow this code with your secret voicemail number. If your number was +123456789, then you lot should now have the following on your telephone app; *61*+123456789. Once again; Exercise Non Press CALL.

Step iii

Input the number of seconds that the iPhone should ring.

Now type *xi* and and then enter the number of seconds that yous want your device to band before the telephone call is sent to voicemail. If you want it to be x seconds, then you should at present have the following on your phone app. *61*+123456789*11*x. Now you tin can place the phone call. If all has gone well, you will get a confirmation of the modify of settings.

You can do this without entering the “+” sign.

For Verizon users:

Verizon carrier users may not find such a carte (the one mentioned above) as Verizon does not offering a button notification card like what T-Mobile and AT&T do. But not to worry y’all can still go your ringer delayed via calling Verizon’south customer service number on your phone, i.e. ‘*611’, and ask the agent to assistance you out on how to change the number of rings on iPhone before it reaches voicemail.

Some other caution for Verizon users is that your tendency to set the number of iPhone rings may vary depending upon your location in the country. At times, you may get your iPhone rings extended equally long as 40 seconds while at other areas you lot may but be able to set the number of iPhone rings to a smaller maximum number, or at some areas, yous may not exist able to extend information technology at all.

You should too remember that your carrier settings may be unlike, so if this does non work for you, y’all will have to call them and ask them for assist. Hope this could assistance you freely fix the number of Rings Earlier the iPhone Goes to Voicemail.

Set the Number of iPhone Rings Before Voicemail

Here nosotros have listed a few tips which you must continue in heed if you’re experiencing some trouble with your voicemail.

  • Your calls may get diverted to a recording that reads ‘this number is not listed’ under two atmospheric condition:
    #1. Your phone is diverting to your voicemail.
    #2. Your voicemail has not been gear up yet or is not active.
    In order to get your voicemail activated, call 1509 from your telephone.
  • If you’re experiencing a situation where the incoming calls are going direct to the voicemail without ringing your phone, yous most probable accept enabled the ‘Unconditional’ diversion service. You must go the unconditional diversion disabled in order to receive incoming calls before they go to your voicemail.
  • Sometimes, y’all may also feel a foreign situation where your calls are non being directed to your voicemail. But instead, yous get to hear a recording that suggests, information technology tin can SMS their contact to you. And then that means, your ‘Missed Calls Service’ is enabled. Make sure to disable it by dialing 159 and post-obit the prompts carefully.

Part 2. Best Tool to Recover Voicemail on iPhone

Busy people, who you are dealing with in your business organization endeavors practice not want to be kept waiting on their phones when you are non available. You need to freely prepare the number of rings before voicemail answers. This way, if your iPhone is unanswered for the stated elapsing, it will become to voicemail. Your concern partners will be grateful for saving their fourth dimension and will exit you a voicemail informing you of why they chosen. Well, mistakenly deleted voicemail from your iPhone (including iPhone X and iPhone 8)? Don’t worry. You can utilize
dr.fone – Data Recovery (iOS)
to recover any lost voicemails at any time.


docfone – Information Recovery (iOS)

Cardinal Features of dr.fone – Data Recovery (iOS)

  • This is i of the reasons why this tool is so versatile; you lot tin can use it on whatever iOS device.
  • Yous tin get your voicemail messages or your iPhone device or from iTunes, iCloud, whenever you need to.
  • The design of the tool allows fifty-fifty the virtually tech-phobic user to navigate through it easily.
  • dr.fone – Data Recovery (iOS) can recover up to 20 different file types from your backup files or iPhone.
  • You can preview your backup files before you sent them dorsum to your device.

people have downloaded information technology

How to Recover Voicemail on iPhone via dr.fone – Data Recovery (iOS)

Pace 1.

Download the Programme

First, please sure you lot have downloaded and installed dr.fone – iOS Toolkit (iOS xiv supported) on your computer. Yous tin can download it from the links below. Then open up it. Connect your iPhone to your figurer. Yous tin can come across the main window like this.

how to set the number of rings on my iphone

Pace 2.

Select and Browse Voicemails

By default, you lot will be led to the “Recover from iOS Device” mode window. Check the Voicemail and other files that you want to recover. And then click on “Start Scan”. Information technology will offset scanning and show you the results later.

how to set the number of rings on my iphone

Step three.

Preview and Consign Voicemails

Once the scan process is over, you lot can bank check the results and view the details by clicking them before you decide to recover the iPhone.

how to set the number of rings before voicemail


In brusk, aimed at teaching you to set the number of rings before voicemail answers with your iPhone, this guide has listed several related steps for you to follow. Adjacent, considering that the possibility of losing unread voicemails past blow, we too recommended a powerful plan
to you. With simple clicks, you lot’ll successfully find them back.


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