How To Change Hotspot Name On Iphone

By | 02/10/2022

If you don’t like the proper name that appears on other devices when you lot activate your mobile hotspot, and then our how to change hotspot proper name iPhone 11 guide tin can bear witness you the setting to change to fix the result.

  • Learning how to change the hotspot name on an iPhone 11 is going to take you to a screen on an iPhone that includes a lot of information that could be useful in the future.
  • We are actually changing the device name by completing these steps. That means that yous will as well exist changing your Bluetooth name and your AirDrop proper name, as well as how your iPhone is recognized on other networks.
  • Using the personal hotspot on your iPhone is going to switch the network connectedness from Wi-Fi to cellular. Any data that your iPhone uses, likewise equally devices fastened to the personal hotspot, will exist data from your cellular plan.

How to Modify iPhone Hotspot Name

  1. Open theSettings app.
  2. Choose theFull general pick.
  3. Select theAbout option.
  4. Affect theName button.
  5. Tap thex to delete the current name, and then enter the new hotspot name.

Our guide continues beneath with additional information on changing the personal hotspot proper noun on an iPhone 11, including pictures of these steps.

Your Apple iPhone includes a feature called the Personal Hotspot that lets yous share your cellular network connection with other devices. When in that location are no wi-fi networks within range, this can let other devices, such equally an iPad or Mac computer, connect to the Internet.

Your iPhone’s personal hotspot will be the aforementioned as the proper noun of your iPhone by default. While this may exist fine for many iPhone users, y’all might prefer to change your personal hotspot proper noun to something different.

Luckily it’due south possible to change your hotspot network name to annihilation that you would like past post-obit the steps in our guide beneath.

How to Change the Personal Hotspot Name on an Apple iPhone xi (Guide with Pictures)

The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone xi in iOS 13.3.1, merely will also work on other iPhone models like the iPhone 11 Pro or the iPhone vi.

Note that anyone to whom y’all give your personal hotspot Wi-Fi password is going to be able to use the information from your data programme. Certain actions, such every bit file downloads or video streaming, can use a lot of data.

Step 1: Open theSettings app.

open Settings

Step 2: Coil down and selectGeneral.

open the General menu

Step iii: Touch theAbout button.

select the About option

Step 4: Choose theProper noun choice.

touch the Name button

Footstep 5: Tap thex to delete the electric current device name, then enter the new name.

how to change hotspot name on iPhone 11

There are dedicated devices called mobile hotspots that perform a like office to the iPhone feature described above. If you are using ane of those then our how to change hotspot name iPhone 11 guide probably won’t exist applicable to your situation.

Our tutorial continues below with more near working with the change hotspot name iPhone settings.

How Do I Change the iPhone’south Personal Hotspot Password?

At present that you lot have figured out how to adapt the Wifi hotspot settings for your iPhone’s personal hotspot feature, you might also exist looking to modify the password too.

You can exercise this by going to Settings > Personal Hotspot > then tap Wi-Fi password. In that location you will exist able to delete the electric current wifi password and enter a new ane.

Frequently Asked Questions About Changing iPhone Hotspot Settings

Can I learn how to rename iPhone hotspot?

If you need to know how to rename iPhone hotspot networks on your device and then y’all tin can get to
Settings > General > About > Name
then replace the name that is there already and put in the new proper name that you desire to apply.

How do I change my hotspot name on my iPhone?

As we mentioned previously, you lot will need to navigate to the Name option on the Most menu and replace the device name when you demand to know how to modify my hotspot proper name on iPhone.

The proper name in this section controls a lot of unlike pieces of information on the device, such equally the name of the hotspot, how your device identifies itself in Bluetooth pairings, and how it appears when connected to a network.

What happens to devices that were previously connected if I follow these steps on how to change my personal hotspot name?

In one case yous alter the proper noun or the password for your personal hotspot, whatever devices that were previously continued are going to need to reconnect to the hotspot with the new information.

One of the reasons to change your personal hotspot name or password is because unwanted devices have the information that they need to connect to it.

You can keep reading our how to change hotspot proper name iPhone guide for boosted data on this topic.

More than Information on How to Change Hotspot Name on an iPhone 11

You tin can turn on your personal hotspot by going toSettings > Personal Hotspot and turning on theLet Others to Join option.

In one case yous have turned on this option you will be able to use your iPhone as a mobile hotspot and start sharing your Cyberspace connectedness with other devices, even other smartphones like those using the Android operating system.

Y’all will know that there are connected devices using your cellular data because the clock at the top-left of your Habitation screen will take bluish shading around it.

When y’all are washed using your iPhone as a Wi-Fi hotspot yous can tap theSettings icon, tapPersonal Hotspot, then plough off theLet Others to Joinoption.

Note that your hotspot password is shown under the “Let Others to Join” button. Other devices will demand that personal hotspot countersign when they effort to connect.

When you change your hotspot proper name and give that information to other people they are going to exist using your mobile internet information to scan the Internet. If your cellular provider has a capped corporeality of information that you can use each month, or there is some other information limit if y’all utilize the hotspot option then yous could wind upwardly spending additional money on your cellular programme if you use the mobile hotspot too often.

Other devices that connect to your iPhone, whether they are other Apple devices, android phones, or a laptop computer, will connect to your hotspot Wi-Fi network the same manner that they connect to other wireless networks.

There are not other hotspot settings on the iPhone bated from the toggle switch to allow others to join, the option to change the personal hotspot countersign, and a Maximize Compatibility setting. If you enable that choice then Internet operation may be reduced for devices connected to your hotspot when turned on.

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