How To Change Font Style On Iphone

“How practise you get dissimilar fonts on iPhone?” “How do I change my text font?”

At that place likely came a time where you wanted to change the font style of your iOS device. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible with iOS devices, as Apple didn’t really provide this feature. Actually, before the year 2014, you would take to jailbreak your iOS device in society to be able to modify the font manner.

Fortunately, in that location’southward no demand to jailbreak your device to be able to change the font style, you will just need to install some apps to your device in order to do and then. In the side by side section, we’ll exist discussing how you can change the font style of your iOS device with the assistance of several apps that you lot tin can install.

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Part 1. How to Change Font on iPhone without JailbreakingPart 2. How to Recover Lost Data after Jailbreak?Video Guide: How to Restore Data after Jailbreak on the iPhone Devices?Part 3. Summary.

Part 1. How to Change Font on iPhone without Jailbreaking

It would have been great to have the pick to change the font style of your iOS device. But since Apple doesn’t offer this kind of feature, jailbreaking is ordinarily the way for you to practise information technology. Fortunately, you can now do that even without jailbreaking, as yous will just need the help of an app. Here are some apps that can help you lot
change the font mode

of your iOS device.

Solution 1. Utilize AnyFont App to Change Font on iPhone without Jailbreaking

Probably one of the best means to change the font of your iOS device is through the app called AnyFont. Information technology is a paid app that you tin download on the iTunes store for $1.99 and install information technology on your device.

The good matter about this app is that it is easy to use and can support a lot of the popular font types, like TCC, TFF, OTF, and more than.

Hither’s what you need to do to change font on iPhone:

  1. Find the font you want. Search on your Search engine, whether it is TCC, TFF, or OTF.
  2. After you lot have downloaded the font, email it to yourself as an attachment.
  3. Tap on the attachment on your device, select the “Open in…”, and choose AnyFont.
  4. You lot will exist able to see the font on the listing when the download is finished.
  5. Then, install a special document showtime before installing the font.
  6. Close and restart the app open. The installed font will now be used on the app.


The only problem with AnyFont is that it won’t allow you to employ the newly installed font on system apps. To do that, y’all will need to install a different app on your device.


Solution 2. How the BytaFont App to Vary Font Style

The BytaFont is another app that can allow you to employ unlike fonts on your iOS device. The deviation of this app with AnyFont is that it volition allow you to apply the downloaded fonts in your organisation apps and it is also
gratuitous. Since this app will allow you to change the font of system apps, you will demand to jailbreak your iOS device starting time to install this app and utilize it.

It is of import to annotation that jailbreaking your device will void a lot of warranties from Apple. Your device will likewise be immune to OTA updates and in that location’southward a possibility of data loss. So if you’re not comfortable with any of these, then you don’t have to jailbreak your device. You lot just accept to debate with the fonts information technology currently has.

If you practice plan to change the font on your iPhone, information technology is of import to fill-in your device first. Once you are done, you can
install and use the BytaFont app to modify the font on your iPhone:

  1. Open Cydia, look for the BytaFont app, and install it.
  2. Say yes to respiring your device.
  3. Open the app and click on the Browse Fonts push.
  4. Cull the font y’all desire and click on Download.
  5. You lot volition be taken back to Cydia’south parcel of fonts. Click Install to download the font.
  6. Once done, open the BytaFont app once more to activate the downloaded font.
  7. Select the font and say yes to respiring and you will change the font style successfully.

BytaFont Change Font Style

Now, as long as you recollect the of import reminders before yous commencement jailbreaking your device, and then you won’t have whatsoever problem. But what if you forgot to backup your device and lost some files and data after the jailbreak? What will you do?

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Role 2. How to Recover Lost Data subsequently Jailbreak?

If you lot change font on iPhone with jailbreak, yous may lost your information or file. But fortunately, there’south a solution to this problem and it is with the aid of third-party provider FoneDog Mobile Solution Provider and its iOS Information Recovery software. The software program is designed to allow you to recover data and files, like photos, letters, contacts, and more. This ensures that you lot can still recover files that have been accidentally deleted or lost due to an upgrad

How to Use the iOS Data Recovery

Before you start running FoneDog’s software, it is of import that your figurer has the latest version of iTunes installed. It is likewise important to disable the automatic sync of iTunes when running the FoneDog toolkit to avoid automatically syncing your information.

Step 1. Run FoneDog – iOS Information Recovery and Connect iPhone to PC

One time this is done, the first step is to download and install the iOS Information Recovery. Then run the software on the estimator and connect your iOS device. Click the Recover from iOS Device option then press Start Scan.

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Step 2. Scan and Preview The Deleted Data from iPhone

The software volition begin scanning your device for the lost or deleted files and will likely have a few minutes. All of the information that the software discovers will exist listed on the left side of the interface and y’all can terminate the process if you already meet all of the files you want to recover

Preview Deleted Data

Pace 3. Remember Your Deleted Data from iDevice to PC

Y’all tin can preview the files 1 by one to come across if it is really what yous desire to recover. One time you accept made your choice and selected the files you lot desire to recover, just press the Recover button and the software will safely and securely recover your selected files to your estimator

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Video Guide: How to Restore Information subsequently Jailbreak on the iPhone Devices?

Don’t know how to recover lost or deleted data later iPhone jailbreak, you tin restore them via this video below!

Function 3. Summary.

Information technology would be cool to

alter font on iPhone
, but in club to practise that, you will demand to install certain apps on your device. The apps y’all need to install are AnyFont and BytaFont, which are both designed to let you to change the font of your device.

The BytaFont app volition require you to jailbreak your device since it will be allowing you to alter the font fashion of system apps. It is advised that you backup your device outset earlier deciding to jailbreak, every bit the process could consequence in some data loss.

In case you forgot to backup and data loss did occur, I recommend using the iOS Data Recovery software of FoneDog to help recover your lost data. It is designed to deeply recover lost data on your device without any bug.


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