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How To Change A Sim Card In An Iphone

By | 08/10/2022

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How to Change SIM Carte in iPhone in 3 Easy Steps

how to change SIM card in iPhone tools

If you are looking for a step past step guide on
how to change SIM card in iPhone, this quick article will help. On my travels to every country in the world, I had to remove a SIM carte from my iPhone many times and fifty-fifty encountered a SIM card failure.

And so if you are travelling internationally or plan to switch mobile carriers, you may need to change the SIM menu in your iPhone. You should buy a local sim card and modify SIM menu in iPhone to get the all-time connection and price for your data.

So let’southward start with 3 Easy Steps how to change SIM card in iPhone, including the removal of the SIM menu, or switching SIM cards between iPhones. (I practice this a lot on my travels).

How to Change SIM card in iPhone in three Piece of cake Steps:

Step one: How to open the SIM card slot?

The first step of iPhone SIM carte removal is to open the SIM card slot.

Just take your iPhone from any casing and await at the correct side of your iPhone – look for a thin SIM card slot. You volition run into a lilliputian dot in the tray, which is a pocket-size pinhole.

To remove the SIM carte iPhone, y’all’ll need to open the SIM card tray. To open it, you lot will need 1 of these tools:

  • SIM-ejecting tool
    (comes with your iPhone)

  • A paper prune
    (pull the stop of it into an L-shape)

  • An earring
    (the back of it might fit)
  • A needle

How to remove a SIM card from iPhone without a tool? But employ a paper clip, earring or a needle.

Step ii: How to remove iPhone SIM card from your iPhone?

Now that yous have one of the tools I mentioned to a higher place, simply insert the tool into the pinhole abreast the SIM tray. Push it in, it will click and the SIM tray volition pop open. This is how you remove the iPhone SIM card.

Gently pull the tray out and lay it on the table. You can pay attention to how the SIM card is placed in the tray equally you volition be inserting a new SIM card dorsum in.

You lot can flip the SIM card tray upside down and the SIM card will only but fall out. (Best to exercise this over a table so yous don’t lose it.)

How to Change SIM card in iPhone in 3 Easy Steps

How to Change SIM card in iPhone in 3 Easy Steps – Insert the new SIM card

Step 3: How to insert a SIM card in your iPhone?

The terminal step of how to alter SIM bill of fare in iPhone: Insert a new SIM card into the iPhone.

Merely pop the SIM carte out of its packaging.

Now have a expect at the SIM card tray. One corner is cut, it has a little notch. You must marshal the SIM card in the SIM tray correctly and then you can insert information technology dorsum into the iPhone.

The SIM card tray should slide in hands and and so click as you push button information technology in. Don’t strength information technology, if there is too much resistance mayhap you lot didn’t insert the SIM card the correct way into the SIM tray. Make sure information technology fits.

You don’t need to restart your iPhone, it should show your mobile network immediately.

how to change SIM card in iPhone SIM tray

How to change SIM card in iPhone – SIM Carte du jour Failure is ordinarily caused past grit and clay on the SIM card

iii Virtually common questions about iPhone SIM bill of fare removal:

1. What does a SIM card do?

That SIM card lets your phone connect to your cellular carrier then y’all can make phone calls and get mobile data.

Without the SIM card, you lot can still get online if you connect to WIFI. You can change SIM card in iPhone every bit often as you similar.

two. iPhone Sim Bill of fare Failure – What Should I do?

Have you inserted your SIM card but you have no service?

Or peradventure yous switched your iPhone on and it shows NO SIM in the top corner?

This is a common
iPhone SIM Card Failure

that happened to me a few times.

This is how you fix it:

Simply follow these same steps on how to remove the SIM card from an iPhone and brand sure there is no dirt or dust inside the slot or on the SIM card. Dust is the about likely crusade of your SIM card failure. Simply clean the SIM bill of fare and insert it dorsum in. Information technology works 99% of the time.

iii. Tin can you switch SIM cards in your iPhone when travelling internationally?

Yeah. I always buy a local SIM bill of fare when I travel. I have been to near every state in the earth now and take quite a collection of SIM cards from around the world and it’s how I stay connected.

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Hope this quick guide helped you change SIM menu in iPhone of yours without any problems, Any questions, let me know in the comments. And if y’all’re changing SIM cards because y’all are travelling, you might enjoy some of these related blogs.

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  1. Hi Marty, thanks a lot for sharing all this info. I was wondering what happens to my apps when I change the SIM carte, Gmail, Bank Apps etc… I used to accept an Android with two SIM card slots but now I’m travelling with my iphone and I’m kind of paranoid I’ll exist locked out of my life-essential apps. Give thanks you and so much. Best, Haikaa – a fellow Nomad 🙂

    • Marty
      May x, 2022 at 4:18 pm – Respond

      Hello Haikaa, all of your apps volition exist the aforementioned when you lot change your sim card in your iPhone. I practice this all the time on my travels and in that location are no problems. Aught will change.

      If you fifty-fifty need to receive an SMS on your old number for say security confirmation (I go this with my bank. Sometimes when I book a flying in some other country, they ship me a security Code to my phone number to verify it’s me), simply swap your SIM cards once more and the SMS will come through. No charges. Hope that helps.

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