How To Cancel Peacock On Iphone

By | 06/10/2022

Normally, when users create an Apple account to sign in to an Apple device such as iPhone, iPad, or Mac, Apple tree will automatically offer you v GB of iCloud storage. While for most users, 5 GB of iCloud storage is far from enough when you need to back upwards many photos, large documents, and even videos.

Hence, while Apple reminds you lot that there is non enough iCloud space on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, yous may have paid for an upgraded iCloud storage plan monthly such as iCloud+ with 50GB storage, iCloud+ with 200GB storage, and iCloud+ with 2TB storage.

how to cancel icloud subscriptions

However, actually, you may don’t need the upgraded iCloud storage programme. Or, if yous have cleaned upwards your Apple device like iPhone, you may find there is far more iCloud storage for you. Y’all may wish to downgrade or abolish your iCloud storage programme.

What is Apple’southward iCloud? What Does it Shop?

In simple words, iCloud refers to the deject-based services on Apple devices. It
stores photos, Apple Music, mail, contacts, iCloud Bulldoze, notes, reminders, pages, “Find My” data, and the backups
of the device remotely.

Apple tree Inc. designed iCloud to allow users to back up all essential data via the Apple business relationship
and so that users can
call back their data or information from whatsoever of their Apple devices or remotely from
even if their iPhone is missing.

How to Downgrade or Cancel iCloud Storage Plan on iPhone and iPad?

Depending on your need, yous can upgrade, downgrade or unsubscribe your iCloud storage plan. Steps and interfaces to downgrade or cancel iCloud storage on iPhones and iPad are similar. If needed, y’all can just follow up to alter your iCloud programme.

1. On iPhone or iPad, open
so hit the
Apple ID.

hit apple id on iphone ipad

two. Select
from the list.

iii. Click
Manage Storage.

manage storage iphone ipad

Here, you can notice what the iCloud is backing up on your iPhone or iPad, such as Photos, iCloud Drive, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, Safari, and Stocks.

On this iPhone, Notes and Messages are not backed upward via iCloud, so perhaps

iMessages won’t sync

between iPhone and other Apple tree devices. If required, switch on the options to dorsum up Notes and Messages with iCloud.

4. Ringlet downwards to locate
Downgrade Options
to downgrade the Apple storage program.

downgrade options iphone

five. In
Storage, click “Choose Downgrade” and and so select an
iCloud plan.

Here, since the current iCloud storage plan is iCloud+ with 2TB storage, you can choose to downgrade to iCloud+ with 200GB or 50GB co-ordinate to your employ.

6. Click

Once you choose to downgrade an Apple storage programme, you lot are to cancel the current Apple iCloud program and use a new one. By default, if yous wish to downgrade the programme of iCloud+ with 50GB, you are to use the complimentary iCloud with 5GB past default.

How to Downgrade or Cancel iCloud Storage Programme on Mac?

There are similar procedures to unsubscribe from an iCloud storage programme on a Mac by downgrading the existing one. You can just follow the steps below to adjust the Apple storage programme.

1. On your MacBook, go to
System Preferences
Apple tree ID.

apple id on mac

2. Under
iCloud, on the correct pane, locate and hit

manage mac icloud

three. On the tiptop right corner, choose to
Modify storage plan.

change storage plan mac

iv. Scroll down to locate
Downgrade Options.

downgrade options iphone

5. Select some other iCloud storage plan and striking

Of course, you lot can likewise upgrade from iCloud to iCloud+ storage program or upgrade any plan for your use in iCloud settings on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

How to Cancel iCloud Storage Programme without iPhone/iPad/Mac?

There is also an iCloud service for Windows PC. That is to say, Apple tree Inc. has also provided iCloud storage for Windows users so long as you lot have an Apple account.

While Apple users use the iCloud storage with an embedded iCloud app, Windows users take to download an iCloud app from Microsoft Shop and subscribe Apple iCloud program. If y’all don’t need information technology, you can abolish iCloud storage without whatever Apple device but the
Windows PC
and the
iCloud app.

1. Open
the iCloud

app on the Windows PC.

two. Find out and click

windows icloud storage

3. On the height right corner, hitting
Change Storage Program.

windows change storage plan

4. At the left bottom, hitting
Downgrade Options.

5. Enter your Apple ID and countersign to abolish the current iCloud subscriptions and downgrade to a new one.

Therefore, you can downgrade or cancel the Apple iCloud storage plan even with iPhone, iPad, or Mac. You can subscribe to an iCloud plan with a proper size that suits your needs on a Windows device.

Does Cancelling iCloud Storage Delete Photos/Documents/App Information/Videos?

No, canceling the iCloud storage plan will non delete the existing data on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. But if the iCloud storage is full, new photos, documents, and whatsoever other data won’t be backed up in iCloud due to the inadequate iCloud space.


To a higher place all, you can downgrade or cancel your iCloud storage plan without losing information on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac with the help of this post. In particular, users tin even larn how to abolish the iCloud storage programme without iPhone.

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