How To Call An Extension On Iphone

If you have to dial an extension to reach some of your contacts or a code to join a conference and so this commodity volition assistance you to acquire How to Dial Phone Numbers with Extensions on iPhone

After you phone call client care or want to
join a meeting on apps like Zoom

and such, you frequently have to type in an extension. At present it may sound difficult to someone who has just switched to an iPhone and wants to dial phone numbers with an extension. So, permit’s brand our lives a little easier past learning this procedure in 4 piece of cake steps.

How to call an extension phone number on iPhone

Dial Telephone Numbers with Extensions on iPhone in 4 piece of cake steps

Pace-one Open Phone App: The first step would be to open the phone app on your iPhone.

Step-two Tap Keypad: And so, Tap on Keypad to start typing the telephone number with an extension.

Image titled Dial Phone Numbers with Extensions on iPhone Step 2

Step-3 Punch the Number: Dial the number y’all desire to make a phone call on.

Image titled Dial Phone Numbers with Extensions on iPhone Step 3

Step-iv Tap on *:
Concord * until it turns into, and dial the extended number. Now finally you tin can make a call to a telephone number with an extension from your iPhone.

Image titled Dial Phone Numbers with Extensions on iPhone Step 4


How To Save Extensions In Your iPhone Contacts?

To save extension on your iPhone y’all can just simply follow the below-given steps:

  • Open the Contacts app.
  • So, Tap on the contact that you want to add an extension for and tap edit in the upper right corner.
  • Tap the number you’re calculation the extension to, or tap the + icon adjacent to add a phone to add a new phone number for the contact.
  • Tap the symbols +*# push on your keyboard.
  • With the cursor at the end of the phone number, tap Suspension to insert a comma.
  • Now enter the extension and Tap Washed to save.

How To Dial International Numbers On Your iPhone?

Sometimes y’all may want to telephone call
someone living in US to the one living in Dubai
with the correct extension lawmaking. At present it may sound complicated as in how to punch an international number.

All the same, you can follow the beneath-given like shooting fish in a barrel steps to make an international call.

1. Open the Phone app on your iPhone.

2. Tap the Keypad push button to access the screen on which you can enter the number you’re calling.

3. To brand an international call, press + before you lot begin dialing the number. Yous tin can do this easily past pressing and belongings the 0 key until the + appears.

four. Add the relevant country lawmaking for the number you’re calling, followed by the local number.

5. Press the green call push button to begin the telephone call.

How To Save An International Number On Your iPhone For Quick Dialing?

If the international number is one you’ll be dialing a lot, you can save this number as well every bit the country calling code as a contact in your phone.

start, open the Phone app after the telephone call and then tap Recent to access your contempo calls. Tap the info button next to the number you wish to relieve, then tap Create New Contact, and enter the person’southward information. Finally, tap on save.

What Is Extension Code?

An extension code is a code that is used to identify a particular blazon of telephone extension. This lawmaking is used by telephone companies to route calls to the right extension.

You might an extension lawmaking to make an international call on your iPhone. It might sound complicated merely you can practice and so by post-obit the simple steps given in the above commodity.

How To Automatically Dial An Extension On iPhone?

If y’all have to dial an extension to reach some of your contacts–or a code to join a briefing and then it’s a hassle remembering that information or looking information technology up before placing a phone call. Instead, you can have your phone automatically dial those extra digits for you lot.

To do so, you can follow the given steps:

  • Open your iPhone address book.
  • Tap the phone number you’d like to edit and the dial pad volition pop up.
  • After you’ve entered the regular telephone number, and then tap on the +*# central
  • Then, Tap Interruption and y’all’ll see a comma is inserted subsequently the number.
  • Type in the extension number and finally, tap done


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