How To Block A Specific App On Iphone

By | 06/10/2022

Looking for a way to block any item app on iPhone for parental control over your kid? Parental control is very important to prevent kids from going astray. These days, parents prefer to give their kids an iPhone so that it can help them in their learning and education. However, kids tend to get addicted to their phones due to certain apps that they love to use all the time.

These apps can be game apps, social media apps, video streaming apps, and likewise. They get so addicted that they practise not listen to their parents when they ask not to waste time on the apps. That is when parents have to step up and cake the apps so that kids can become back on track. In this article, we will illustrate
how to block certain apps on iPhone in various ways.

block apps on iphone

1. How to Block Certain Apps From Getting Downloaded on iPhone?

Every app on Apple tree App Store has an age rating. This age rating shows for which age group the app is appropriate. Depending on the age of your kid, y’all need to ensure that he can never download those apps that are not appropriate for his age. This can be done with Screen Time feature available on iPhone having iOS 12 or higher version. Here are the steps on
how to restrict apps on iPhone with Screen Fourth dimension feature.

Getting Admission To Screen Time

Step ane: Tap on Settings icon of the iPhone.

Step 2: Once it opens, tap in Screen Time. And so tap on Turn on Screen Fourth dimension option.

Stride iii: On the side by side screen, tap on Continue.

screen time setup

Step iv: At present, you have to choose between ii options – “This is my iPhone” or “This is my child’s iPhone”.

select phone

Stride five: Follow the on-screen instructions. You will then be asked to ready a passcode. Set a 4-digit passcode and get in different from the one you use to unlock the iPhone.

Y’all may exist asked to enter Apple ID and Password for verification as well equally password recovery in example you forget at any time to come instance.

Now, you will get access to Scree Time feature. The higher up mentioned steps demand to be followed only for the first fourth dimension.

Blocking Certain Apps with Screen Fourth dimension

Step ane: Open Settings over again. Tap on Screen Fourth dimension selection.

Step ii: Tap on Content & Privacy restriction option.

content privacy

Step three: Enter the passcode you have fix to go through.

Pace iv: On the adjacent screen, tap on Content Restrictions.

content restrictions

Step 5: One time Content Restrictions screen opens, set Ratings For pick to your country.

Step 6: You will run into different categories like apps, spider web content, web search results, books, movies and much more. You lot have to individually set the age limit for every category as yous call back appropriate.

content categories

Once done, close the screen. For reassurance, yous tin can search on App Shop for apps that are above the age limit that you accept restricted.

2. How to Block Pre-Installed Apps on iPhone?

In that location are sure apps that come up pre-installed on an iPhone. You cannot delete some of these apps but yous tin can only disable them. Similarly, there could exist some apps that you desire to block and non just delete them. This is because when you delete them, your kid may again download them and offset using regularly. Here are the steps to block any pre-installed app on iPhone.

Stride one: Go to Settings and tap on Screen Fourth dimension.

Pace 2: Tap on Content & Privacy brake option.

Pace iii: Enter the passcode yous have ready to become through.

Footstep 4: Tap on Immune Apps option.

allowed apps

Step five: Toggle off the apps that you desire to cake.

Once washed, those apps will not be visible on app tray.

three. How to Block Downloading of All Apps From App Store on iPhone?

You might want to give admission to your kid simply to those apps that you have downloaded on the iPhone. This ways you tin can cake downloading of any and all apps from App Shop on an iPhone completely. Here are the steps on
how do you block apps on iPhone from getting downloaded from App Store.

Footstep 1: Get to Settings. Tap on Screen Time option.

Step 2: Enter Fourth dimension Screen countersign to get through.

Step 3: Tap on Content & Privacy Restrictions pick.

Step four: Once it opens, tap on iTunes & App Shop Purchase option.

itunes app store purchases

Step 5: Select Don’t Allow for Installing Apps department.

installing app

This will disable downloading of any app from App Shop. Yous can later modify it as per your preference.

iv. Block Apps on iPhone with Freedom

The ways nosotros have mentioned so far on
how to restrict certain apps on iPhone are totally manual. However, you tin block apps on iPhone effortlessly with an app blocker. There is no meliorate app cake available for iPhone other than Liberty. Freedom app offers the best settings adjusting feature for complete parental control over your kid’southward iPhone.

You can block apps, websites, net service, and boost productivity by advance scheduling and using locked mode. You tin make the settings of the app sync with any and all iOS and even Android device. To block apps, you accept to create your blocklist and you can assign a time when this blocklist will exist activated and deactivated.

Hither are the steps on how to cake apps on iPhone with Freedom.

Step ane: Install Freedom app from App Store.

Step 2: Launch the app after installation and create an account.

Pace iii: Log in and tap on Blocklists tab then tap on Add a blocklist option.

blocklist option

Step 4: Enter a name for the new blocklist. To add apps on the blocklist, at that place are three means available.

add blocklist

  • Category Filter
    – There are many categories available to choose from, such as social, news, politics, TV/Video, and besides. You can toggle the ones whose apps and websites you desire to block.
  • Popular Lark
    – In that location is a premade listing of popular apps that cause distractions for an iPhone user. You can use the option to block some curated apps.
  • Add URL
    – In this option, you can add together URL of any app that you want to cake. Afterward adding the URL, tap on Add.

Step 5: Once the selection of apps to block is done, tap on Salvage button at the pinnacle correct corner.

Pace vi: Now, you need to begin the block session. There are ii ways to begin a block session. Y’all can start it immediately, or you can schedule information technology for a future time.

1. You tin showtime immediately by tapping on Start Session tab located at the bottom of the screen. You can fix the session length or its stop time from the tabs bachelor equally y’all can see on the image. The block session will stay active as per the duration you set.

start session

two. You can schedule the cake session for a later time. Tap on Sessions tab located at the lesser of the screen and tap on Schedule A Session option.

Y’all have to gear up a name for the schedule session and select the start and end time. Select the blocklist you created by tapping on Blocklists choice. Y’all can besides gear up repeat mode. Finally, tap on Save choice at the top right corner.

add session

5. Practise You Know If The Apps That Your Child Uses Is Prophylactic?

Even when you block sure apps on your child’s iPhone, he can download other apps that are not rubber for him. Therefore, information technology is important for parents to constantly monitor app activities of their kids’ iPhone. Nosotros recommend
KidsGuard Pro for iOS for consummate parental monitoring. Apart from tracking app activities, you tin can bank check call logs, SMS, social media activities, location history, browser history, and much more.

Features of KidsGuard Pro for iOS:

  • Monitor Social Apps:
    You can rails all the activities of your kid on popular social apps. These apps include WhatsApp,
    Snapchat, WeChat, LINE, Viber, QQ, and KIK. You tin read chat history, check the files exchanged, and all other activities.
  • Read Text Messages:
    You can read all the text messages received and sent from your child’s iPhone. In fact, yous can also
    read the deleted messages, which is extremely useful.
  • Track Calls:
    You can bank check the phone call log with timestamp, contact details, and call duration. You tin can conclude with whom your kid is keeping contact.

  • Safari History:

    iPhone users, use Safari spider web browser past default. Therefore, you can runway your kid’s net activities. You can also check the bookmarks.
  • Photos and Videos:
    Yous tin check all the saved photos and videos and even voice memos.
  • Besides, you can runway location, view text files, calendars, notes, reminders, and much more than.

How To Protect Your Child With KidsGuard:

KidsGuard Pro for iOS is PC-based software. Therefore, you volition need a computer having Windows or MacOS.

Create An Business relationship

Footstep 1: Click on Sign Up button and create an account with your email address and password.

Sign UpView Demo

Pace 2: Select KidsGuard Pro for iOS from the products and purchase a plan.

Scan Data From Your Kid’s iPhone

Step 3: Install KidsGuard Pro on the computer where you lot or your child takes fill-in of data from iPhone. To install the software, open up web browser and visit download link and download the app.

download kidsguard pro ios

Step iv: Subsequently downloading, install the app and launch it. Log in with your account credentials.

Step 5: You need to connect your kid’s iPhone to the computer. You can connect directly using USB cablevision. The 2nd time, you tin connect wirelessly by connecting both iPhone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network.

Pace 6: In one case connected, tap on the first icon on the tiptop bar that you encounter on the image.

scan data

Step 7: Y’all will see the proper noun of the connected device once scanning is done. Click on the device proper noun and click on Scan Now button.

scan now

Monitoring Your Kid’due south iPhone

Step eight: Once scanning is over, you have to click on View It At present button to check the data.

view data with wifi

Step 9: From the Dashboard, you lot tin can bank check messages, phone call logs, locations, photos, videos, social media activities, browser history, and much more.

monitoring on dashboard


There are times when you need to cake certain apps on an iPhone, especially for parental control. Y’all can block any particular app, a sure category of apps, as well every bit stop downloading whatever app from App Store. Y’all tin can also set a block session to disable distracting apps for a sure period of fourth dimension. Besides, y’all should constantly monitor your kid’south activities on his iPhone remotely. We recommend
KidsGuard Pro for iOS for complete monitoring.

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