How To Alphabetize Apps On Iphone

How to Arrange Apps on iPhone/iPad

If you have an unorganized home screen on your iPhone, the following guide should teach you how to arrange apps on your iPhone and iPad so your habitation screens will be well organized and you can chop-chop find the apps you need.

If yous often download a lot of apps on your iPhone or iPad, you will definitely desire to learn to
conform apps
on your iPad or iPhone model. Arranging apps is important because information technology categorizes your apps and lets you rapidly launch them on your device. That mode you can remove the ataxia from your dwelling screen and brand them a better place for everyone who uses your device.

Apple itself suggests its users to keep your apps arranged in a certain way and so that you tin find them when y’all need them. In the post-obit post, you will acquire how to arrange iPhone and iPad apps in the well-nigh efficient and organized mode.

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How to Arrange Apps on iPhone/iPad

Tip 1. Place the Near Used App in the Dock

Whether you lot know this already or non, you can place your ain apps in the Dock on your iOS-based device. Every bit you already know, there’s limited space in the Dock so you should choose the well-nigh used app on your iPhone to be placed there. The other apps tin can be placed in folders or on other pages on your home screen.

You can drag whatsoever app on your home screen and drop it onto the Dock and it will sit there. You can then tap on the app icon in the Dock to launch it anytime y’all want.

How to Arrange Apps on iPhone

Tip two. Create Folders for Related Apps on Your iPhone

Using the folders feature, you can grouping related apps on your iPhone or iPad. For example, if you accept a few social networking apps, you can put them in a binder called Social then you lot know all of your social apps are in there.

Similarly, you tin can create folders for other kinds of apps you have on your device. It volition assistance you lot easily observe apps in the futurity and they will be well organized.

Arrange Apps on iPhone

Conform Apps on iPhone

Tip 3. Place Apps on Different Pages

You can even have designated home screen pages for your apps. That way, one home screen will take one kind of apps and the other home screen will accept other kind of apps. For example, your beginning home screen can have all the social apps and and then the second tin take piece of work related apps, and and so on.

You don’t need a third-party app to be able to arrange apps on various pages on your iPhone or iPad. You tin use the built-in options on your device to do that. Simply tap and concord on an app and drag information technology onto the other home screen and it volition be placed at that place.

Arrange Apps on iPhone

Arrange Apps on iPhone

Tip 4. Use AnyTrans to Adapt Apps on iPhone/iPad

If yous are not satisfied with the default options you take to arrange apps on your device, you lot might need a third-party tool to have more options for app organizing.

Ane such app is
AnyTrans which allows you lot to arrange the app icons however you want on your iPhone or iPad. It besides offers some intelligent suggestions to help you ameliorate organize apps on your devices. If this is the showtime time you heard virtually the app, let’s come across how you can use information technology to arrange icons on your iPhone or iPad’s domicile screens.

download and install AnyTrans
on your computer.

Step i. Open the app. Plug in your iPhone or iPad to your computer using an Apple-supplied USB cable so that the app recognizes your device.

Tap on Home Screen Manager from the Homepage

Tap on Abode Screen Managing director from the Homepage

Pace 2. Once you have connected your device to your computer, the main interface of the app volition be shown. Click on the option that says Home Screen Manager to start managing app icons on your device.

Click Arrange Home Screen

Click Conform Home Screen

Step 3. Click on Arrange Home Screen on the post-obit screen and you will be presented with a list of the customizations you can make to your device. Click on whatsoever of the radio buttons for the options and hit Sync to Device.

Choose one Style and Sync to Device

Cull ane Mode and Sync to Device

Whatever layout that you have chosen in the app will exist applied to your iOS device and the app icons volition be bundled accordingly on the device.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve been looking for ideas to arrange apps on your iPhone or iPad, we’re sure you have learned many useful methods to do so from the above post. If the flexibility of arranging apps is what you’re after, and then you tin’t be wrong by choosing AnyTrans as your home screen manager.

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