How To Add Language To Keyboard Iphone

Do you lot want to type in a
unlike language
on your iPhone merely don’t know how to add another keyboard linguistic communication?

Maybe you demand to type in a
different language for work, or you desire to be able to write in multiple languages when sending letters to friends and family who speak different languages.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to add a new keyboard language on iPhone, the process is actually pretty straightforward. In this commodity, we’ll prove y’all
how to add together keyboard language
to your iPhone and so yous can type in any linguistic communication yous want.


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    Calculation Some other Language To iPhone Keyboard: Pace-by-Step

    • ane.1
      Adding A Keyboard Linguistic communication Through The Settings App
    • i.2
      Adding A Keyboard Language From The Keyboard Itself
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      How practise I delete a keyboard language on my iPhone?
    • ii.two
      Can I reorder the languages on my iPhone keyboard?
    • 2.three
      How do I know which language I’m using on my keyboard?
    • two.4
      I accidentally deleted the Emoji keyboard. How tin can I get information technology back?
    • two.v
      Can I use more than one language keyboard at the aforementioned time?
      I tin’t notice the globe icon on my keyboard.
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    Adding New Language Keyboard To iPhone: In Conclusion

Calculation Another Language To iPhone Keyboard: Stride-by-Step

At that place are 2 means that you tin can add together a foreign language to your iPhone keyboard.

The start method is by
going to the Settings app
and the second is by calculation a respective linguistic communication keyboard
directly from the iOS keyboard
itself. Both methods are actually quite easy to practice, with the second method just beingness a shortcut for the start method.

I’ll show you both methods so you can choose which one works best for you. Also, have annotation that these methods
piece of work for both iPhone and iPad.

Calculation A Keyboard Language Through The Settings App

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap

  1. Scroll down and tap on
    This is where you lot can edit your iPhone keyboard-related settings, add Keyboard shortcuts, change the keyboard layout, and more than.
Keyboard options located inside the General menu in iPhone settings

  1. Tap on
    again. You lot’ll see a listing of keyboards you take here, including the Emoji keyboard if you have that enabled.
Keyboards option to see a list of more keyboards including Emoji Keyboards

  1. Tap
    Add New Keyboard
Add New Keyboard option inside the Keyboard menu in iPhone settings

  1. Select the
    new keyboard language
    you desire to add from the keyboards list.
Selecting new keyboard language to add in the keyboards list

  1. If there are several languages or variations, like in the instance of many Asian languages, yous’ll
    see all the bachelor keyboards

For instance, Chinese and Hindi both offer handwriting and transliteration options on their keyboard.

You tin
customize your keyboard list
past selecting only this option, or y’all can select all of them. It doesn’t matter if y’all want more than two languages – iOS devices tin can accommodate them all.

Customize the chosen keyboard by selecting the available options in the menu

  1. Select the new keyboard of your desired language. As mentioned, you can select as many variations as you want. Make certain that they have a blue check adjacent to them. When y’all’re sure you’ve selected all your desired variations, click
    in the upper right corner.
Blue checkmark confirms the selected keyboard variation then click Done to finalize

  1. Once you lot’ve selected a new language keyboard, y’all’ll now exist able to come across information technology in the
    listing of Keyboards. All the keyboard languages you accept, including their variations, will be displayed here.
Selected keyboard appears in the list of Keyboard options to choose from

Additionally, if you lot want to remove a language that you no longer demand from your keyboard, but go back to
Settings, select
Keyboard, tap
Keyboards, and click on the
choice. You can so delete the keyboard languages you no longer want.

Adding A Keyboard Language From The Keyboard Itself

The second method is faster if you’re
already typing something
and would just like to add another language keyboard.

In other words, if yous would similar to do multilingual typing but don’t have the other keyboard languages you need still, yous can use this method to practise it rapidly
without having to leave the app
you’re currently on.

  1. Open up any app that allows you to blazon, such equally a
    messaging app. In this case, I’ll use my Bulletin app to automatically bring upward the iOS Keyboard.
  2. Tap and concord the
    world push button
    at the
    bottom-left part
    of the screen until you see a listing of keyboard options.
Globe button located in the bottom-left part of the screen to see the list of keyboards

  1. Click
    Keyboard Settings
    to immediately go to the Keyboard options on the Settings app of your phone.
Keyboard Settings option appears after tapping the Globe button

  1. Follow the steps
    outlined in the first method
    . Y’all’re at present ready to type in any language you want on your iPhone or iPad.

And that’south it! Now you know how to add keyboard language on your iPhone, so you tin can blazon in ii languages – or three, or 4, or v.

But think that you can
e’er switch keyboards back
to your default language by tapping on the
world icon again
and selecting the keyboard you want to use.

Hither’s a YouTube video showing how information technology’s done:


How exercise I delete a keyboard language on my iPhone?

If you want to delete a keyboard language, only go to Settings, click Keyboard, select Keyboards, and tap on “Edit.” From there, you tin delete the languages you don’t demand by
tapping on the “-” sign. You tin can do it for equally many languages, as long every bit you lot leave one agile.

Can I reorder the languages on my iPhone keyboard?

You tin reorder the languages on your iPhone keyboard. It’s in the aforementioned place as the other keyboard settings: go to Settings, tap on Keyboard, select Keyboards, and then tap “Edit.” Later on that, reorder your languages by
dragging them up or down the list.

How do I know which language I’m using on my keyboard?

To know which linguistic communication you’re using on your keyboard, check the
globe icon on the bottom left corner
of your iPhone or iPad screen. If you tap on it, it will show you lot which language you’re currently using.

I accidentally deleted the Emoji keyboard. How can I get it dorsum?

If you accidentally deleted the Emoji keyboard, don’t worry. Yous can become it back by post-obit these steps. Get to Keyboard Settings and tap on
“Add New Keyboard.”
From there, you can
select Emoji
to add it back to your available languages.

Tin I use more than ane linguistic communication keyboard at the same time?

You can apply more than ane keyboard language at the aforementioned time. Simply tap on the globe icon, and then
select the linguistic communication you want to use. You tin switch between different keyboards by borer on the globe icon again.

I can’t find the world icon on my keyboard.

If you tin’t discover the globe icon on your iPhone or iPad, it simply ways you
don’t have any other keyboard languages added all the same.
All you take is your default linguistic communication. Only get to Keyboard Settings and so tap on “Add New Keyboard” to add a new linguistic communication keyboard.

Adding New Language Keyboard To iPhone: In Conclusion

Whether you need to type in a unlike keyboard language for piece of work or you only want to be able to communicate with friends and family who speak different languages, adding a new keyboard linguistic communication on your iPhone is a
pretty elementary process.

Just follow the steps outlined in this article, and you’ll exist typing away in whatsoever language yous want on your iPhone keyboard in no time at all.

Did you like this article? Feel free to annotate below if you’ve got any questions!


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