How To Access Siri On Iphone 13

By | 08/10/2022

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Are y’all ready to make the near of the virtual assistant in your pocket? Hither’s how to employ Siri on an iPhone 13.

Devices like an Amazon Echo or Apple tree HomePod make for the perfect smart home companion, but only if you’re most them.

Wouldn’t information technology exist prissy to be able to use 1 wherever you are? If you’re an iPhone user, yous take your very own voice banana built into your smartphone.

Siri is packed with features and it can practice a lot more than than you may think. If you’re not already using Siri, it’s time to first. Here’s how to use Siri on an iPhone thirteen.

How to Set Upwards Siri on iPhone 13

There are a few unlike ways that yous can use Siri on the iPhone 13. In gild to use them, you’ll need to be sure that you lot have the right settings on your iPhone.

To gear up Siri on iPhone 13:

  1. Launch the
  2. Roll down and tap
    Siri & Search.
    iphone siri and search menu
  3. If y’all want to activate Siri with your voice, ensure that
    Listen for “Hey Siri”
    is turned on.
    iphone listen for hey siri
  4. To actuate Siri with the side button, ensure that
    Press Side Button for Siri
    is turned on.
    iphone press side button for siri
  5. If yous want to use Siri when your iPhone is locked, make certain that
    Allow Siri When Locked
    is turned on. You’ll demand to enter your passcode to turn on this setting.
    iphone use siri when locked

How to Use Siri With the Side Button on iPhone 13

If you’ve turned on this setting, so you can activate Siri using the button on the correct-mitt side of your iPhone 13. This is the same button that y’all use to lock your iPhone.

To employ Siri with the side button on iPhone 13:

  1. Press and hold the side button.
  2. You’ll see Siri appear at the bottom of your screen.
    iphone siri
  3. Inquire Siri a question or requite her a command. See the section beneath for some examples of what y’all can ask Siri.
  4. To enquire some other question, tap on the
    iphone siri icon

How to Utilise Siri With Vocalization on iPhone 13

If you accept turned on
Listen for “Hey Siri”
you tin activate Siri without even touching your iPhone.

To utilise Siri with your vocalism:

  1. Say
    “Hey Siri”
    followed past the question you want to ask.
  2. To ask another question, say
    “Hey Siri”
    once again, or tap the
    icon on your iPhone.
  3. If you want to stop your iPhone from listening for “Hey Siri” plow it face down, or turn off
    Mind for “Hey Siri”
    in the settings.

How to Blazon to Siri on iPhone 13

If y’all’d rather utilize Siri without speaking out loud, it’due south possible to alter the settings and then that you tin blazon your queries rather than say them out loud. You’ll need to do this through the accessibility settings.

To type to Siri on iPhone 13:

  1. Open the
  2. Coil down and tap
    iphone accessibility menu
  3. Tap
    iphone siri menu
  4. Plough on
    Blazon to Siri.
    iphone type to siri
  5. Press and hold the side button and a text field volition announced.
    iphone siri typing field
  6. Type your query or command.
    iphone typed siri query
  7. Tap on
    Type to Siri
    to inquire another question.
    iphone type to siri button

Fun and Useful Siri Commands Yous Should Effort

Siri has become more useful with every version of iOS. Hither are some of the fun or useful things you lot can ask her:

  • “Telephone call Alan”
  • “Transport a WhatsApp to Steve saying…”
  • “Read my concluding electronic mail”
  • “Remind me to lock the door when I leave”
  • “Get directions home”
  • “Fix a timer for v minutes”
  • “Plow on the living room lights”
  • “Prove me the baseball scores”
  • “Play White Christmas past Bing Crosby”
  • “Take a selfie”
  • “Turn up the brightness”
  • “Lumos”

Permit the states know in the comments department if you have any other commands yous’d recommend!

Become More Out of Siri With Siri Shortcuts

Knowing how to use Siri on iPhone 13 is simply the commencement. In one case you’ve mastered the basic commands, you can get-go to build your own.

Siri Shortcuts permit yous to create a specific task or action set that you tin can actuate with your voice. Y’all can set up upwards Siri Shortcuts to control Spotify, apply Siri Shortcuts for photography, or control Apple Music using Siri Shortcuts.