How To Accept Shared Album Invite On Iphone

Shared Albums not showing upwardly

Shared Albums are all the same not showing up on new iPhone xiii. I have turned Shared Albums on and off in Settings, but no luck. Whatever advice?

– Question from Apple tree Community

To make it piece of cake and convenient to share content among Apple devices, Apple keeps on introducing new features, and iCloud Shared Albums is 1 of them, helping yous transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. Withal, information technology seems that the errors like Shared Albums not showing up on iPhone happen sometimes, and then here comes this guide.

  • iCloud Shared Albums on iPhone
  • Top six fixes to shared albums non showing upward on iPhone
    • Solution 1. Check Apple tree Organisation Status
    • Solution two. Make sure the iCloud Photo link hasn’t expired
    • Solution three. Check network connectedness
    • Solution 4. Plough off & on Shared Albums
    • Solution 5. Turn off Low Power Style
    • Solution half dozen. Update iOS to the latest version
  • Shortcut: Share photos amongst iDevices in existent-time via FoneTool
  • Conclusion

iCloud Shared Albums on iPhone

The Shared Albums feature, formerly named iCloud Photo Sharing, helps you share photos and videos with your friends, family, or your other Apple devices. It too allows your friends and family unit who can come across the share album to like, comment, and upload their own photos and videos.

# How to enable iCloud Shared Albums on iPhone

Please make sure you’ve turned on iCloud Shared Albums on iPhone: Become to the
app >
[your name]
Photos, then toggle on
Shared Albums. Yous as well need to make sure that
iCloud Photos is enabled.

# How to take a shared album invite

Before getting photos and videos from shared albums on iPhone, you lot’ll need to accept the Shared Album invite. To take an invitation: Get to your
app > Tap the
For You
tab > The invite should appear at the acme of the listing > Tap

Accept Shared Albums Invite

Brand sure you’ve set Shared Albums properly on your iPhone when you’re using the feature, or the shared albums may fail to show upward on your iPhone. Then, you may need the solutions in this guide to fix the event.

Top 6 fixes to shared albums not showing up on iPhone

At that place are vi solutions to the event Shared Albums not showing upwardly on iPhone. Yous can endeavour these fixes 1 after another until yous can get shared albums. Optionally, you can try the shortcut in the side by side role to bank check whether the shared album is existed on your iPhone only hidden.

Solution i. Bank check Apple System Status

Every time you encounter any issues when you lot’re using Apple devices, yous need to go to Apple tree System Status first to cheque if the service is down. If you tin can encounter a green lite beside Photos, then turn to the side by side solution. Or just in case, you need to await for Apple to prepare the problem.

Apple System Status

Solution 2. Brand sure the iCloud Photo link hasn’t expired

iCloud Photo link expired subsequently thirty days. If you accept the shared albums invite using sharing link, yous can’t become the shared albums on iPhone when the link has expired. You may receive a bulletin saying “Fail to Think”.

If this happens, yous’ll need to get admission to shared albums using a new sharing link or in other ways.

Solution 3. Check network connection

Shared Albums works based on iCloud, which means that information technology requires a stable Internet connection to role properly. If you find shared album disappeared on iPhone, information technology may result from internet connectivity bug.

Open a spider web browser to check if your Wi-Fi is working properly. If necessary, you can reset network settings by going to
Transfer or Reset iPhone
Reset Network Settings. Enter your password to get in.

Reset  Network Settings

Now, connect to your WiFi to see if your issue is solved.

Solution 4. Turn off & on Shared Albums

If there is nothing wrong with Apple System Status or your network connection, just plough off Shared Albums feature and re-enable it. Sometimes iPhone may become stuck and make iPhone Shared Album not working, so that some functions like Shared Albums will not be working temporarily, and simply switch off and on again tin can solve the outcome most of the fourth dimension. Merely open
>[your profile]
to locate
Shared Albums
to turn it off and on over again.

Solution 5. Plow off Low Ability Mode

Have you enabled Low Power Mode on iPhone? In Depression Ability Mode, most functions including Shared Albums will exist turned off. That’s may the reason why shared albums not showing up on iPhone.

Please plough off Low Power Way to let Shared Albums work again. Go to
on your iPhone >
to turn it off.

Solution vi. Update iOS to the latest version

Y’all may need to keep an eye on iOS updating since it updates frequently. If you don’t update the iOS to the latest version in time, you may encounter kinds of troubles including Shared Albums not showing up on iPhone.

You can become to
Software Update
to have a check. If there is an update available, Tap
Download and Install
to update it.

iOS Software Update

Shortcut: Share photos among iDevices in real-time via FoneTool

FoneTool, a professional person iOS data transfer tool, tin can assistance you scan all photos on your iPhone and choose selective photos to transfer to calculator/iOS devices. If the shared albums are not showing on iPhone, chances are that yous can rely on FoneTool to access photos in shared anthology past transfering hidden photos from iPhone to computer first.

what’southward more, rather than a transfer tool, the Shared Albums feature is more like a private social media for you lot and your family and friends. Withal, sharing photos with it may have a affair of privacy.

If you lot want to:

•  Be free to
transfer photos from unlike albumsat a fourth dimension, such as Camera Roll, Photos Library, or any other folders that save photos,
• Transfer and get files
at a fast speed without whatever effort,
• Go the transferred files
without Internet connexion,
• Salve the transferred files
in their original quality, FoneTool must exist 1 of the best choices for you. Free download FoneTool to your computer and accept a try. You can follow the steps below to expect for photos in shared albums, as well equally share photos with your family and friends.

Steps to share photos between iPhone to iPhone

Step 1. Connect the source iPhone to computer > Launch FoneTool > Click
Telephone Transfer on its homepage > Get to
iPhone to PC
and click
Offset Transfer.

Transfer To Computer

Footstep 2. Click the
icon > Check the
icon to preview and select photos from your iPhone, the share albums should be listed in the middle pane if they are hidden > Click
to confirm. You can pick the wanted videos or music at the aforementioned time.

Choose Photos

Pace three. Click
Start Transfer
> Choose a destination to salvage these photos > Click
Transferto start.


Stride 4. Unplug the source iPhone and plug the target iPhone into the computer > Click
Telephone Transfer
> Go to
PC to iPhone instead.

Transfer To iPhone

Step 5. Click theaddicon to add together the transferred files to the box > ClickOpento continue. You can too drag and drop files from the folder that saves the files to the box > Click
Start Transferto save them to the target iPhone.


To better organize photos library on your iPhone, you can also let FoneTool fill-in important iPhone data to estimator selectively and delete duplicate photos automatically for the sake of freeing up iPhone storage infinite.


That’s all about the height 6 fixes to shared albums not showing up on iPhone. Hope you can get admission to shared albums on iPhone now.

The Shared Albums function is not the only style to share photos and videos between iOS devices. You lot could try a simpler and faster way – FoneTool and it even supports y’all to transfer photos from Android to iPhone.


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