How Much Is A Iphone 4

By | 08/10/2022

iphone 4 pricing

iPhone 4 is here, it’south awesome, and everyone wants i. But what’south it going to set you back? What is the price of the phone and what’s the cost of the new AT&T data plans? How much is information technology to upgrade from an existing iPhone? Tin can you buy one without a contract? Yous know that iPhone 4 availability began on June 24, and now y’all’ll know how much it’s actually going to cost to get in your easily. This is the
ultimate iPhone 4 pricing guide
, read on.

iPhone 4 pricing

The all new iPhone four is available in two colors, white and black, and each has two different storage capacity options that issue the price of the phone.

  • iPhone 4 16GB: $199
  • iPhone 4 32GB: $299

Keep in mind that in the U.s.a., to get iPhone 4 at these prices yous will accept to renew or sign up for a two twelvemonth contract with AT&T.

iPhone 4 price
without contract

You’ll exist able to purchase iPhone 4 outside of an AT&T contract for an unsubsidized price, merely it’south non cheap:

  • iPhone 4 16GB without contract: $599
  • iPhone 4 32GB without contract: $699

The reason for the high price is considering the phone is no longer subsidized by the AT&T 2-year commitment. Suddenly that contract is looking appealing huh? But be certain to get the right data plan for your use.

iPhone 4 Wireless Data Plans pricing

If you’re a new AT&T customer you’ll have three data plans and pricing options to choose from:

  • Data Plus
    – 200MB of data for $xv/month
  • DataPro
    – 2GB of data for $25/month, additional 1GB of data for $10
  • Tethering
    – Requires DataPro Plan, plus an boosted $twenty/month for tethering support

It’south actually of import to know how much data you utilize, so if you’re an existing customer be sure to check your AT&T iPhone information usage before going into a new plan.

What about Unlimited Data?
Unlimited Data is no longer offered, simply if y’all are a current AT&T client and you are still nether an iPhone unlimited data contract, you can keep the unlimited data plan for $30/month as long as you lot do not permit the contract or plan lapse. If you permit information technology lapse or do non renew the unlimited data contract, y’all will non be able to become unlimited data over again on AT&T. Over again, once y’all lose unlimited information you volition not get it again!

iphone 4 pricing

Toll of upgrading to iPhone 4 from an iPhone 3G or 3GS

You’ll exist able to upgrade to iPhone 4 if you already are in contract with an iPhone 3G or 3GS, but yous’ll need to:

  • Sign a new two yr contract with AT&T
  • Pay an $18 contract renewal fee
  • Buy iPhone 4, starting at $199, see above

Notation the $eighteen fee is waived for many people who’s contract expires anytime in 2010. You can check your AT&T iPhone upgrade eligibility to discover out your contract eligibility and if the fee applies to you. The above applies to those iPhone 3G and 3GS subscribers who upgrade in 2010, after 2010 the cost of the new iPhone goes up to $399 and $499, then if y’all’re thinking nearly upgrading you’ll want to do information technology in 2010.

Rebates and Credits for contempo iPhone 3GS purchasers?

According to
MacRumors, AT&T will be offering both rebates and credits to recent purchasers of iPhone 3GS.

AT&T will be offer bill credit rebates for users who purchased an iPhone 3GS between May 7th and June seventh, with customers set up to receive $l (16 GB) or $100 (32 GB) if they file a request with the company. The offer is good for 30 days from the engagement of purchase, with those in the early portion of the buy window (May 7th through May 14th) having until June 14th to file their requests.

The same story reports that AT&T may be offering iPhone 3GS users the option to upgrade to iPhone 4 if they pay the toll deviation between the phones:

iPhone 3GS customers who purchased handsets betwixt May 7th and June 7th the option to upgrade to iPhone 4, only paying applicable price differences. Customers who purchased a “closeout” iPhone 3GS after June 7th are not eligible for these offers.

This information has not been confirmed and is based on some documents obtained by a third party. It’s entirely possible the rebates and credits won’t hold true.

The new iPhone is already selling like absolute hotcakes and is continuously sold out. Apple has done it again!