How Long Does An Iphone Update Take

Apple tree’s iOS 15.7 update is a pocket-sized milestone upgrade, but it could accept quite a scrap of fourth dimension to install on your iPhone.

The visitor’s pushed its iOS 15.7 update and the software delivers a brusque listing of changes to iPhone users. The firmware brings important security patches with it.

If you’re moving your iPhone from iOS fifteen.6.i to iOS fifteen.7, yous get the shortest list of changes and the smallest download size. To requite yous an thought, the iOS 15.7 update is around 350 MB for iPhone 12 Pro users moving up from iOS

If y’all’re upgrading from an older version of iOS, your iOS fifteen.7 download could be much larger because the changes from the update(southward) yous skipped are baked in.

While some of you lot might want to skip the iOS fifteen.7 download for the fourth dimension being, nigh people should install the software right now, or, at some point in the virtually future.

If you decide to install iOS xv.7 on your iPhone, you’ll want to set aside some time to get the upgrade properly installed on your device.

Moving a device from one version of iOS to another often causes bug and then y’all’ll desire to monitor the download, the installation, and your phone’southward operation one time the installation is complete.

We can’t tell you exactly how long the process will take because it will vary. That said, we can aid you approximate how much time you lot should prepare aside should you choose to install the new software on your iPhone.

Chore Time
Sync (Optional) 5-45 Minutes
Backup and Transfer (Optional) 1-xxx Minutes
iOS Download 5 Minutes to 15 Minutes
iOS 15.7 Installation 7 Minutes to 12 Minutes
Total iOS fifteen.7 Update Time 12 Minutes to 1 Hour+


Before you start the iOS download brand sure you’re prepared.

If y’all don’t know how to properly prepare for an iOS upgrade, take a look at our pre-installation guide. It’ll walk you lot through the most important steps to have before you starting time the installation procedure.

You should be able to get through these steps in thirty minutes, merely information technology all depends on your skill level and the current land of your iPhone.

If yous haven’t backed up your data in awhile or if y’all aren’t familiar with iOS 15.7’s changes, the pre-installation procedure could take you a longer.

You lot don’t need to follow every single footstep in the guide, but at the very least you lot’ll want to make certain your phone’due south information is backed up properly.

Data loss issues are pretty rare, but if you store sensitive data (photos, videos, etc) on your device, it’s ever amend to err on the side of circumspection.

iOS 15.7 Download

In one case yous’ve prepared, it’s time to start the download process.

Again, the exact size of your iOS 15.7 download will depend on your iPhone model and the version of iOS it’s currently running.

If yous’re on the latest version of iOS 15 you’ll, once again, run into the smallest download size. If you’re running an older version, your download could exist larger.

If you lot’re on a fast Wi-Fi network, the download should finish upwardly in less than ten minutes. If your connexion is slower, or you’re downloading during peak hours, yous might be looking at 10 minutes or more.

iOS xv.7 Installation

Once your device is done pulling iOS 15.7 from Apple’s servers, the installation process will brainstorm. This could take longer than the download.

If you lot’re moving up from iOS 15.6.1, the iOS 15.7 installation should take x minutes or less to complete. It took about seven minutes to install on an iPhone 12 Pro that was previously running iOS fifteen.half dozen.

Your iPhone might reboot itself a couple of times during the installation procedure, simply this is perfectly normal. Your device should boot up commonly once the installation procedure completes.


Later the installation finishes up, you might demand to spend time logging into your iCloud business relationship, signing into your device’s various apps and services, and/or setting up Apple Pay.

You also might want to spend some fourth dimension checking your of import data (photos, music, etc) to make sure everything carried over properly.

After y’all do that, make sure yous examination your cadre applications and services to ensure they’re working normally. New iOS software tin can cause apps to go haywire.

If you notice an consequence with one or more of your apps, try downloading the latest version. Developers are still rolling out iOS 15 back up updates.

You’ll likewise want to poke effectually your telephone for bugs and operation issues. If you find something accept a look at our list of fixes for common iOS 15 bug.

4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 15.7 & xi Reasons Yous Should

Install iOS 15.7 for Meliorate Security

Install iOS 15.7 for Better Security

If security is important to yous, you’ll want to think about installing Apple’southward iOS 15.vii update correct away.

iOS 15.7 brings 11 security patches along with it. If you desire to take a await at the details, head over to Apple’s security site for more.

If you missed iOS 15.6.i, it had ii security patches on board which are essential if you want to keep your device and its data safe from impairment. You can read more nearly the pair on Apple’southward website.

If you missed Apple’due south iOS 15.6 update, information technology had 30+ security upgrades on lath. You lot can larn more than about them right here.

If yous missed iOS 15.5 it brought 27 new security patches to the iPhone. You can larn more about these patches over on Apple’southward security site.

If you missed iOS xv.four.ane, it had one new security patch on board. You can read more well-nigh information technology over on Apple’south website.

If you lot missed the iOS fifteen.4 update, it had a whopping 36 new security patches on board. If you want to learn more than about these patches, head on over to Apple tree’s security site for the particulars.

If you lot missed iOS 15.three.1, it had one security patch on lath. For more than about it, head over to Apple’s security folio.

If y’all missed iOS 15.three, you’ll also go its patches with your upgrade. iOS 15.3 brought 10 new security patches to iPhone users. If you’re interested in the details, you can read more about them right here.

If y’all missed iOS 15.2.1, you’ll become its security patch with your upgrade. You can learn more most the change over on Apple tree’s website.

If you lot missed Apple tree’south iOS 15.2 update, you’ll get its thirty+ security patches with your upgrade. You can read all about them over on the company’s security site.

iOS 15.2 also included some important upgrades to privacy. The software brought the company’s App Privacy Report to Settings. This lets yous see how oft your apps have accessed your location, photos, camera, microphone, contacts and more than during the last 7 days. Y’all can too see their network activity.

In addition, iOS xv.2 brought Apple’s communication rubber features for kids. You’ll notice these features in the Messages app, in Siri, in Spotlight, and in Search.

If you missed iOS 15.1, iOS fifteen.7 will bring its security patches to your iPhone. You tin can read more about them on Apple’s website.

If you missed iOS 15.0.2 you’ll also get its security patch with your upgrade. You tin learn more about information technology right here.

iOS 15.0 also brought numerous security patches to your iPhone. If you’ll exist moving upwardly from iOS 14 and you’re interested in the exact nature of these improvements, you can read about them over on Apple’south security website.

Apple’s updated its website with new information about iOS fifteen’s batch of security patches. The company now says the software patched upwards an consequence that could take exposed a user’due south individual Apple ID information and in-app search history. It also says iOS fifteen patched upward an outcome that allowed apps to override Privacy preferences.

If y’all skipped iOS 14.8 or any older versions of iOS, yous’ll go the security patches from those updates with your iOS fifteen.7 update likewise.

In improver to those patches, iOS 15 comes with some security and privacy upgrades including improvements to Siri. Requests fabricated to Siri are now candy on the device itself using Neural Engine. This makes it more secure.

If you lot’re an Apple Carte du jour user, you’ll at present get a security code that changes regularly to use when you brand online transactions.

Apple’s also included a born authenticator that’due south similar to Google Authenticator. This will let yous generate verification codes for enhanced sign-in security under your Passwords.

In that location’s also a Post feature that hides your IP address.


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