How Long Can You Record On Iphone

By | 11/10/2022

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Thanks to the built-in Phonation Memos app, y’all can tape and share your audio recordings on your iPhone with ease. We’ll prove you how to use the app to make your first-ever vocalism recording.

There’south no detail recording limit in the Voice Memos app. As long as your iPhone has enough free storage, you can continue to record your sound.


How to Record Audio from a Bluetooth Mic on the iPhone or iPad

Tape Sound on iPhone With the Vocalization Memos App

To make your get-go audio recording on your iPhone, open up the Voice Memos app on your phone.

Launch Voice Memos on iPhone.

In Vox Memos, at the bottom, tap the large red push to start recording.

Tap the red button in Voice Memos.

Your iPhone is now recording the audio with its built-in microphone. Experience free to sing a vocal, make a note, or speak whatever information technology is that yous desire to record; your iPhone is listening to you lot.

When y’all are done and want to cease the recording, tap the large red button at the lesser of Voice Memos.

Tap the stop red button in Voice Memos.

Your audio recording is now saved in the app. To play it, tap the recording and and then tap the play icon.

And that’s how you lot make voice recordings on your iPhone without using a tertiary-party app. If yous need to use Voice Memos frequently, there’due south a way to quickly launch information technology from Control Center.


How to Quickly Record Vox Memos on iPhone or iPad

Rename a Vocalization Recording on iPhone

Y’all might want to name your recordings so they are easily recognizable.

To do so, in Voice Memos, tap the recording you desire to rename.

Select a recording in Voice Memos.

Tap the current recording name to get in editable. Then type a new name for the recording and press Enter.

Rename a recording in Voice Memos.

Your recording now uses your newly specified name.

Share a Voice Recording on iPhone

You can share your Phonation Memos recordings using the iPhone’s standard share menu. This means you lot can share your recordings with the Files app, Google Drive, and even send them via email to someone.

To admission the share card, open up Voice Memos and tap the recording to share.

Select the recording to share.

At the bottom-left corner of your recording, tap the iii dots.

Tap the three dots beneath the recording.

From the carte du jour that appears, select “Share.”

Select "Share" from the menu.

Your iPhone’southward standard share menu will open. Here, select where you’d like to share your recording.

Select an option in iPhone's share menu.


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Delete a Voice Recording on iPhone

If yous no longer demand a voice recording, you lot can delete individual or multiple recordings at once in Vox Memos.

To do so, open Phonation Memos and tap “Edit” in the peak-right corner.

Tap "Edit" in Voice Memos.

Select the audio recordings you want to delete.

Choose the recording to delete.

In Vocalization Memos’ bottom-right corner, tap “Delete.”

Tap "Delete" in the bottom-right corner.

Voice Memos will movement your selected recordings to the “Recently Deleted” binder. The recordings will stay here for 30 days after which they volition be permanently removed.

If you’d like to get rid of your recordings permanently without them staying for another 30 days, so tap the “Recently Deleted” folder on Voice Memos’ main screen.

Tap "Recently Deleted" in Voice Memos.

At the top-right corner of the “Recently Deleted” screen, tap “Edit.”

Select "Edit" on the "Recently Deleted" screen.

Select the recordings to delete, then in the bottom-right corner, tap “Erase.”

If you’d like to restore your deleted audio recordings, so tap the “Recover” selection instead.

Select a recording and tap "Erase."

From the menu that opens, select “Erase Recording.”

You lot cannot restore your recordings once they are permanently deleted. Brand certain you really want to delete them before tapping “Erase Recording.”

Tap "Erase Recording" in the prompt.

Your recordings are now deleted.

Vox Memos is an extremely useful app to make those quick audio recordings. It’due south a perfect tool for when you lot want to annotation something but you can’t type. Savour!

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