Buy more Google storage

Your Google Account starts with xv GB of included cloud storage to utilize beyond Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos. You can buy more than storage within Google Bulldoze, or upgrade to Google One, to get extra benefits.

If you take a work or school account, y’all tin’t buy more storage for yourself. If you lot need more storage, contact the person who gave you lot your account.

Storage subscriptions

  • At whatever time, you lot tin change your storage programme to either a monthly or annual fee.
  • A Google I subscription doesn’t expire — it’ll renew automatically unless you change your settings.
  • When you switch to a different payment schedule, it can take up to 24 hours for these changes to have effect.
  • In add-on to the listed cost, yous may be charged local taxes or fees. These rates may exist changed past local entities without notice from Google. Google doesn’t charge actress fees across the listed price. If you alive in the European Economic Area or Kingdom of morocco, you’ll be charged Value-Added Taxation (VAT) on Google Play purchases. For these purchases, you tin can request a VAT invoice or receipt.
  • Buying Google storage is merely bachelor in some countries. Find countries where you tin buy storage.

You can go extra storage for your Google products.

Upgrade your Google storage

Buy more than storage with Google One

Afterward yous upgrade, your Google One membership replaces your current Drive storage plan. Google One members get even more storage space, plus exclusive benefits and family programme sharing. If you want more storage space every bit a Google I member:

  1. Brand certain y’all’re signed in to your Google Account.
  2. On your computer, become to
  3. On the left, click
  4. Choose your new storage limit.
  5. Review the new plan prices and payment date. And so, click
    Side by side.
  6. To confirm your Google Ane plan, click

Learn more

  • How your existing storage works with Google One
  • How much Google Ane costs in your location.
  • How to switch to a monthly or yearly storage plan.

Near Google One plans offered by another company

If your Google One programme is offered through another visitor, yous’ll need to contact that company directly to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan.

Manage a Google One plan offered past another company

Switch to a different Google One program merely bachelor on the Google One site and app

How can I switch to a Google One plan that’s just available to purchase through Google 1 site or app?

If you bought your current plan from another company, and instead want a plan that’southward only available for purchase on the Google Ane site or app, you need to:

  • Cancel your current Google I plan by contacting the company that sold yous the plan.
  • Subscribe to a Google One program available on the Google One site and app.

Ready payment issues

To fix payment issues, contact the company offering you the plan and brand certain your payment method hasn’t expired and the details are correct. Y’all tin can find a link to contact the company in Google One settings.

Keep in listen, you won’t be able to update your payment method on the Google One site or app.

Why is in that location an issue with my payment?

This can happen if your payment method has expired or the details are incorrect or outdated. To fix payment issues, contact the company offering you the Google One programme.

What happens if there’south an issue with my payment?

If there’s a payment issue, y’all volition keep to have admission to your Google One benefits for a express time. If yous don’t resolve the upshot promptly, your Google One program will stop and your storage limit will be reduced to 15 GB. If y’all exceed this amount, you lot will feel interruptions to Gmail, Google Photos, Drive, and other Google services. Learn more about what happens when you exceed your storage limit.

Update your Google One membership through Pixel Pass

To participate in the Pixel Pass bundle, you must choose a 200 GB or higher Google 1 programme. If you want less storage than 200 GB, you must abolish your Pixel Pass membership and sign up for Google One individually. Larn how to Cancel your Pixel Laissez passer programme.

Change your programme

If y’all have a 200 GB Google I program through Pixel Laissez passer, you lot tin can change your plan to have more than storage through the Google I website. Your monthly toll will change based on the plan y’all choose, and you lot’ll see the new price at checkout.

  1. On your computer, get to
  2. Sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Click Settingsand then
    Change membership plan.
  4. Select an upgrade plan.

If you lot purchased your Pixel Pass subscription through the Google Store, you tin can as well update your Google One plan on the Google Store.

Amend collaboration and stay connected with
Google Workspace

If your company wants meliorate collaboration and more storage for work projects, y’all tin sign up for a Google Workspace Essentials account. To sign up, use your business email address.

A Google Workspace Essentials account provides:

  • Secure, reliable video conferencing
  • Shared drive space where teams can store all of their content
  • Collaboration apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides
  • Security, privacy, and compliance tools
  • No domain verification or Information technology involvement required

Larn more than virtually the apps, tools, and pricing for One thousand Suite Essentials.

Check if your Google Bulldoze storage is updated

After yous purchase storage on Google Drive:

  • It can take upwards to 24 hours for the storage to exist available.
    Yous tin can bank check your storage at
  • If your storage is incorrect,
    sign in to your Google Business relationship to see if your payment went through.

Switch to a plan with less storage

Change Google One membership with Pixel Pass

Pixel Pass subscribers tin alter Google One membership plans at If you want less than 200 GB of Google storage, cancel your Pixel Pass subscription and sign up for a split Google One membership. Learn how to Cancel your Pixel Pass program.

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