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Google Chrome’s new tab page is a mess. Here’s how to make it better.

By | 26/10/2022

Google Chrome’south new tab page is a mess. Hither’s how to make it better.

Take advantage of Chrome’s built-in customization tools or install an extension instead.

The Tabliss extension in Google Chrome.

You can make every new tab a window into a beautiful landscape.
Justin Pot

Google Chrome’s new tab folio is getting a flake chaotic. Not long ago, it featured only the search bar and a few rows of icons. But now you can come across rows of cards suggesting recipes, aslope text advertisements for Google products. And this is all happening beneath a search box you don’t really need since yous’re likely using the address bar for that anyhow.

The good news is that Chrome gives yous some flexibility to customize the new tab page, so yous tin can have information technology look a lot cleaner within seconds. Merely if you find that doesn’t cut information technology for y’all, there are a few 3rd-party extensions that tin replace the new tab folio entirely.

Customize the new tab folio on Google Chrome

To make your new tab page your own, open a new tab in Chrome, look to the bottom-right corner of the screen, and click on
Customize Chrome
or the
pencil icon. From the emerging window, you tin customize the background prototype for the page, the information cards, and fifty-fifty Chrome’s color and theme.

Start by selecting a new groundwork. At that place are a few built-in options, most of which are image collections that will show you a new photo every day. If yous get bored easily, this is an easy manner to rotate different and beautiful images without having to think about it much. But if you already have something in mind, you tin upload an image file from your computer (including an animated GIF) and employ that.

Now, let’s get rid of some ataxia. Nether
Shortcuts, you can make up one’s mind what to make of the two rows of icons you see right below the search bar. Yous can apply them to prove your ain customized set up of webpage shortcuts, or automatically display the sites you visit virtually often. If neither of those options works and you lot just desire a cleaner look, Chrome too gives you the ability to turn these icons off entirely.

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You lot tin do the same with the cards that sometimes show up at the lesser of the new tab page. Click on
and check the chimera side by side to
to stop seeing them altogether. But if you lot like getting random recipe ideas, reminders of abandoned online shopping carts, or quick links to recently accessed files on your Google Drive, you can toggle the switches to all or some of the items on this list.

If simplicity is the name of the game for you, just turn these two features off and you’ll have a much tidier new tab page. You won’t be able to get rid of the Google logo, the search bar, or the ads for Google products that occasionally prove upward at the bottom of the page. Fortunately, this is where browser extensions come in.

Replace the tab entirely

If you can’t stand Chrome’southward new tab folio, yous tin supervene upon it. In that location are hundreds of extensions that can do this for you, just here are our top three.


Tabliss is entirely free, has no ads, and is built by an open-source customs, which means it’southward likely to stay that way. Information technology also features the added benefit of a beautiful, streamlined design.

By default, Tabliss will bear witness you cute landscapes from stock photo repository Unsplash, merely you can also replace the background with animated GIFs of calming textures from Giphy or a solid epitome of your choosing.

Whenever you open a new tab, Tabliss will greet you with the electric current time, but you tin remove the clock and supervene upon the text with things similar a to-practice list, a identify to exit notes, and even NBA scores.


is free for

Google Chrome

World View

Earth View from Google World is a costless extension from Google that shows y’all a random place on our planet every time y’all open up a new tab—it’ll ever be beautiful, interesting, or both.

And if you’re ever curious virtually what you’re looking at, you can click the
globe icon
in the bottom right corner of the screen to jump directly to the real location the photo was taken in Google Maps.

World View from Google Earth

is free for

Google Chrome

New Tab Override

If at that place is a website you wish you could use as a new tab folio, New Tab Override lets you practice simply that. Choose any URL, and Chrome will open information technology every time you open a new tab.

New Tab Override opens up the infinite in the new tab page and then you can use it in all sorts of ways. Productivity enthusiasts could accept new tabs display their to-do list app of choice, while sports fans could use a scoreboard. Or if y’all’re overwhelmed and desire some ideas, check out this collection of commencement pages built for exactly this purpose.

New Tab Override

is gratis for

Google Chrome

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