DC may not have the marketplace share of Marvel, only they’ve been putting out some amazing comics for years. DC has put out some of the greatest comics of all fourth dimension, and in the modern era, that commitment to excellence has been kept up. DC employs some of the best writers and artists in the comics business organization and continues to put out bully comics on a monthly ground.

A lot of great comics are coming out this November, including ones that every fan of DC should check out. From new series to old favorites, DC is putting out some noteworthy comics.


Action Comics #1036
Is The Offset Of “The Warworld Saga”

Action Comics
began to have off ever since writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson took over. It’south all been edifice upwardly to upshot #1036, which is the beginning of “The Warworld Saga.” Spinning out of events in
Action Comics
and Grant Morrison and Mikal Janin’s
Superman And The Authroity,
the story sees Superman and the Authority go after Mongul on Warworld.

Mongul is one of Superman’southward toughest foes, and Superman’southward waning power levels make this fight a dissimilar ane. Johnson and artist Daniel Sampere have been doing smashing work with this volume lately, and this story looks to be huge. With a back-upward by writer Sean Lewis and artist Sami Basri, this exciting Superman content will be available on Nov 9th.


Superman: Son Of Kal-El #v
Presents A Milestone In The New Superman’s Life

Jonathan Kent's Superman kissing Jay Nakamura in DC comics.

Jon Kent has proven to exist a dissimilar Superman than his begetter, and
Superman: Son Of Kal-El #5,
by author Tom Taylor and artist Jon Timms, represents another milestone in Jon’s life. By at present, almost comic fans have heard nigh this issue, every bit information technology’south the 1 where Jon comes out equally bisexual. This caused a small-scale uproar among people outside of the comic book fandom, just it was something that had been teased for months in the volume.

Taylor and Timms are proving to be a slap-up team, and this issue is going to be one of the biggest comics of the year. Coming out every bit bisexual is wonderful grapheme development for Jon, and readers will get to experience it on November xvi.


Dark Knights Of Steel
Is Tom Taylor’southward Next Alternate DC Masterpiece

Dark Knights Steel Batman Superman

Tom Taylor has another great book,
Nighttime Knights Of Steel, coming out in November.
Joined by artist Yasmine Putri,
Dark Knights Of Steel
sees an alternating DC Universe that is medieval instead of mod, where refugees from a doomed world institute a kingdom with some familiar faces.

Tom Taylor made a proper noun for himself on
so alternate DC worlds are what he’s skilful at. The first result came out on Nov 2d and ends with a twist that makes the whole thing a lot more interesting than the typical alternate DC universe story.


Supergirl: Adult female Of Tomorrow #5
Keep’s Kara’s Space Adventure

Supergirl Woman Of Tomorrow 5 falling into a monster's mouth

Supergirl: Adult female Of Tomorrow,
past writer Tom Male monarch and artist Bilquis Everly, has been a striking so far, following Supergirl and alien daughter Ruthye equally they hunt down the man who’south killed Ruthye’s begetter and attacked Krypto beyond the stars. King and Bilquis have proven to be an amazing squad, and issue #5, out Nov 16th, looks to follow with fifty-fifty more success.

Supergirl and Ruthye fall into a trap equally they discover themselves on a planet of eternal dark with Supergirl’s powers fading. King has done an amazing chore with Kara and so far, and Everly’southward fine art is just amazing. This volume has been special from the beginning, highlighting why Supergirl is such an amazing heroine.


The Swamp Matter #nine
Is The Penultimate Issue Of The Book’s First Season


The Swamp Thing,
past author Ram V and artist Mike Perkins, has been an amazing return to class for DC’south nigh famous monster. V has captured both the horror overtones of the character and combined it with the superhero elements like no other since Alan Moore. Perkins has proven to be an amazing partner in criminal offence for 5 and the two make upwardly one of the best teams in DC right at present.

Event #9 is the penultimate issue of this first flavour of the book, with the new Swamp Thing Levi having to deal with the revelation that his brother is destroying the Light-green. This has been a great book and so far, and this result looks to be heading in the right direction.


Justice League Incarnate #one
Is The Continuation Of
Infinite Frontier


Infinite Frontier
opened upwardly a whole tin of worms for the DC Multiverse.Justice League Incarnate #1,
by writers Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver and artists Brandon Peterson and Andrei Bressan, builds on that miniseries’ ending. Starring the multiversal Justice League beginning introduced in Grant Morrison’s
The Multiversity,
it centers around the team trying to cease the newest threat to every universe.

Starring Calvin Ellis, the Superman of Earth-23, and Flashpoint Batman, the book is the next phase of DC’s development and introduces Dr. Multiverse from Earth-eight. This one looks to be extremely important to the future of DC, and it drops on November 23rd.


The Flash #776
Continues Wally W’s Render To The Mantle Of The Flash

Flash 776 DC Comics

Wally West is many fans’ favorite Wink, and
The Flash #776,
by writer Jeremy Adams and creative person Fernando Passarin, continues the story of his return as the hero. This effect starts a new story arc, every bit Doctor Fate whisks Wally away to the In Between to finish the next large threat. This volume has been a revelation for Flash fans, and it takes Wally out of his comfort zone.

The Flash doesn’t have many magic adventures, then this new story arc should be interesting to say the least. The addition of Doctor Fate adds to the excitement, as he and the Flash battle a demonic threat. It comes out on November 23rd and promises to be exciting.


Nightwing #86
Continues The
Fright State

Nightwing 86 DC Comics

has been on a roll since writer Tom Taylor has taken over, and it’s i of DC’s best books in print. Event #86 is a
Fear State
crossover, pitting Nightwing and Batgirl against the Magistrate’s Skybase-01. As the city is hit with fear, Dick and Babs have to discover a way to bring it down and finish Seer from broadcasting Babs’ data.

While this is role of a crossover, the story so far has focused a lot on Dick and Babs’ relationship and has been a wild ride. Artist Robbi Rodriguez is doing a phenomenal task, and Taylor has proven to exist a deft mitt with Nightwing and Barbara. Dropping on November 16th, this effect is central to
Fearfulness State
and should be a great read.


Wonder Woman: Historia Book One
Tells The Story Of The Amazons


The Amazons are ane of DC’s near venerable factions, simply their history has always been complex due to DC’s continuity changes.
Wonder Woman: Historia Book I,
by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Phil Jimenez, sets out to shed some light on Amazon history. This volume is going to be a big bargain, and it’s got an astonishing creative team.

DeConnick is the perfect writer for this project, and Jimenez has been i of Wonder Woman’due south most prolific creators. This volume kicks off the iii-volume serial, with Factor Ha and Nicola Scott taking over for books two and 3. Coming out on November 30th, this one looks to be a classic in the making.


The Homo Target #1
Brings A Classic DC Character Back

Human Target JLI header

Tom King is 1 of DC’due south most prolific writers in contempo years. He’s put out some amazing stories for DC and works best in a twelve-issue format, as seen withOmega Men, Mister Miracle, Strange Adventures,
Rorschach. The Man Target
is his next big twelve-upshot serial, starring Christopher Hazard, a forgotten DC Argent Historic period star.

Joined by artist Greg Smallwood, this volume focuses on Chance protecting Lex Luthor when an bump-off attempt catches him by surprise and he has to solve the mystery behind it. King works best in these kinds of stories, and Smallwood’southward art looks beautiful. It came out on Nov 2nd equally a great book from King and Smallwood.

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