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Messaging is an integral part of our daily life but errors like “Free Msg: Unable to transport message – Bulletin Blocking is agile” can make the service completely unusable. If you are dealing with this effect on your Android or iOS device and so I can understand how frustrating it is to deal with the consequence.

It is an issue that needs immediate attention as messaging is a really of import thing a user does on a daily basis. Hence, I have compiled a couple of working foxes that you can endeavour to go rid of the “Free Msg: Unable to send message – Message Blocking is active” error and then that you tin send messages without any interruption.

What does it mean when I text someone and information technology says message blocking is active?

The mistake, “Free Msg: Unable to transport message – Bulletin Blocking is active” is a message that you come across after you lot send a message via your Android, iPhone, or iPad. This error message indicates that the contact you are trying to transport the text message to is really non able to receive the message.

Reasons for the “Unable to send message – Message Blocking is active” mistake

Though the error bulletin that pops up is common to all smartphones and tablets, the reason backside information technology can be different. Here are some of the possible reasons why you get the “Free Msg:
Unable to ship message – Bulletin Blocking is active
” fault upon sending a message to a contact.

  • Service Outrage
    from your service provider’south terminate can easily crusade the Unable to Send Message error every bit there will be no proper connectivity due to outrage, leading to undeliverability of the sent message.
  • The
    recipient may be
    out of a program which can make the recipient unable to send or receive any form of the message including the text message. If there is an overdue carrier’southward bill for the recipient, and so the “Free Msg:
    Unable to send bulletin – Message Blocking is active
    ” can occur.
  • Message Blocking is active
    on the recipient’s phone. If the recipient has used its service provider’southward feature to cake incoming and outgoing messages tin can too brand the trouble occur. The aforementioned likewise practical in the case of minors using the messaging app where parental control has enabled Message Blocking.
  • Issue from the service provider
    can likewise brand give birth to this message on the sender’south phone upon sending the bulletin. Information technology is possible that your Messaging, Information, and Calling are prepare to naught instead of Unlimited or the limit your current program allows.

How do I Set “Unable to send message – Message Blocking is agile”?

Based on the possible reasons we discussed above, at that place is actually non much that you can do from your end. Since the problem lies on the recipient’s phone,all you lot can exercise is make contact with the recipient using an alternate method.

Either way, beneath are the possible ways past which the recipient can handle this situation.

Set 1: Disable Message Blocking

Message blocking is the most common and the existent reason why the sends gets the “
Complimentary Msg:
Unable to send message – Message Blocking is active

” message instead of the real message getting delivered. If the recipient has enabled the Message Blocking using its service provider, then information technology is the recipient’s telephone call whether he/she wants to disable it or not.

In such a case, as a sender, y’all can only brand an alternate way to contact the sender and inform the recipient about the scenario. As an culling, y’all tin can either send him a vocalisation message or a unproblematic voice call can do the pull a fast one on.

Equally a recipient, you can either contact your service provider to disable Message Blocking on your number or if yous have a dedicated app of your Carrier provider due east.g. T-Mobiles then you tin can use information technology to seamlessly enable/disable the feature.

Fix 2: Pay your overdue

Adjacent, as a recipient, if you have not enabled Message Blocking but the one who is sending you the message is yet getting the “
Free Msg:
Unable to send message – Bulletin Blocking is agile

” error, it is very likely that your Carrier plan is over or there is no sufficient residual to continue the service.

Hence it is highly brash to brand sure that y’all are not out of the program and that your service provider has non disabled all your services like texting, calling, data, etc.

Set up 3: Contact Support

In some cases, the issue can occur if your plan is not configured properly and you are still not able to use your plan. In such a case, contact your service provider and explain the upshot to their back up executive.

There have been instances where fifty-fifty later on having a valid program, the data, calling, and the messaging limit is ready to cipher instead of unlimited or equally per your current active programme. In such a case, contacting the service provider’s back up will definitely help in resolving the issue.

Lesser Line

With that said, here comes the stop of this fixing guide. I hope that this fixing guide volition help yous in solving the error, “
Free Msg: Unable to ship message – Message Blocking is active
” on your device. It is acually not an erro if you wait closely. This is a clear indication bulletin that the Message Blocking is active on the recipient’south phone and hence at that place’due south nothing faulty on your device or with your service provider. Instead, the issue lies on the recipient’s terminate. Either, the Message Blocking has been enabled by the recipient using his service provider, or he/she is out of the carrier plan. There can likewise exist some other technical problems from the recipient’s carrier’s end that tin exist resolved by contacting the support of the recipient. And equally a sender of the bulletin, y’all can only inform the recipient about the problem to make him aware.

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