Forza 5 Fast Track Treasure Hunt, Stop Playing Around, Get Toy

By | 15/09/2022

Information technology may exist hard to believe, just we’re into Series 12 of the
Forza Horizon five
Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges. And as such, new changes are afoot – nosotros got ourselves a Road Trip.

Series 12 of Forza Horizon 5’s challenges all come up under the Road Trip banner but basically all y’all need to know is that should you go and complete what is in place, you’ll be well rewarded with new cars and tons of cosmetics.

It’s all set up in the usual way, with PR Stunts, races, and more than to partake in – and that’s where we come in with our little weekly guide, detailing the easiest fashion for you to complete each challenge with the best cars and tunes in the game.

Let’s become started…

Function 1: #Forzathon Weekly Challenge – Arbalist

The subject of this first week’south challenge is the KTM Ten-Bow R, an ultra lite sports automobile that isn’t known for animate being comforts or baggage infinite or, you know, little things similar a windscreen or a roof! Maybe not platonic for a route trip, eh?

Withal, we have to drive information technology, and if you don’t already own one, it is either the prize for completing the “Track Toy Story” championship in kickoff identify, or its a hefty 105,000 credits at the Autoshow. I know which I’d rather do.

Chapter ane – Runway Weapon

Go far your KTM, all the same you obtained information technology, and pin the throttle. Step one complete.

Chapter 2 – Right on Target

We need to score 12 stars at Speed Traps with this car.

Now, out of the box, information technology’s non awfully fast, so one swift engine transplant later I came upward with this share code: 969564725. This isn’t shy, so go basics!

Top tip: this doesn’t seem to runway if you try it in the Hot Wheels park, so come dorsum to Earth before going for it.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 12 Summer KTM

Chapter iii – Carbon Tub

Now, for a car with a carbon tub and fancy race derived suspension, yous’d think that jumping about like a flea would be far from the list of priorities. But, weirdly, that’due south what we need to practise, with five air skills needed to pass the next step.

I’m fully expecting the next challenge to exist getting a week’s worth of shopping from Tesco in the boot.

Chapter 4 – Quarrel Wreath

Luckily, it wasn’t that!

Now we just have to win a road race, and with the speed this thing has with the above tune, it should be no problem. Pick upwards the gold medal and relax. And complete the Treasure Chase at the same time!

Part two – Weekly Challenges

A new flavor, a new week, a new gear up of challenges. A bit of the Trial, some championships and PR stunts, and the obligatory wasps nest at a picnic, the Eventlab, all make a return this week. Stay tuned while I piece of work through and see what we demand, won’t you?

The Trial – On The Road Again

The Trial this week is Super Saloon flavoured, with a maximum tune of A Class 800.

Now, I don’t know about you, only when someone says Super Saloon, I e’er call back of a BMW M5, then this is my weapon of choice. The one from 2009, to be precise. A piddling fettling and the share code is: 485527590.

The prize for getting a ragtag agglomeration of cyberspace drivers together and forging them into a lean, hateful racing machine (or at least not taking each other out on each corner) is a very pretty motorcar, the Aston Martin DB11.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 12 Summer M5

Eventlab – LUPODERWOLF9404 Presents High Speed Band five Runden

Ah, Eventlab. How many different ways are in that location to brand me despise your very being? Well, here’due south another.

With the limit ready to GT Cars of A Form 880, the field isn’t massive, and and so I went with a bone stock Maserati Gran Turismo, every bit information technology’south in the proper name. No bespeak tuning a car for this as it is just united states of america on the track…

Your prize for this punishment? A white mod Puebla dress. I promise yous’ve got the legs for information technology!

Speed Trap – Declension View

220mph. That’south how fast we need to pass this speed trap at, in an S2 Course 998 car, of any description. At present, 220 is known, in technical terms, as “pretty bloody fast”, then I reached for the serious mechanism, a Koenigsegg Agrea with a share lawmaking of: 109282883.

Blasting past at a suitable speed volition net u.s.a. a Super Wheelspin. Maybe a bonnet to go with the lovely dress from the Eventlab, eh?

Danger Sign – Hotel

The Hotel Danger Sign is a tricky ane, with a restricted run upwards on route. We need to go into an S2 Course 998 car, of whatever grade, and attempt and fly more than 155 metres. This will be a challenge, and every bit the best approach ins in a straight line beyond rough basis, I call up an off road vehicle will make sense.

And so I went completely loco and built a VW Camper to do the task! Yes, a Blazon 2 De Luxe, with a share lawmaking of 124892756 did 158 metres at the first trial run, so endeavor that.

You’ll go a squeamish Super Wheelspin should your camper fly far plenty.

Seasonal Championship – The Colossus

The Colossus is the stuff of nightmares, a stupidly long race that nosotros accept to consummate in Super GT cars, to a maximum of S1 Course 900. I went with a car that has its credentials in its name, the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Let’s hope it can live upwardly to its billing, eh?

I tweaked information technology a little to requite a share code of: 261040765.

This is a long race, and the driverbots aren’t shy, but at least it’s only one lap, eh? Winning volition get you a BMW M4 from 2014.

Seasonal Championship – Rails Toy Story

This title is centred around Track Toy grade cars. I know, you wouldn’t retrieve it from the championship, would you?

We are restricted to S1 Grade 900 also, and and so I went with a Porsche 911 GT2 RS from 2012, share code: 129256081. All I’ll say is that even making this thing AWD, you still become the impression that information technology wants to kill you lot.

Winning best two out of three races in a convoy, or the championship solo, will become you a KTM X-Bow, every bit required for the weekly car challenge.

Seasonal Championship – Road Endurance

Endurance is and then called, in this case, because the series is five races instead of the usual three. We need a Modern Muscle car for this series, and a maximum of A Form 800. Equally always when the word “Musculus” is mentioned, the solution is inevitably a Mustang of some description, and so it proves here. I took a Shelby GT500, share code: 402868577.

Winning this series volition gift us a Chevy Camaro from 2015, acceptable recompense for the amount of time these races take.

Seasonal Championship – Thou Tourers

Believe it or not, nosotros need to use GT class cars in this effect. Shocking, I know. To a maximum of A Class 800, no less, then I went with a Bentley Continental Supersports, mainly considering it had AWD equally standard!

A picayune light fettling gave me this share code: 102502146.

Winning will net u.s.a. a Caterham R500, the very car we need for the photograph challenge this week.

Part iii – Other Challenges

Only 3 actress challenges this week, and they are all pretty straightforward.

Photograph Claiming – #APEXSUPERSTARS

Fourth dimension to channel our inner David Bailey and have some pics now, and this week the Horizon Apex Festival site is the venue, over on the east declension.

Accept a Caterham R500 to the site, and snap away. I’ll include my photo and the location below for your viewing pleasure.

The prize is a Star 27 Jumper – just the thing with energy bills going the way they are.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 12 Summer Photo 1

Forza Horizon 5 Series 12 Summer Photo 2

Treasure Hunt – Fast Track

Another Treasure chase this week, and the clue reads “Stop playing around and be the first to get this toy to the stop of the road”. I have that to mean we need to win a road race in a Track Toy course automobile, and and then yous may have already completed this pace by finishing off the weekly challenge in the KTM. That’s how I did information technology, anyway!

I’ll include a photograph of the location of the chest to help you out. It contains 100 FP, which is prissy.

Forza Horizon 5 Series 12 Summer Treasure 2

Forza Horizon 5 Series 12 Summer treasure 1

Horizon Open – A Winner Is You

The weekly Horizon Open challenge returns, and this week it is purely a participation prize, every bit all y’all demand to do is consummate whatsoever Horizon Open up consequence.

I tin’t recommend a car equally it depends on what comes up in rotation, but simply competing will get you the prize.

What prize? A “You’re Winner” Forzalink phrase. That’s not even practiced English…

Part 4 – Hot Wheels Events

We love the
Hot Wheels
events and Serial 12 doesn’t disappoint. You may demand to be Elite Rank to accept in i of them, but the fun they bring is off the calibration.

Migrate Zone – Turbo Knot

Sliding fourth dimension at terminal, and this time the claiming is to take any car that is tuned to S2 Course 998 and slide it around, scoring some points in the procedure. How many points? Well, many!

215,000 points are needed to complete this claiming, and then a serious vehicle will be required. I chose a car from the Hot Wheels pack, to make it a chip more interesting. The car in question is the Hennessey Venom F5, a truly ridiculous automobile .It will take some practice, only fifty-fifty in stock trim it is more than capable of shredding its own tyres.

The prize for sliding is a Super Wheelspin.

Seasonal Title – Orange Rail Listen

This championship requires usa to employ an Extreme Track Toy grade car, tuned up to S2 Class 998. No regular Runway Toys here!

S2 Class automobile plus Hot Wheels track unremarkably equals stupid speeds, so lets stone. I went with a existent weapon, the Hot Wheels “Bad to the Blade”.

I have tweaked it a tad, and the share lawmaking is: 163373866. Might equally well use a Hot Wheels motorcar while we’re here, eh?

The prize for winning is a BMW M3 from 1997. Somewhat slow after this beastie.

With the arrival of a new flavor and serial comes the opportunity to take in a couple of new Monthly Rivals challenges. These are uncomplicated plenty – drive effectually a track, don’t crash and ensure your lap is ‘clean’, and yous’ll be rewarded. Serial 12 covers the Bola Ocho Excursion and the Forza EV Emerald Circuit. Just jump in, complete a lap and claim your advantage. Simples.

There are 4pts on offering in each of the Monthly Rivals events and then when you add them to those you’ll get throughout Series 12, volition discover a host of new cars can be yours. This Summertime week focuses on the Bentley Turbo R for 20pts and the MG MG3 for 40pts, whilst full Series rewards come in the grade of the Audi RS east-tron for 80pts and the McLaren 765LT for 160pts. Obviously you’ll need to piece of work through the challenges coming in Autumn, Wintertime and Spring of Series 12 for those – but we’ll be back on the weekly to deliver the cars and tunes y’all need again then.

Please remember to caput into the comments if you lot like this guide. Or if in that location are things we can alter that will make it easier for you lot, give the states a shout. We’re on the usual socials besides.

If yous don’t yet have a copy of Forza Horizon 5 so information technology is playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC via the
Xbox Shop. It’s on Game Pass as well whilst the Hot Wheels expansion costs real coin.