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For Honor Down This September 15 for Maintenance and Y6S3 Deployment

By | 15/09/2022

For Honor Update 2.36.two Patch Notes & Server Maintenance Today (June 23)

A new update will be deployed with an of import adjustment to the Conqueror

Ubisoft has confirmed the full server maintenance schedule for the latest For Honor update on June 23, which will bring some important adjustments to the Conqueror Hero, as well as new bug fixes.

Today’s patch will be deployed shortly before 10AM ET, but the game’s servers will exist taken offline prior to the release of the update. So, hither’s everything you need to know about the latest For Laurels update, including the official downtime schedule and patch notes.

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For Laurels Server Maintenance Schedule For Thursday, June 23

Every bit confirmed via the official For Accolade Twitter account, the game’s servers will exist taken offline for a brusk catamenia of server maintenance on Thursday, June 23. This volition enable the developers to release the new two.36.2 patch for all supported platforms.

Today’due south maintenance will begin at 9AM ET / 1PM UTC and will impact PlayStation, Xbox, and PC users. Reanimation is expected to last for a total of 45 minutes but may exist shortened or extended by the developers if necessary.

Players volition then exist prompted to download a new patch, which comes in at 7.6MB on all platforms. Full patch notes for the June 23 For Honor update can be plant further down this article.

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For Laurels Update two.36.2 Patch Notes

Below you volition notice the official patch notes for the June 23
For Honor
update, which brings the game to version 2.36.ii with the following changes:




  • Decreased Flail Uppercut and Scutage Collection damage to 13 (from 17 and 16 respectively)
  • Decreased Chained Infinite Heavies damage to 22 damage (from 27)
  • All side Light attacks have smaller trajectories
  • Flail Uppercut no longer causes hitstun that makes the following Heavy attack unable to be dodged

Issues FIXES


  • [Issues Set] Fixed an issue that caused rewards to non be granted after a lucifer of Justice of Pharaohs when playing PvsAI Matchmaking OFF




  • Grand Cavalier (Side Dodge Heavy)

    • are now 600ms (from 533ms)
  • Walk the Plank

    • Walk the Plank’south range was reduced past 0.5m
    • Walk the Plank’s Top version’s frontward move reduced to be the same as the Side versions
    • Walk the Plank’s pivot recovery is at present 1500ms (from 1300ms)
    • Pistol Smash from Walk the Plank now feeds 30 revenge (from v)
    • Pistol Nail from Walk the Plank at present costs six stamina (from fifteen)
    • Pistol Blast on cake/miss’s range was reduced by 0.5m


Full Block Stance

  • Can now be used to cancel the recovery of any attack
  • Now allows Stamina Regeneration after 300ms
  • Recovery is now 300ms (from 200ms)
  • No longer gains less revenge while in Full Block Stance
  • Stamina is no longer drained when blocking attacks while in Full Block Opinion
  • Can no longer abolish into Zone Attack
  • Can now initiate Flail Uppercut and Scutage Collection when blocking an assault

Flail Uppercut

  • Is now performed past pressing Heavy afterwards any Superior Block or Shield Bash
  • Is no longer Undodgeable
  • Can now be Parried
  • At present deals 17 impairment (from 20)
  • Can execute

NEW Move: Scutage Collection

  • Performed by pressing Lite later on any Superior Block or Shield Bash
  • Deals 15 impairment
  • Costs 9 Stamina
  • 360-degree trajectory
  • 466ms to hit locked target, 566ms total duration (like most Zone Attacks, information technology tin can hitting opponents after hit its main target)

Zone Attack

  • Now deals xv damage (from 8)
  • Tin no longer be held
  • No longer has Superior Block
  • At present initiates chains

Opener Heavy Attacks

  • Summit version now deals 27 harm (from 24)
  • Side versions now deal 24 damage (from 22)
  • Charged versions are at present all 700ms (from 800ms for top)
  • Charged versions now demand to charge for 600ms to gain Unblockable (from 1000ms)
  • Charged versions now deal 28 damage (from 32 for top and 30 for side)
  • Removed Superior Block property
  • Conqueror can no longer Cake while charging Heavy Attack
  • Removed soft feint to Shield Uppercut
  • Can at present be feinted

Chained Heavy Attacks

  • Top Chained Heavy attack is at present 800ms (from 900ms)
  • All sides are now Unblockable
  • Improved weapon trajectories on side versions to take more than reach
  • Removed soft feint to Shield Uppercut
  • Can now be feinted

Shield Fustigate from Contrivance

  • No longer drains stamina
  • No longer pauses stamina regeneration
  • At present chains to Flail Uppercut or Scutage Collection on hitting

Shield Bash mixup (Used in chains)

  • No longer drains stamina
  • No longer pauses stamina regeneration
  • Now chains to Flail Uppercut or Scutage Collection on striking
  • Now costs 10 stamina
  • Can now be feinted


Qi Stance Attacks

  • Can now cancel Qi Opinion with a Dodge
  • Astonishing Flower attacks are now 500ms (from 700ms)
  • Astonishing Blossom attacks are at present Enhanced
  • Top Astonishing Blossom no longer Stuns
  • Elegant Lotus attacks are now 700ms (from 1000ms from top and 600ms on sides)
  • Meridian Elegant Lotus is now Undodgeable (no longer Unblockable)
  • Sunday Boot now chains on miss
  • Sun Boot Strike is now 400ms (from 300ms)
  • Sun Kicking no longer bondage to Sweep
  • Qi Stance Light, Heavy and Lord’s day Kick Strike now concatenation to Dominicus Sweep
  • Sun Sweep is now 800ms (from 700ms)
  • Sun Sweep can be feinted
  • Sun Sweep no longer unbalances allies
  • Sun Sweep recovery now regains defence in the last 300ms
  • Lord’s day Sweep now has a dedicated follow-up move

New Move: Sun Sweep Heavy Followup

  • Sun Sweep Heavy Followup is performed by pressing the Heavy button
  • Is 700ms
  • Costs 12 stamina
  • Deals 24 damage
  • Initiates bondage too as can enter Qi Stance

Side Dodge Attacks

  • Now initiate chains
  • Now tin enter Qi Stance
  • Now take more than motility, both front and side

New Movement: Flying Monkey Variant

  • Performed by pressing Guard Interruption from Forepart Dodge
  • Is a 500ms Melee assault
  • Performed at 300ms to 500ms from Front Dodge
  • Chains to neutral Light or Heavy assail on hit or miss

    • Light is guaranteed

Light Opener Attacks

  • Summit Low-cal opener is now Enhanced
  • Side Lite opener combos now deal x-iv-4 damage (from 5-5-7)
  • Side Light opener combos no longer require strict timing to execute

Heavy Opener and Chained Attacks

  • Assail range has been increased for all Opener and Chained Heavy attacks
  • Improved trajectories on Side Heavy Attacks
  • All non-Finisher Heavy Attack recoveries have been normalized to 800ms

Zone Attack

  • 2nd striking is now 800ms (from 500ms)
  • 3rd hit is now 900ms (from 400ms)
  • Stamina cost is at present 20 for the first hitting, 20 for the second and 20 for the third (from sixty for first, 0 for others)
  • 2d striking now deals 15 harm (from 12)
  • 3rd hit now deals eighteen damage
  • Can now change targets betwixt hits of Zone Attack
  • Improved trajectories
  • Fixed an effect which prevented the Zone Assail from properly hitting minions
  • third hitting now gains defence in the last 300ms of its recovery


Bloodlust adjustments

  • Now gives +twenty% impairment dealt (from +50%)
  • Now gives -20% harm taken (from -50%)
  • Cooldown is now 20 seconds (from 30 seconds)

Problems FIXES



  • [Problems Set] Fixed an result that caused the Warden to have an incorrect right heavy animation after a Baby-sit Break when Out of Stamina (FH-3102)


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an result that caused the Attack Vitrify Symbol to be missing over the Wellness Bar when player triggered the feat ‘Slip Through’


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed some problems with Bots performing “Dodge then Lite Assault”
  • [Bug Set up] Fixed some issues with Shaolin Bot’due south infinite chain not stopping correctly (when Out of Stamina, Parried, etc)


  • [Bug Prepare] Fixed an issue that acquired Sound (such as Vocalism Lines and Grunts during boxing) to non always play as expected (FH-3779)


  • [Problems Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Water summoner execution to have no controller vibration (FH-3737)
  • [Bug Gear up] Stock-still an issue that acquired that Warlord’s “Millia” chestpiece to only utilise paint patterns on the within of the back standards
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an result that cause the Orochi “Horkos Shitagu” Helm collar to have no texture (FH-3664)
  • [Problems Gear up] Fixed an issue that caused the Berserker’s “Fabled Varnarmur” Left Axe Caput inscriptions to not accept colors
  • [Problems Fix] Stock-still an issue that caused the Shinobi’s “Senpaku” helm headband knot to have the helm texture design (FH-3479)
  • [Bug Set up] Stock-still an issue that caused the Black Prior’due south “Aphractum” chestpiece to have stretching problems (FH-3474)
  • [Bug Fix] Stock-still an result that caused the Orochi alternate torso type to have glitched eyes with “Chiyome” helm (FH-3317)
  • [Issues Fix] Stock-still an that caused the Raider’s “Ljot’s Fortitude” helm feather to be stuck to the helm causing the helm to be distorted while the hero moves around (FH-3083)
  • [Bug Fix] Stock-still an issue that acquired the Centurion’due south “Phoenix” blade to be upside down when executing (FH-2806)

For further details on the June 23
For Honor
update, visit the official Ubisoft website.

Source: https://www.dualshockers.com/for-honor-update-patch-notes-server-maintenance-today/