Fitness App Not Working On Iphone

By | 04/10/2022

iPhone only Fitness app with Move Ring

Yous don’t need an Apple Watch to utilise Apple’southward Fitness app anymore.

With iOS 16 and above,
everyone with an iPhone
can utilise theFitness App to track their steps, distance, daily move goal, and calories and run into their Move Activity Ring–no paired Apple Watch or 3rd-party app required!

With the Fitness app, iPhone users can also participate in challenges to earn badges and other awards, just like Apple Watch users, and even share their activities and accomplishments with friends and family.

And Apple is finally bringing its Fitness+ service to all iPhone users who don’t take Apple Watches (releasing afterward this year.) With just an iPhone, Fitness+ provides many of the same features equally Apple Watch, including onscreen coaching, timers, and trainer callouts while besides tracking your estimated Move ring progress.

Unfortunately, the iPhone-only Fitness app doesn’t always play squeamish, and you might find that it’south not closing those rings every solar day or calculation up your steps, distance, or calories correctly (or at all.)

So if yous’re having problems with this app, follow our stride-by-step guide, and hopefully, we’ll figure it out. And so allow’s get started!

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The iPhone’due south Fitness app for folks that don’t own an Apple tree Watch

When you don’t own an Apple Watch, Apple’south Fitness app tracks your activeness and fitness goals using the Health app and the telephone’s move sensors, including the accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, barometer, and GPS.

All of these sensors contribute to the Fitness app computing your
Movement Ring progress.

The Fitness app as well supports many third‑political party conditioning apps, such as Strava, to help shut your Movement Ring.

And you lot tin can even display your Movement Ring’s daily progress on your lock and abode screens using one of the Fitness app widgets–merely like Apple Spotter users.
Apple Fitness widget on lock screen showing Move Ring only

What’s different about the Fettle app for iPhone merely versus iPhone + Apple Sentinel?

In iOS xvi+, the Fitness app for iPhone-only users is
basically the same every bit the app
for folks that pair an Apple Spotter, with a few exceptions.

iPhone only Fitness app

  1. The iPhone-only Fitness app offers bones fitness tracking and shows only your
    Movement Ring.
    Information technology does
    not count your Stand up or Exercise Rings. Your movement does count to challenges and awards!
    Apple Fitness app Awards
  2. The app only counts a few types of exercise, such as walking, running, hiking, climbing, or workouts, also tracked in a tertiary-party app. Bike rides are not automatically tracked, so you still demand a third-political party app!
    1. Third-party app workouts should evidence upwardly in the Fettle app and help complete the red Move Ring
      every bit long equally you connect those apps to Apple tree Health.
    2. The third-party app supports means that any workouts tracked with third-party devices, similar Garmin watches and trackers, besides appear in the Fitness app!
      Third party workouts in the iPhone Fitness app
  3. When you use the Fitness app without an Apple tree Watch, it does non evidence a map of your action.
  4. You also cannot currently add Apple tree Fitness+ to the Fettle app. This service is reserved for Apple Lookout man users but–simply Apple just announced that Fitness+ is coming to all iPhone users later this twelvemonth!!!
  5. You must set up the Fettle app outset!
    1. Just tap open up the Fettle app and follow the prompts.
      iPhone Apple Fitness app set up
    2. Make sure y’all choose a
      Daily Move Goal.
      Fitness app daily move goal on iPhone

      1. For adults and children over 13, information technology’s the daily calories burned goal; for children under 13, information technology’south daily agile minutes.

The key is to take your iPhone with you when you exercise!

Once you set up the Fitness app, you don’t have to exercise anything or use a third-party app (although you can.)

Just go, and the Fitness app (along with Apple’due south Health app) tracks your progress.
Move ring progress in iPhone Apple Fitness app

You tin open the Fitness app or the widget anytime to bank check out how close you attain your Motility goal (calories burned) and meet how many full steps and altitude you’ve completed thus far.

Using the iPhone-only Fitness app when you accept an Apple Watch

If y’all own an Apple Sentry that’south paired to your iPhone and were hoping that you could now use the Fitness app to track walks, runs, and so forth for times when you don’t or can’t wear your watch, call back once again!

In our testing, when we left our spotter at domicile, the Fitness app did not add our workouts to the Movement Ring
unless we used a third-party app to rails that exercise.

So, our experience indicates that Apple does support people who want to seamlessly switch the Fettle app from tracking workouts using the watch to tracking exercise using the phone.

For case, I left my watch on its charger at home and took my iPhone instead for a walk. I assumed the Fitness app would switch to tracking my walk on my iPhone and evidence those steps and calories in the Move Band.

But information technology was a no-become. While the walk’s steps and distance showed upward in the Wellness app, they didn’t show up in the Fitness app or fill the Move Band at all!

But, when I repeated the walk and recorded it using Strava on my iPhone, that walk DID testify up in the Motility Ring (and the Exercise Band as well.)

Exercised, and your iPhone’due south Fitness app doesn’t evidence anything and isn’t closing the Movement Band?
Move Ring not counting or closing in iPhone Apple Fitness app

If you lot set up the Fitness app simply aren’t seeing your Movement Ring close and not showing whatever calories burned, follow these troubleshooting steps below.

Before you start troubleshooting, we recommend restarting your iPhone–this oftentimes fixes these types of bug since it clears out the cache and other temporary files and forces apps to refresh.

Verify you added your age, gender, height, and weight

  1. Open the
    Fettle app
    or Wellness app on your iPhone and choose the
    Summary tab
    at the bottom.
  2. Tap the
    profile picture or icon
    at the summit.
  3. Select
    Wellness Details.
    Health Details in the fitness app
  4. Review, edit, or add your
    birthdate, gender, height, and weight. Fill out all these details.
    Fitness app on iPhone personalize health details
  5. If yous apply any third-party fitness app, check your contour settings and make sure these apps too have your historic period, gender, height, and weight information.
    1. Although this data is supposed to share from Apple tree Health to the third-party app, information technology often doesn’t. Then add together it to your third-party app profile.

Check your iPhone’s Privacy and Location settings

  1. Become to
    Settings > Privacy & Security.Curl down and tap Motility & Fitness.
    Motion and Fitness Privacy settings on iPhone
  2. Turn on
    Fitness Tracking
    or toggle information technology off and on. And then underneath, toggle on the
    Health app
    any third-party fitness apps yous use
    to rail your workouts.

    1. Yous won’t see the Fitness app listed separately–information technology uses the data from the Health app.
      Enable Fitness tracking on iPhone
  3. Render to
    Settings > Privacy & Security
    choose Location Services.
  4. Whorl down and tap
    Organisation Services.
    iPhone system services under privacy and location services
  5. Toggle on
    Motility Calibration & Distance
    Compass Scale.
    System Services for iPhone in Location Services
  6. Go dorsum to
    Location Services
    and check that any third-party fitness apps take location admission, and you fix it to
    While Using the App
    Always. Additionally, toggle on
    Precise Location.
    Strava location settings on iPhone

Plough on Background App Refresh

  1. Go to
    Settings > General
     and tap
    Background App Refresh.
  2. Choose
    Wi-Fi & Cellular Data.
    Background app refresh settings for WiFi and cellular data on iPhone
  3. In the listing of apps, toggle on any fitness apps you use to runway your exercise.
    Allow Strava to run in the background on iPhone

Check your Apple ID for any previously paired Apple Watches

If y’all paired an Apple Watch to an iPhone in the past using your current Apple ID, that lookout man might still exist associated with your Apple ID.

Yous want to
unpair that watch and remove information technology from your Apple ID.

Even if you no longer have that Apple Watch, you still want to remove information technology. So let’s cheque.

  1. On a computer, go to Detect My iPhone on and sign in with your Apple ID.
  2. At the top, cull
    All Devices, then look for whatever Apple Watch nether
    My Devices.
    All Devices list on Find My iPhone in iCloud's website Apple
  3. If you lot run across an Apple Watch that you lot no longer use or own, tap information technology.
  4. Choose
    Erase Apple Watch. Tap
    Next and expect for Apple to erase the watch.
    iCloud Find My app erase a device
  5. To remove it from your list of devices, tap the
    X button side by side to your Apple Picket.
    Remove apple watch from iCloud Find My iPhone app
  6. Once yous remove the watch,
    delete the Fitness app
    and the
    Spotter app

    on your iPhone.
  7. Restart
    your phone.
  8. Open the
    App Store
    reinstall the Apple Fitness app.

We found that if an Apple Watch is associated with your Apple ID, the Fitness app does not rails activity and calories from the iPhone alone (when non wearing the watch.)

For instance, I went for a walk with my iPhone in my pocket but left my watch on its charger at domicile. When I finished the walk, the Fitness app did non change the calorie count in the Move Ring.

However not getting any credit towards your Fettle app’south Motion Ring?

  1. On your iPhone, get to
    Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness.
  2. Turn the toggle for
    Fettle Tracking
  3. Restart
    your iPhone.
  4. Return to these same settings and toggle
    Fitness Tracking
    back on.
  5. Make certain you too toggle on all fitness apps, including the Health app and any 3rd-political party apps you use.

Try a third-party app

If you tried all the steps above and the Fitness app all the same isn’t working for you, try using a third-political party app and see if it collects your fitness data and sends it to the Fitness app.

To become your information from the third-party app into Apple tree’s Fettle app, y’all kickoff need to connect that app to Apple’s Health app. And so, Apple tree pipes the information nerveless in the Health app to the Fitness app.

Currently, at that place is no direct connection between third-political party apps and the Fitness app–they all connect via the Health app.

You e’er connect to Apple Health via the third-party app. Unfortunately, how you exercise this is dissimilar for every app, but it near e’er follows these steps.

  1. Open the third-political party app.
    1. For example, permit’s open Strava.
  2. Go to your
    or the app’s

    1. In Strava, y’all tap the Settings icon (gear.)
      Setting gear icon in Strava app
  3. Locate and cull the settings category for data sharing, services, or applications/apps.
    settings for application, services, and devices in Strava app
  4. Observe the pick to
    Connect to Apple Health.

    1. For Strava, select Applications, Services, and Devices and tap the option to Connect with Heath.
      Strava app connect to Apple Health app on iPhone
  5. Hold to the data sharing options and choose which data you want to grant read and write permissions or choose to
    Turn On All
    to grant the app and Apple tree Health access to all data points.
    turn on all features for Strava and Apple Health app integration

Once you fix this up, you tin can change the app’s Health app data access inside the Apple tree Health app via
Health app > Summary > tap your top profile pic or icon > Privacy > Apps. Choose the app to modify its admission.

Does the iOS Fitness app still show iii activeness rings?

If yous once had an Apple Watch, you might see all three action rings (cherry, light greenish, and blue) when you open the Fitness app (even when yous do not currently pair to an Apple Watch.)

That’due south considering the Health app stores a history of your Apple Picket activeness data for all three rings (Move, Do, and Stand.)

If you
simply desire to see the Move Ring, unpair and delete any Apple Watch, that’south listed under your Apple ID and delete the Watch app from your iPhone.

Y’all may also need to delete that old Apple Lookout’south data from the Wellness app.

How to remove health and activity data from an old Apple Lookout

Apple tree lets you decide which information you want to erase or offers a way to erase all the health data from an individual device.

If you sync the Wellness app to iCloud, deleting Wellness information from your iPhone as well deletes information technology from iCloud.

To proceed a copy of this data, either turn off the iCloud Health app syncing before you outset deleting the appointment OR make an encrypted backup of your iPhone using Finder or iTunes on your estimator (it must exist encrypted to include Health app data.)

  1. Open the
    Settings app
    and cull the
    Health app.
  2. Scroll down to Data and tap
    Data Access & Devices.
    Health app Settings on iPhone
  3. Scroll down past the Apps section to the
    List of connected devices to Apple Health app in iPhone Settings
  4. You might see a lot of entries, depending on how many unlike devices you’ve associated with your Apple ID over fourth dimension.
  5. Tap on a listed Apple tree Lookout man.
  6. To delete all the data from this picket, curlicue downward and tap
    Delete All Information from (device’s proper name)and confirm. This is the preferred way to delete data apace.Delete old Apple Watch health data
  7. To delete selected data from this sentinel,
    tap each category
    to come across its information. This process takes a lot of fourth dimension, so we don’t recommend it.

    1. Choose the
      push and tap
      Delete All.Confirm yous desire to remove all the data.
    2. Or tap the cherry minus push button and select the individual data points yous want to remove.
      Delete health data by category and selection
    3. Go category by category and delete any data y’all no longer want.
  8. Echo for all listed Apple tree Watches.

Terminal thoughts

Hopefully, your iPhone’due south Fitness app is now tracking your activeness and updating the Move Ring throughout the day.

Nosotros honey that Apple now offers its Fitness app to non-Apple tree Scout users and that it supports many third-political party apps (and other fitness tracking devices.)

Nosotros would love to see Apple offer conditioning tracking
within the Fitness app
then users can map their routes, just like the Apple Watch Workouts app or most third-party apps.